Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts 2007 Highlights

By Andrea Thatcher on October 23rd, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

diamond%20phone.JPGSince this year marks the 100th Anniversary of the much-loved Neiman Marcus stores, the recently released Christmas Book 2007 is just a little extra special. For the first time ever, The Book can be viewed online with plenty of interactive components to take care of that wish-listing habit–for at least a week or two. Page your way through the table of contents at a touch of a button, and start plotting out your favorite furs, Hello Kitty watches, or stake out that Nancy Gonzalez tote. If that’s not enough dreaming for you, the Fantasy Gifts section allows for a quick trip into la-la land.

Here’s a roundup of this year’s Fantasy Gifts 2007:

1. Dragon Topiary: $35,000
First on the fantasty gift list is the Dragon Topiary, a work of art fashioned by the artist Matthew Larkin. It’s 100 feet in length, so be sure to carve out some space in your oasis of a front yard.

2. Treetent by Dre Wrapenaar: $50,000
Next up is the fabulous Treetent by Dre Wrapenaar. Your reason to become a camper for life and swing amongst the trees while you’re at it.

3. Papalotzin Ultimate Journey: $80,000
If you’re a butterfly fanatic and have always had dreams of flying, Peter Pan style, the Papalotzin Ultralight Journey needs to top your holiday wishlist. The machine is designed to imitate the flight of a butterfly; the perfect reason for you to take that trip around the globe with your significant other (it’s a two seater).

4. Swami Conversational Robot: $75,000
The Swami Conversational Robot will help you answer any question on your mind. He’s one of the world’s finest examples of artificial intelligence that can even carry on a human-like conversation–turn to the Swami for fashion tips, relationship advice, or anything else that tickles your fancy. He’s designed to run right off your laptop computer–easily accessible 24/7, so you can finally fire your therapist.

5. Vertu Signature Diamond Phone: $73,000
Vertu Signature Diamond Phone
Not to be confused with the latest pink LG, this 7.2 carat diamond studded phone is the most fashionable tech-toy you’ll be anxious to dial on. It’s set in 18-kt. rose gold with plenty of bling to serve as the main attraction in the accessory closet. Catch this one before it disappears, there are only 100 available.

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