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By Andrea Thatcher on October 22nd, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First


It can be really hard to scrounge together an appropriate work wardrobe when you get your first job, your first office job, sell out to the corporate machine, or score a new, higher-level position. And then once you do you gain weight or lose 10 pounds or spill something on your best suit. Your basic pencil skirt, blazer, that go-to sweater … these are items that constantly need to be replaced because you wear them so often. That’s what the Gap is for, and especially what Gap sales are for. We’ve chosen some workwear staples you should have in your wardrobe that can be pieced together or worn with more stylish, unique pieces in your own closet to mix and match into a more individual ensemble: a classic three-button blazer with modern detailing, a v-neck sweater, black pencil skirt, and wool coat. Click through for more details.


This classic three button wool blazer is updated with a close fit and slim lapels. You can wear it with the pencil skirt below or make jeans more professional on casual Friday. Then go emo and wear it to a concert with chucks and a faded record label tee. And $80 is a good price for a quality blazer.


A sweater like this will take you everywhere and go with everything. At $29.99 you can wear it shopping with your friends and to your parents for dinner, and that’s of course after it serves as the workhorse in your professional wardrobe.


I don’t think I need to extoll the virtues of a good black pencil skirt, especially when it’s down to $29.99. If you’re in a fashionable or creative career, perhaps you could pair it with some Carrie Bradshaw-esque tights like we showed you last week. But save that look for the weekend if you have a conservative boss.


No matter your career, I think everyone needs a basic wool coat in their wardrobe. Sure it’s fun to buy that snazzy pink trench or a topper in the latest fashion-forward silhouette, but I still pull out my basic black Kenneth Cole coat more times each winter than my “fun” coats combined. Plus, the cut of this $99 coat really is fun, with an empire seam and oversized buttons to keep it stylish. This would look really cute with mini dresses with hems that fall a few inches below the bottom of the coat.

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