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Shiny loves: Desire Clothing’s sizzling summer designs

By emilyborrett on June 28th, 2011

Cream Bow Print Sundress

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Make like trendsetters Chloe Sevigny or Kirsten Dunst this summer and wear your sweet folksy-print sundress with chunky sandals and a pair of vintage sunglasses. You can find this dress here.

May I just start off by saying, HOW HAVE I GONE THIS LONG WITHOUT KNOWING ABOUT DESIRE CLOTHING? I bet you’re all sitting at home reading this thinking “Geez Emily, we all know Desire sell great stuff, keep up with the times grandma”, but I have genuinely never got around to checking out their online store before. I wish I had – they could have solved so many of my “what shall I do with my last thirty pounds?” dilemmas.

This was initially supposed to be a piece about their awesome new shoe designs for summer, but I was so won over by their clothes that this has turned into a general free-for-all which just features all of my favourite stuff from the site crammed together. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first checked out the site – I’m afraid I’m a terrible snob and am always wary of labels that promise bargain-basement prices – but I was more than pleasantly surprised by what I found.

There’s an array of summer fashion as veritable as any available on the likes of Topshop or Urban Outfitters, from aztec-printed maxis to caped cocktail dresses and sexy gypsy tops. I’m a massive fan of their long-sleeved floaty sundresses (see the first image in the gallery) which I can totally imagine being seen on some cool New York actress like Chloe Sevigny on a summer’s day.

My absolute favourite design on the Desire Clothing site is their off-the-shoulder gypsy top, which you can buy in a variety of different florals on the website. I want one in every print.. better do a few stomach crunches first though.

If you’re not looking for a whole new wardrobe but just want to revamp things a little, invest in a pair of their S/S shoes, which combine chunky platform styles with crisp whites and sizzling colour for a style that is completely on-trend this season.

Check out the gallery above to see our favourite Desire Clothing pieces – you can click the links to buy.

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Keep singing in the rain: Five cute umbrellas

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on June 10th, 2011

With the skies opening up over London today, I praised myself lucky that I remembered to put my umbrella in my bag before leaving for work this morning.

Despite being well into June and summer being here we all know how unreliable the English weather can be. While the sun is shining one minute the next you might find yourself running for cover as Noah’s Ark floats by…

To make sure you’re ready for anything the universe throws your way – well mostly rain – here are five cute umbrellas that will not cramp your summer style.

I love You Birdcage Umbrella by Lulu Guinness

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Tell the world you love them with the I love You Birdcage Umbrella by Lulu Guinness - £32.00

Featured image from Daily London.

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Hot accessory alert: Turbans

By emilyborrett on May 31st, 2011

Nicole sporting a classic Diane Von Fustenberg turban in March for a UK telly appearance

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Vintage glamour has been on our mind ever since ex-Pussycat Doll and femme fatale Nicole Sherzinger was spotted in March wearing a pale mustard-coloured turban (pictured above) for an appearance on Loose Women. It was a brave fashion choice for the singer, who normally sticks with her fail-safe ultra-sexy Herve Leger dresses and heels, but we think it paid off. With a face as smoking hot and sultry and Nicole’s, she looked more glamorous than ever.

Other stars have showed their love for the turban-wrap accessory as well recently; the Olsen twins have been spotted teaming silk black ones with tough leather, flowing black chiffon and lace for a dramatic evening look that has ensured their positions at the top of the fashion-pack further. And well, if the Olsen babes are doing it then we want to as well. Lover of all things vintage Paloma Faith also has a fondness for her silk head-wraps, going all-out with scarlet ones to set off her stage ensembles of leopard-printed wiggle dresses and flame-coloured lipsticks.

If you want to get in on this sumptuous 1930s-inspired fashion action, we’ve got a gallery above for you with our favourite ones available online (including an actual Diane Von Fustenberg turban which will only set you back forty pounds and is an absolute classic – that lady is so good to us!). Check it out above.

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Summer lovin’: Shiny’s favourite beach bags

By emilyborrett on May 30th, 2011

Yellow "Beach Me Up" Bag

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We love, love, love the zingy yellow colour and slogan of this cool beach bag from River Island. Whether you'll be in St Tropez or in Cornwall this summer, this is a bag that will get you noticed.

It’s always a joy to get a brand spanking new bag, but few are as all-important and eternally useful as a trusty beach bag, your very best friend for holidays in sunnier climes. Designed with the capacity to carry literally everything you need, from a tupperware beach picnic to a spare change of clothes for when the sun goes down (and if you’re like us, a cheeky bottle of Sangria), every girl should have one!

We’ve found a style to suit every different kind of beach babe, from Moroccan-inspired carpet prints to inspire the hippy traveller in you, to bold bright colours and cool slogans to catch everyone’s eye as you’re making your way down to the beach. One of our favourites here at Shiny Style is the folksy-style tote from Debenhams in a really pretty blue-and-white print that will look really cool with some distressed denim shorts and a floaty 70s-inspired blouse.

It’s June in two days, and so begins fashion’s most fun season. Long live summer!

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Shiny’s favourite bohemian-inspired buys

By emilyborrett on May 26th, 2011

Asos Maxi Dress with Ruffled Sleeves

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This gorgeous dress is such a statement that you don't need to add anything to make this an outfit - and it'll look just as good on the beach as at a party. Find it here.

Whether you’re into over-the-top 70s-inspired glamour, huge hair and all, or more laidback hippy-girl style, there are different ways to rock one of this summer’s hottest trends: bohemian. When I first heard that this trend was tipped to come back I felt a little uneasy (who doesn’t remember the style’s heinous comeback in the beginning of the noughties? No, Britney Spears, that yak-wool gilet and paisley babydoll smock don’t look good on you) but this time around the look is being given a little more sexiness, a little more glamour and versatility.

Yesterday, Shiny’s lovely editor Andrea showed us which stars are rocking the trend best this year, featuring the likes of Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and Kate Moss (no surprises there). The key thing to take note of is that instead of heaping on the accessories and crazy folk prints until you look like a mad old woman that runs a candle shop, keep it simple.

Going out for a relaxed day with friends in the sunshine? Opt for a sweet boho-printed sundress with some vintage accessories and some ankle boots a la Sienna for a look that’s cool but not too try-hard. Or if you’re going out for a party and you’re sick of your regular uniform of minidresses and heels, go for a beautifully simplistic maxi dress with some gold seventies-esque jewellery and tousled hair – it’s a look that will walk the line between dressed-down and sexy glamour perfectly.

We’ve found some of the best boho pieces on the internet for you readers and whacked it all into one lovely gallery – whether you’re looking for a new wardrobe staple or just some accessories to round off an outfit, it’s all there. Check out our gallery above!

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Style icon spotlight: Debbie Harry

By emilyborrett on April 8th, 2011

Fierce, studded and punky, Debbie's look often involved a lot of fetish-y leather. Check out those over-the-knee boots

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Yesterday we went back to the 1960s to celebrate the classic style of Factory superstar and rich socialite Edie Sedgwick – but today we’re fast-forwarding to 1979 in New York, where girl power was having it’s first proper punk moment. Heading up a wave of new strong, confident girl rockers was the mysterious and beautiful Debbie Harry, ex Playboy Bunny turned punk queen.

With her messy mop of ice-blonde hair, nonchalant attitude and tough-girl dress sense, she was the girl that everyone wanted to be (even some of the boys). Whether she was shooting a music video in a laidback Grecian dress or performing onstage with Blondie in nothing more than a band T-shirt and knickers, everyone wanted a piece of the Debbie Harry magic – and they still do. Celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst and Kate Moss cite Debbie Harry as one of their style heroes – she’s one of mine, too.

The distressed, rough-around-the-edges look is huge again at the monent, with designers such as Alexander Wang and Balenciaga giving the black leather n’ lace look a modern revamp. It’s one of the absolute easiest styles to try out – all you need is a pair of cool shades and attitude. Debbie’s dress sense was very no-frills, no-fuss – just sling a leather jacket over your favourite old T-shirt, and a slick of red lipstick and you’re good to go.

So here’s Shiny Style’s girl-power salute to the Blondie singer – check out the gallery above for our favourite Debbie Harry looks, and the best copycat finds on the high street.

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Spring/Summer 2011 must-haves: This season’s hottest shades

By Andrea Petrou on April 7th, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

Floral Cat's Eye Sunglasses

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Full-on glamour is the trend rocking the catwalks at the moment - we love how this Asos pair has a modern twist to a classic shape. Buy them, love them, wear them with everything.

Glory be, how great is this Mediterranean weather? I actually got a little bit sunburnt yesterday when I spent a long day on the grass with friends (I was supposed to be doing university work, but who can work in weather like this? We have to take advantage when it might be snowing or something next week.) And so, to thank this weather that’s winging it’s way over from Spain, apparently – thanks, Spain – we’re looking at one of summer’s most important fashion item, sunglasses.

Luckily for you readers there’s an absolute abundance of cool eyewear on the market at the moment, thanks to the inspirational catwalks of designers such as Henry Holland, Jil Sander and Prada, where eye-popping colour, futuristic shapes and glamourpuss styles were key. Our absolute favourite style of sunnies this season is the 50’s cat’s-eye sunnies, which have made a huge comeback, and will add a touch of glamour to any outfit this summer.

To see our favourite sunnies around at the moment, check out our gallery.

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ShinyStyle loves: Quirky jewellery at Chelsea Doll

By Andrea Petrou on March 24th, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

Birdsong Necklace

You may remember that a while back we looked at the boutique online jewellers Chelsea Doll, whose speciality was a charming blend of quirkiness, with a few of the current trends mixed in for good measure. Well, it’s been a while since we had a look at their site, and we have to say that this is a boutique who has only gone from strength to strength since we were last there. Once selling a limited selection of their sweet designs, now they have absolutely masses to choose from – and there’s something for everybody.

If it’s cutesy, ironic kitsch that you’re after, as seen in the past few seasons at Louis Vuitton and and Miu Miu, then Chelsea Doll is the place to look. Birds, insects, vintage homewares and flowers – all key themes in Chelsea Doll design which will add a cute twist to any outfit.

Our absolute favourite piece is the frankly adorable “Birdsong” necklace, which is a row of tiny sparkling birds on a silver chain. How very Miu Miu! Or if you want to go further down the opposite route to toughen up your outfit, there’s a great series of skull jewellery which will add a great twist to a party dress or girlie outfit – we absolutely love their scarlet crystal-studded skull earrings.

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Mother’s Day gift ideas: Purses

By Andrea Petrou on March 23rd, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

Vivienne Westwood Patent Wallet

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Got money to burn? Why not treat your mum to this deliciously luxurious Vivienne Westwood purse that you can find here.

I don’t know about yours, but the state of my mum’s purse is absolutely atrocious – she’s a horder born and bred whose handbags and purses are stuffed completely full of a lifetime’s worth of train tickets, phone cards, store cards that have never been used and old dog-eared magazines. As a result all of her purses are completely knackered and burst apart at the seams every few months or so, only to be replaced with a new one – that’s why this year I’m thinking that I’ll get her a really good one that she can’t bring herself to spoil.

If you’re thinking of getting something similar for your ma this year, don’t just go for something practical and cheap from the reduced bin at TKMaxx – she may say thank you, but really she’d probably prefer something a bit glam and silly. After all, wouldn’t any girl rather be given a pair of Vivienne Westwood heels instead of practical wellington boots, no matter how useful they are? You know I’m right.

We’re making this easy for you – above in the gallery are some of our favourite purses to buy online. Have a peek!

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Best of Rosie Music

By Andrea Petrou on March 22nd, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

Deer Blue Canvas Bag

It’s been a good while since we’ve had a scout about on crafts site Etsy for cool stuff – we’re a big fan of supporting lesser known talent here at Shiny Style and Etsy has tons of it. From vintage-style dresses to home made jewellery, it’s a great place to find pieces that no one else has to keep your look a bit original. Which is why we were so happy to find Rosie Music, a seller that specialises in pieces branded with their own kitsch, cute artwork.

If you admire kooky dressers such as Eliza Doolittle, then it might be worth your while to check Rosie Music out. They sell a range of unisex t-shirts and sweatshirts all showing off their sweet, silly paintings of animals – we adore their designs, which include a painting of a wolf in glasses and an aloof-looking cat in full military regalia.

Their tops and designs would look absolutely perfect dressed down with skinny jeans or leggings for a cool, youthful look. You can check out our favourite Rosie Music sweatshirts in the gallery above.

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Mother’s Day gift ideas: A little something from Liberty

By Andrea Petrou on March 22nd, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

Flat Yellow Lace Print Washbag

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Every mum wants a beautiful washbag for holidays and little trips away - while this Liberty-print washbag is a little more luxurious than your average Boots one, it's still not an extravagant price.

If you’re anything like me then Mother’s Day has a horrible habit of sneaking up of you, leaving you in a cold sweat resorting to Shell Garage flowers at 11 p.m. the night before. This year to avoid cold sweats in the middle of the night and disappointed reproach from your lovely long-suffering mum, why not plan ahead and order her something amazing right now? For a beautifully packaged little gift that will make her gasp and keep her sweet, there’s not many shops to buy from that will win you as many brownie points as Liberty’s of London.

The big daddy of home and interiors design, Liberty’s is the place to find small, beautiful gifts that will make your mum smile and feel special. Whether it’s a small ornately decorated piece of china, a gorgeous notebook or something little for the kitchen, there’s a gift to suit every mother. Your dear old ma brought you into the world – why not treat her to something from London’s finest department store?

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Mother’s Day gift ideas: Spring/Summer scarves

By Andrea Petrou on March 21st, 2011

Animal Print scarf

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Leopard print isn't just for teens and celebrities. Keep your mum on-trend with this subtle printed scarf from House of Fraser

Read the rest of this entry »

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ShinyStyle loves: This week’s top 10 seventies-inspired buys

By Andrea Petrou on March 16th, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

Woven Sandal Wedges

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These wedges from Topshop Unique tick all the right fashion boxes.

With stars such as Rachel Bilson, Daisy Lowe and Nicole Richie firmly flying the flag for 1970s casualwear, 70s supermodel icon Jerry Hall having her own mini-beauty Georgia Jagger follow in her footsteps and fashion houses such as Marc Jacobs showing collections filled with luxurious fabrics and fringing, it’s never been so hot to have a little blast from the past. Whether it’s full-on Studio 54 disco glamour that you want or grown-up hippy chic, there’s a piece on the high street for you to rock the trend. It’s a nod to the bohemian, louche look that both Kate Moss and Sienna Miller have made so desirable – and you don’t have to be a model or impossibly beautiful actress to try it.

The beauty about the trend is it’s accessibility for women of all shapes and sizes. Self-conscious about your pre-summer tummy? A slouchy maxi or jumpsuit can hide a multitude of sins if you choose the right fabric. Want to look taller, or emphasize your long legs? Wide-legged and flared trousers don’t just make you appear longer, but are also a beautifully stylish alternative to the unforgiving skinny jean. We’re predicting that the wide-legged look will catch on just as much as skinny jeans, if not more.

When looking for pieces to work the 1970’s look, you have to keep an eye out for key elements that will keep it on-trend. Kaftan-style minidresses made out of floaty fabrics, statement chunky jewellery, tan coloured platform heels and retro sunglasses will make your 70s style absolutely perfect come spring/summer. When it comes to colour, opt for metallics if it’s glamour that you want, but if you want to go a bit more low-key look out for white broderie anglaise and tan colours. Check out the gallery for our favourite pieces.

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ShinyStyle loves: Spring nudes

By Andrea Petrou on March 13th, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

Asos Premium Flower Detail Hat

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If you want to rock nude the romantic way, this turban-style floral hat will look incredible worn with head-to-toe neutrals. You can find it at Asos.

It’s been no secret for a while now that in fashion, nude tones are hot, hot, hot. Ever since pale peaches, beiges and neutral greys have become en vogue they’ve been absolutely everywhere, from buttery leather totes at Mulberry to refreshingly pretty and feminine blazers at your local Topshop. With the emergence of red-hot colour being the next explosive trend on the catwalk, as seen at Jil Sander and House of Holland, you might be mistaken to think that nude is on it’s way out – but au contraire, it’s not. With the dazzling success of December’s “Black Swan”, starring Natalie Portman, ballet-beautiful fashion is more in than ever.

Wondering how to carry these colours into your spring/summer wardrobe as the year continues? Make like Stella McCartney, who boldly opted for pale pink and peach skinny trouser suits in her S/S 2011 collection, and choose jackets and slim-fitting chinos in nude tones for a look that is feminine, yet manages to be fashion forward. When it comes to eveningwear, anything goes – romance is the word for the whole season and you can opt for as many ruffles, embellishments and pleats as you like.

For our favourite nude pieces on the high street, check the gallery above.

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ShinyStyle loves: Jewellery on Asos Marketplace

By Andrea Petrou on February 4th, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

Last week we gushingly wrote up the marvel that is Asos Marketplace and put up a gallery of some of our favourite pieces from the online boutique “Never Fully Dressed”. But today we’re going to look at their amazing jewellery section, which sells beautiful, ornate statement pieces that are a snip coming in at under twenty pounds. If you want to give your wardrobe a new lease of life, but aren’t particularly tempted by what’s on the high street at the moment, why not just re-vamp old outfits with some stunning new eye-catching jewellery.

If you’re a fan of grungy dressers such as the Olsens and are a bit unimpressed by the jewellery available on the high street, then Asos Marketplace is the ultimate jewellery mecca for you. Heavy metals, designer-style animal pendants and heavily bejewelled cocktail rings are all there on the site, just crying out for you to team up with your favourite LBD and some spiky heels. Not sold on the idea yet? Check out the gallery below for our favourite pieces.

Vintage Snake Pendant

Picture 1 of 11

This snake pendant would look amazing with a black maxi.

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