10 fashion items guys secretly hate

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 26th, 2012 0 comments yet. Be the First

There are a lot of styles and ideas of what looks good in fashion land, and here at ShinyStyle we normally put more thought into what we’re wearing than the average lass, mostly to feel good about ourselves but because it’s part of our job.  The truth is a lot of women dress in a certain way to impress men (and other women as we’re oh so competitive), but what do guys out there really think about the items women choose to wear?

Our brother-site Brandish recently did a quick survey among its social media followers to find out which sartorial choices women make that really irritate them. Some of the choices aren’t so surprising, others perhaps more so. We’re still in shock that the Juicy Couture velvet tracksuit bottoms DIDN’T make the list?! Are these OK now?? Please say it isn’t so… And ladies, there are some beauty trends that you should stay well clear of too if you ask our guys..

Check out the gallery below to find out which 10 fashion items guys secretly hate:

10. Gillets

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The frustration with gillets spans both genders because, let's face it, they're not full pieces of clothing. If you're warm enough to wrap your body up into a torso-shaped quilt you'll probably need your arms covering too, but not with a gillet, a gillet makes sure your vital organs are snuggly but does away with those not-so-important limbs of yours. The gillet is a favourite among posh birds who may also be wearing an "I own a yacht" style hoody their daddy paid for, but men tend to deplore them because they take away any hint of the female form and make you look a bit too much like the Michelin man or a guy with a stately home who's taking his dogs out hunting. Oh and did we also mention it's not an actual piece of clothing? So ladies, we can't even get out the "oh it's so practical and cosy and comfy" card, because it's not. It's just a non-thing that could (maybe) give you frostbite. And no guy wants a girl without arms.

If you want to ignore everything we’ve just told you and still think some of these items are a must-have, visit Brandish for stockists details.

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