Stylish Essex ladies: Stacey Solomon, Victoria Beckham and Helen Mirren

By Andrea Petrou on January 24th, 2011 1 comment

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Essex style has been put firmly on the map thanks to the girls starring in ITV 2 reality show The Only Way is Essex.
Whilst it’s easy to mock these ladies for their love of leopard print, little dresses and love of diamantes on their lady bits, there are a huge range of celebs from this corner of this country who have buried their “Essex style” and turned into stylish swans.

First up is Dame Helen Mirren – no we will not “SHUT UUP” –  it’s true, one of Britain’s most stylish ladies is from Essex. To look at her now with her designer sophisticated dresses you wouldn’t think Dame Mirren was from Leigh on Sea. Then there’s Denise Van Outen, who too has formed into a sophisticated lady, giving a nod to chic trends and keeping her boobs firmly under wraps.

And let’s also not not forget uber queen of chic Victoria Beckham who also flew the flag for the Essex gals. Looking at her now you wouldn’t think it.

We thought Stacey Solomon should also get a little mention here. She may have that Dagenham drawl but we think this I’m a Celebrity winner also has winning style, opting for chic dresses.
We’ve also decided to include The Only Way is Essex starlet Amy Childs.

Yes she may be all Essex, but hey, we secretly love her style.

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