Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008: Jean Paul Gaultier

By Andrea Thatcher on January 25th, 2008 1 comment

Gaultier%20collage%201.jpg (Click image to enlarge.)

Fashionistas were positively drowning in Jean Paul Gaultier at his Paris Spring/Summer haute couture show in Paris Wednesday, and they didn’t care to come up for air. The water-sea theme so popular among designers was taken more literally than usual with dripping wet models, scale-like dresses, shells and sea prints floating down the runway. The collection started with a run of slouchy suits, running with the oversized men’s jacket look we’ve seen on stars like Keira Knightley lately. Then a bohemian shell-print dress switched gears into a more bohemian, floaty segment which was our favorite. Keep reading for more pictures, including some luxe handbags from the runway.


Accompanying everything from business-like suits to bohemian maxi dresses, the bags on Gaultier’s runway were beautiful. Dripping with beads as if they were gracefull drawn up from the ocean floor, they added to the ethereal feel of the collection.

Gaultier%20collage%202.jpg (Click image to enlarge.)

[Images: Catwalking.com via Getty; Getty]

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Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008: Givenchy

By Andrea Thatcher on January 24th, 2008 0 comments yet. Be the First

Givenchy%20collage.jpg (Click image to enlarge.)

Inspired by Degas’ La Petite Danseuse de 14 Ans, Riccardo Tisci sought to combine elements of hard and soft in his spring/summer 2008 Haute Couture collection. There seemed to be an ideal mix – some looks that were clearly more structured and linear, some that were more romantic, and some that combined elements of both. The pants were skinny and the skirts were skate, with an understated sophistication we love to see from a venerable house like Givenchy. More images after the jump.

Givenchy%20collage%202.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

[Images: Catwalking.com via Getty]

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Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008: Christian Lacroix

By Andrea Thatcher on January 23rd, 2008 0 comments yet. Be the First

Lacroix%20collage%201.jpg (Click image to enlarge.)

The Christian Lacroix haute couture presentation in Paris yesterday was a study in mixing. Mixing patterns, mixing colors, mixing fabrics, mixing silhouettes – and mixing a drink to bring yourself down from the over-stimulation. Couture isn’t meant to be wearable, it’s true, but we did find the pieces grounded a bit more in reality, like the black ensemble and maroon gown above, the most beautiful. If you click through the jump, you’ll see examples of the more outlandish looks referred to – a sort of mish-mash of Lacroix staples like the gypsy and 18th century woman.

Lacroix%20collage%202.jpg (Click image to enlarge.)

But flashes of a French, china-doll clownish aesthetic pervaded the show in pieces like big loopy scarves with big loopy polka dots on a model wearing a dainty hat and billowing pants. Artistic and entertaining as always, Lacroix certainly provided a feast for the eyes – though with his slim 20’s-ish silhouette fans better stay away from feasts for the stomache.

Lacroix%20collage%203.jpg (Click image to enlarge.)

[Images: Catwalking.com via Getty]

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Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008: Giorgio Armani Prive

By Andrea Thatcher on January 22nd, 2008 2 comments

Armani%20collage%201.jpg (Click image to enlarge.)

Beautiful tailoring came in carefully molded suits and elegantly draped evening gowns at the Giorgio Armani Prive haute couture show on Monday. The gowns really stole the show with beautiful lines, fan pleating, and subtle details we’re just itching to see on the red carpet. The dresses were traditionally romantic and feminine, while the suiting acheived the same affect in a more modern way. Jackets were molded onto the body and skirts expanded on the volume we saw at Dior in a more subtle, geometric way.

Many more pictures after the jump.

Armani%20Collage%202.jpg (Click image to enlarge.)

Armani%20Collage%203.jpg (Click image to enlarge.)

See what celebrities came out for the festivities over at Catwalk Queen.

[Images: Catwalking.com via Getty]

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  • Daira Martinez

    Where do I can find the third dress in the first picture? I will be so pleased if you inform me where do I can find it; I want to buy it.

  • ShinyStyle

    Hi Daira. Haute Couture runway dresses are only available to a select clientele. You could contact the atelier to have one created, but I’m sure the spring/summer 2008 collection is no longer available. If you have the money, I’m sure they could create something similar for you.

Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008: Christian Dior

By Andrea Thatcher on January 21st, 2008 2 comments

Dior%20collage%201.jpg (Click image to enlarge.)

John Galliano’s spring haute couture collection for Christian Dior spoke volumes. Volume in taffeta and satin bunched, swagged, bustled and draped. And volume in bright, saturated, pastel and jewel-tone colors.

The collection was full of drama with oversized toppers that resembled objets d’art more than hats, painterly prints, paillettes and embroidery. Gone was the delicacy and old-fashioned femininity of Galliano’s fall collection. Instead of exaggerated waists, caricatures of silhouettes gone by, proportions were blown out in the opposite direction, ballooning away from the body with a structure belying the craftsmanship of the collection.

Continue reading for more pictures.

Dior%20Collage%202.jpg (Click image to enlarge.)

Dior%20collage%203.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

Check out Catwalk Queen’s coverage of the Anne Valérie Hash Haute Couture collection. And keep reading ShinyStyle for more from Paris!

[Images: Catwalking.com via Getty]

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  • http://www.maxi-jewels.com Maxi Jewels

    As always, Dior + Galliano has the most fabulous chemistry in haute couture. Just so fascinated to see these masterpieces!

  • Dmitry Byalik / Dirt

    I love Galliano and his fashion. I am also a designer and always look up to Galliano!

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