Our Pick of the Best Secretary Style Glasses

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The secretary look isn’t complete without the accompanying glasses and it’s a style that isn’t going out of fashion any time soon. Your favourite celeb’s glasses may not be quite the right style for you, but you can be sure there is a pair of secretary glasses to suit your face and eyesight needs that are perfect for you on any occasion.

With so much choice available, where do you start? Well, your face shape helps determine what style of glasses will suit you best. Set off your cute, round face with angular or rectangular shapes. Vera Wang has a knack of combining that classic rectangular look with flirty feminism. Long or square faces look fabulous in sexy cat-eyed shapes, or anything oval. Cynthia Rowley’s Brown Shimmer is a great example of trendy oval glasses. If you have a triangular face, go for two-toned glasses or rimless bottoms with bold colour on top (something like Ltede’s Pink Green or Vera Wang’s Berry are possible choices). Oval-faced girls hit the jackpot – anything goes. Vogue, Valentino and Michelle Lane have some fabulous eyewear as a starting point. You can find all of these designer brands at LensWay.co.uk.

Once you have your basic shape determined, you can go crazy on colour and embellishments. Choose a colour close to your own hair colour or a high contrast colour. Then again, you can never go wrong with black. Decide on the statement you want to make then choose something you feel comfortable with, or choose several pairs of secretary glasses for different outfits. Do you want glasses that will feel right in both a business and night setting, or do you want to buy one pair for day and one for play? For night fun, secretary glasses with rhinestones or swirly cut-outs will help you stand out from the crowd. Check out the cutting edge ranges available from designers such as Michelle Lane, Vera Wang, Jill Sander and V&G.

Take your vision, whatever state it may be in, to new heights with a spectacular pair of secretary glasses. Choose quality and comfort in a style of your choice. Play the desirably intelligent woman or the seductive femme fatale to suit your mood. Secretary style glasses are a must have accessory, or necessity, that adds an extra statement to your unique personality

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