Sarah Jessica Parker wears Chanel for the Oscars 2010

By Andrea Petrou on March 7th, 2010 1 comment

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She was the red carpet starlet we were waiting with baited breath for. The one who has made headlines for her perfect fashion choices, and become one of our favourite style icons (although sadly we have to opt for highstreet versions). We’re sure you know exactly who we’re talking about but those who are a bit confused it’s Sarah Jessica Parker.

So did she impress us? Of course she did.

The Sex and the City starlet lit up the red carpet in an on-trend gold floaty (almost 60s) Chanel gown with beading on the shoulders. And she also didn’t disappoint when it came to individuality.

Her frock came complete with what can only be described as a back to front halterneck. Yes that’s right, you read right, the strap went across the front of her neck (think choker style) instead of around the back.

However, Jessica, as much as well loved your dress, we think the make-up was all wrong. Yes it was sixties, yes it tied in with the dress, but we can’t help but think it might have been suited to a night in a Southend nightclub.

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  • Boodle

    SJP needs to learn that bottles of fake tan are NOT her friend!

    She would have looked far better in that dress if she hadn’t doused herself liberally with spray tan. When the cast of Jersey Shore have better fake tans than you do, then it is time to put the fake tan down & walk away!

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