Fewer fleeces and more fashion at Old Navy?

By Andrea Thatcher on January 28th, 2008 1 comment


Looks like Old Navy is looking to shed its image as a fleecy family outfitter. In today’s WWD, Old Navy says it wants to share “big fashion ideas” and target more fashion-forward twenty-somethings.

As a somewhat fashion-forward twenty-something, my interest in piqued, but I’m a little suspicious. Hasn’t Gap Inc., the Old Navy parent company, told us time and time again they were revamping with a more fashionable image?

But according to executives a new marketting campaign with more stylish celebs and models will be just the beginning, ON also plans faster turnover, wardrobe-building pieces, store renovations and a new logo.

A new spring collection and marketting campaign that transition toward the new image will be presented this week.

“Spring is a pivotal point, but this is really just a beginning,” Old Navy president Dawn Robertson told WWD. “We are far from arrived.”

This first collection for February will feature an urban safari look with African prints, safari suiting, lots of khaki (nothing new there), red and prints. Next up in March a Palm Beachy collection of brights and whites, followed by a surfer-styled look for April. This will all lead up to a tropical collection for May and a glitzy vibe in June, to coincide with Old Navy’s sponsorship of the MTV Music Awards.

I’m not sure if an alliance with MTV is really the way to win an older, more fashionable crowd, but whatever.


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