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By emilyborrett on May 31st, 2011 1 comment

Jane looked like true rock and roll royalty in a simple micro-minidress and a seventies pendant. This is one girl that didn't ever have to try to look good

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We’ve all been going mad here at ShinyStyle for the seventies and boho trends over the last few weeks, so it seems only fair to pay tribute to one of the trend’s most important icons, Jane Birkin. The actress and singer was right in the middle of it all through the late sixties and seventies and was one of that period’s most well-remembered and well-dressed women.

The then-lover and collaborator of French lothario Serge Gainsbourg, and an impressive film actress, everyone wanted a piece of her. It’s no wonder that Hermes designed a bag in her name in 1984.

You know that you’re obviously a big deal when women like Kate Moss are citing you as one of their main style inspirations. When you look at photos of Jane from the period which she is so famous for, she embodies the laid-back cool hippy spirit of that time: bare feet, scruffy hair, denim and floaty prints which are – surprise surprise – all parts of pretty much the  coolest trend right now.

In celebration of Jane Birkin, retro style and all things seventies, we’ve put together a gallery with some of the actress’ best looks and pieces on the high street to recreate them. Aren’t we good to you, readers?

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  • ChemicalRefugee

    As an older man – one who grew up in the 60s – I recall being very young and walking through a forest of ladies thighs…because the dresses were so very short. Having recenlty been reminded of how extremely short the dresses were in my chidlhood. How? Because I saw an episode of “Get Smart” on TV, and a young woman is sitting on a park bench (directly ahead of the viewer) and she is wearing a dress so short you can always see her undies if she is sitting.

    Seeing this, and comparing that older dress to today’s newer minidresses (*the newer ones are not as short)… I have realized that western society (especially the US & UK) has an odd form of “Fashion Amnesia. Any time a garment style goes against the ideals of the most extreme religious nuts … people just forget it was worn in front of them all the time. When it comes to the era from about 1965 to 1975, they have no memory at all of how common VERY short dresses were. AND they go ranting about the ones today being way to short (and they – well most of them anyway – are longer than the dresses that the females in the complaining group, wore back when they were 19.


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