Halloween special: Scary celebrities

By Andrea Petrou on October 26th, 2010 0 comments yet. Be the First

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It’s that time again, the cinemas are previewing scary films and masks are out in shops..yes that’s right it’s nearly Halloween.

However, while many of you will be preparing to don scary make-up there are some celebs out there that don’t need any of the gimmicks, looking scary without even trying.

This is largely down to a few plastic surgery mishaps, Jordan, Jodie, Sharon Osbourne and Jocelyn Wildenstein we’re talking to you, but also some unfortunate mistakes with fake tan.

Culprits of this include Donatella Versace, who, when emitting that orange glow, plus the plastic surgery looks more like an extra in Nightmare on Elm Street than top fashion designer. Then there’s the unfortunate celebs that were just born a bit scary, take Cher Lloyd for example.

She may not yet be a fully fledged A-lister but that sneer, plus the fact she looks like a Bratz Doll give her perfect scary celebrity status. Cheryl better look out this Halloween or she could end up with her own doppledanger nightmare.

Although we love Lady Gaga she unfortunately made our list for her choice of scary clothing, notably her meat dress. We also thought her PVC outfits were at times that little bit frightful.

Jordan, who unfortunately took plastic surgery to the extreme looking more like Count Duckula than business mum of three, also makes our list as well as Alicia Douvall and Sharon Osbourne who both have issues with their botox brows. Add them all together and you’ve got yourself an award winning scary cast without having to hire a make-up artist.

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