Five Christmas gifts women don’t want

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 5th, 2012 2 comments

Each December we can’t open a magazine or look at a website without being met with ideas of what to get our boyfriend/sister/mum/cat for Christmas. We love the Christmas gift guides and they have saved us on more than one occasion in the past And they’re great for people who are clueless of what makes a good gift.

For many of us Christmas presents are not about things that are useful and that we actually need, but more about the things we want or didn’t even know we wanted but will be super-excited to have once we’ve ripped off that wrapping paper. Now you might be already surrounded by great gift givers (lucky you!) but what about those of us who aren’t? We approach the festive period with dread as to what might find its way under the tree, just waiting for our Oscar worthy ‘Oh you shouldn’t have. That is lovely!’ speech.

We’ve had a good think and put together a little list of five things us fashion-conscious, beauty obsessed women would like to NOT end up under our Christmas tree this year. Oh and just in case you’re a boyfriend or husband looking for what to get your missus and think any of these no-go Christmas gifts are fantastic we’ve included a link to where to find them.

Cute soft plush toys

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Yes we might be obsessed with internet cats, giant pandas and all the cuteness in the world. But we're not six years old so a plush toy in any shape or form - not even if it is Boo - should find its way to our Christmas present loot. Also where would we keep them? A woman who keeps cuddly teddy bears on her bed isn't remotely sexy surely. NEXT!


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    I love this! I do kinda want a Boo the dog though…even if he isn’t sexy haha! 

    Nathalie aka 

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