Lady Gaga’s outfits cause her sleepless nights

By Andrea Petrou on April 6th, 2010 9 comments

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It seems being a quirky fashion queen is once again taking its toll on Lady Gaga.

According to reports the pop star is so concerned about her outfits she’s beginning to suffer from huge bouts of insomnia.

A source said: “She’s always planning her next outfit and wanting to constantly out-do herself. She never switches off. Ever. She’s well on her way to a breakdown and we’re all worried.”

In fact her sleeping patterns are so bad that Miss G admitted during her last bout of severe insomnia she stayed wide-eyed and wired for three days. Despite this the singer refuses to take any medication to help her visit the land of nod.

“I lie in bed and try to pray and breathe. I have a very overactive mind,” she said.

“I’m the sort of person who would never take medication to calm myself. It’s maddening.

“But I love what comes out. If my destiny is to lose my mind because of fame, then that’s my destiny. My passion means more than anything.”

Lady Gaga’s outfits have caused health concerns before and it was only last month that we reported that the popstar had risked her health by wearing a tight outfit on a long haul flight.

Miss G, we love your fashion and we’ve had the occasional night where we’ve been awake teaming jeans and tops up in our heads, but really, your next crazy outfit is not worth losing sleep over.

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  • Mr. Nice Guy

    Blah blah blah. Trying so hard to be cool. Too bad she doesn’t spend sleepless nights worrying about the music.

  • Felix

    This is where I take the most umberage with her. What kind of person invests the amount of time and money she does into simply looking good while crossing the street or going to a restaurant with friends? She has a whole team of “friends” employed as “the Haus of Gaga”, assigned to focus solely on her look 24/7. So, in essence, it’s all about her 100% of the time, whatever she wears has to grab all the attention, it has to be made specifically for her, she always has to look good. Why do people cling to this notion it’s eccentricity and art when in actuality it’s just textbook narcissism. Gags seems to praise only people who center their lives around her or emmulate her. Popstars, certain bloggers, fans- all about her all the time.

    Maybe she’s losing sleep because the stress of leading a single-minded, self-centered life is taking a tole on her. And don’t throw me any she-donates-to-charity gargle, it’s pennies compared to the money she spends on herself.

  • SAMsayWAAA

    lady gaga should stop worrying so much about her outfits and worry more about her career. Her music is great, but she should care about what other people think of her seriously… If fame is the only thing that matters the most to her, then its no wonder she hasnt gotten an award or anything. Lady Gaga, my advice to you is to stop worrying so much about the outfits and start worrying about your career and think if this is something you truly want or just doing for publicity. If your going to have a career, make it something that you enjoy and something that is fun for you. People will love you for who you are as a person, not for the outfits you wear…

    P.S. Im not a big fan of your outfits anyways…

  • EExel

    She has to worry about her outfits to compensate for her lack of musical talent. Of course, this is not to say that she succeeded.

  • lady gaga fan

    I like Lady Gaga. I’m glad her outfits outrage or annoy so many snobs. I think that’s the point of why she does it,in fact.

  • lady gaga fan

    I like Lady Gaga. I’m glad her outfits outrage or annoy so many snobs. I think that’s the point of why she does it,in fact.

  • Pirl Harbour

    I am totally impressed with the way she navigates with those outfits. Has she ever fallen on her face? Can she drive by herself? I think that because she is “on” all the time in public it might take the thunder from her performances. I suggest she do the outrages on stage and just button down a tad for life in general. Or perhaps she is missing sleep because she goes to bed with those clown outfits on.

  • NotEvenClose

    Sorry, no sympathy.

    If at least she were losing sleep over the vacuity of her “music”.

  • Kate

    I really like her but I think her fans would not want her to obsess over outfits if it caused her harm. It is impossible to top everything one does in life, there is a ceiling to everything. Maybe she is manic depressive which can ramp up creativity in the manic faze but is also not a picnic for those who have it.

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