Lindsay Lohan’s Marilyn-esque Vogue España shoot, August ’09 issue

By Kimberley Foster on July 17th, 2009 1 comment


Check out Lindsay Lohan’s latest cover for Vogue España‘s August issue. The actress has surprised many, myself included, when she decided to don a Marilyn Monroe platinum wig again to channel the screen icon for the glossy shoot. After her previous disaster, when she recreated Monroe’s “The Last Sitting” for NY Magazine, you can’t help but wonder why?

No doubt she’ll cop even more flack for this latest effort, although having now seen the finished results I’m not quite so dark on her. For example, the image (above, right) where she is dressed in Thierry Mugler is actually quite fierce. Almost Gaga-inspired.

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Never far from the headlines, LiLo has been in the news again recently only this time for business, not pleasure. She has started up her own production company, Unforgettable Productions, with the partner of her 6126 leggings line, Kristi Kaylor. First up on the agenda is a TV show, Faux Real, described as a mix of Entourage and the real world of fashion. Keep your eyes peeled for that one!

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    Not to be a party-pooper, but why does it seem like she has a fixed expression?

    Putting her in the cover of vogue is a wrong move. It’s like a flashing headline to the decline of the quality.

    For an actress, she’s not very expressive. She was better when she was young and fame hasn’t eaten her instincts and potential.

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