Nicky Hilton makes New York Fashion Week debut with collection Nicholai

By Andrea Thatcher on September 13th, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

Socialite and less-annoying Hilton sister Nicky made her New York Fashion Week debut on Sunday, September 9th with her newest line Nicholai. Sitting in the front row were her beaming parents, hip-hop impresario Russel Simmons, and the ever-shrinking porn superstar Jenna Jameson. With Jameson in the front, the classiness of the line was already put into question before the lights even dimmed. When the models did finally come out, they sauntered down the runway in shiny Palm Beach-style clothing.

The New York Post reported, “The designs, which seemed to be culled directly from the wardrobes of mom Kathy and notorious sister Paris, were a valiant aesthetic effort, imperfectly executed” and that “the pieces seemed unwieldy, boxy, but clearly made from quality materials.”
While the patent leather trench coat, above, was definitely a stand-out piece (although unoriginal), most of the items did seem a little too standard spring/summer wear without much creativity. However, if the always-baffling popularity of Paris, who was noticeably absent from the show due to “work,” and Nicky Hilton’s previous sell-out line of bags is any indication, Nicholai might be more successful than the NYP predicts.

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