PETA Fashion Awards 2013 winners announced: Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood and H&M among winners commended for animal-free fashion

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Most stylish handbag: Vivienne Westwood Derby bag (£500)

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Consumers are becoming more aware and concerned about the origins of the products in their wardrobe, and fake fur, cruelty-free fabrics and pleather are fast becoming the go-to materials for those wanting to enjoy the latest fashion with a clean conscience. And everyone from high-street retailers such as Topshop and French Connection to high end designers like Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney are meeting consumer demand for animal-free fashion.

Animal welfare organisation PETA is recognising the best cruelty-free contributions to the fashion world with a new awards – the first ever PETA-approved Vegan Fashion Awards. The 2013 winners, which include French Connection (gadget accessory) and New Look (women’s outerwear) as well as Frost French (best purse) can be found  above. Up-and-coming designer Bo Carter took home the accolade for Most Talented New Designer. As PETA notes: “Bo is part of a bright new wave of fashion talent who are shunning animal skins in their work. Bo always puts her principles first, so instead of bowing to industry pressure to use leather and fur, she expresses herself by creatively exploring the qualities of synthetic fabrics. The results are simply stunning: beautiful, original (and completely vegan) clothes.”

The awards mark the launch of PETA’s new logo, which designers and retailers can use to identify vegan clothes and accessories that they sell online or in stores.

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