How Benefit’s Posie Tint changed my life

By Lauren Bravo on May 1st, 2013 1 comment

Ever had an epiphany at the make up counter? Writer Amy Jones tells us how Benefit’s Posie Tint lip and cheek stain became the best thing in her life

Benefit Posie TintA few weeks ago, I was in Boots and paused in the Posh Make-Up bit. After roughly 2.3 nanoseconds a small, terrifying woman appeared and asked if I’d like my make-up done. I was feeling sad and ugly that day so, thinking a make-over would cheer me up, I said yes.

Never say yes. Especially not when you’re feeling sad and ugly. She rubbed potions on my face for half an hour, repeating “Don’t you think that looks good?” in such an aggressive tone I was too frightened to do anything but nod meekly, and when she’d finished she bundled me off to the counter and talked me into spending £60 on three items of make-up in a month I was struggling to make bus money.

It was one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my entire life, but I would gladly go through it a hundred times more because it led me to one of my most favourite beauty things in the world. Hell, one of my favourite things in the world full stop — if there’s ever a fire in my flat, my boyfriend and photo albums can sod right off as I’m coming back to save my Benefit Posie Tint.

Ah, Posie Tint. It’s a teeny-tiny pot of bright pink lip and cheek stain that makes my pale, lifeless complexion looks sweet and rosy in just a few swipes. I put it on before taking some photographs last weekend and, genuinely, it was the first photograph in two years where I didn’t look like a reanimated corpse.

That’s not even getting started on what it’s done for my lips. I love the idea of lipstick but I’m crap at putting it on – it comes off quickly, looks weird on my thin lips etc. Not this stuff. Smear it on, let it dry for 30 seconds, I’ve got beautiful pink lips that last ‘til lunch. It doesn’t even clash with my ginger hair.

I’ve always been one of those women who was a bit crap with make-up and loathed putting it on, but since Posie Tint has entered my life I actually looking forward to it. It makes me look so pretty that I’m happier and more confident in my own face. I’ve become one of those people that carries a little make-up bag around with them so they can touch it up.

The tiny pot costs £24.50, which made me splutter at first but actually I think it’s going to last for absolutely ages as you need such a tiny amount. For the confidence and joy in make-up it’s given me, it’s worth every penny.

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