Lady Gaga’s outfit causes health concerns on plane

By Andrea Petrou on March 10th, 2010 4 comments

Alexander McQueen high shoes

We’re big fans of Lady Gaga‘s fashion over here at ShinyStyle, but not when it causes health concerns.

According to reports in The Sun, Miss G caused cabin crew to become alarmed on a flight to America from London when her striped yellow and black tape dress complete with Alexander McQeen heels caused her legs to begin to swell.

They feared her symptoms could be the early stages of deep vein thrombosis and begged the star to change.

An airline source told The Sun: ‘GaGa was a high-risk DVT case so she was advised to change out of her clothes. But the outfit was so cumbersome she needed help changing out of it. She was particularly miffed about ditching her heels. She was wearing them in memory of her friend Alexander.’

Oh dear Miss G, there’s fashion victim, and then there’s just plane (sorry) stupid.

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  • jacqueline johnson

    thiisx iisx really really pretty when ii saw iit iin the bad romance viideo…ii went liike whooowww nd ii almost shiiteed iin my pantsx…yoo…ii really liike thiisx shoes…theiir alexander macqueen shoessssss……….ii love u lady8 gaga..!!!!!!!!

  • Logan

    Even Gaga’s healt emergencies are unique! She recently said that she’s open to dating women. I think she should hook up with Britney Spears. That would add an exciting chapter to “Britney Spears: Little Girl Lost” (find the bio on Amazon).

  • Beaut Vintage

    Just read this,
    and it made me laugh.
    God – Lady gaga is such the little drama queen.
    She is the queen of PR / media.

    She certainly knows how to get her name around.

    Beaut xxxx

  • Gie Lin

    Lady Gaga is a joke… and I’m laughing!

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