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Mary Portas agrees with ShinyStyle and says Duchess Catherine does not have a particularly good sense of fashion

By Andrea Petrou on October 12th, 2011

Duchess Catherine has had her sense of style slammed by shopping expert Mary Portas.

The flame-haired television personality – who is renowned for her strong sense of style, punctuated with covered arms, big shoulders and statement colours – has echoed what we at ShinyStyle were saying months ago – she does not think Catherine, who was recently asked to pose for the cover of US Vogue, has a particularly good sense of fashion.

She said: “I think Duchess Catherine has done an incredible job globally, but I do not know how you can say she is a fashion icon. I just don’t get that.”

When asked what does make an icon, she responded: “A unique sense of style. End of. Don’t you think?”

However, the British royal is not the only star to come under Mary’s fire – she also thinks Cheryl Cole’s time in Los Angeles, where she was a judge on the US version of ‘X Factor’ for four auditions, was misaligned.

She said to Heat magazine: “That was really wrong wasn’t it? There was that massive hair and then the tiny body. It was really just a wrong move.”

Read our thoughts on the Duchess’s style here.

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Mel B becomes an ambassador for Jenny Craig’s weight loss programme

By Andrea Petrou on October 11th, 2011

Mel B has been made an ambassador for Jenny Craig.

The ‘X Factor Australia’ judge was unveiled as the new face of the weight-loss firm’s Australia and New Zealand branch yesterday after enlisting their help in shedding the weight she piled on when pregnant with daughter Madison, now five weeks.

She said: “I was eating, literally eating morning, noon and night, and it didn’t matter what time. I was just eating. I was a house.

“I’ve my humps and bumps, but when a newspaper described my shape as the ‘bootylicious, curvylicious, post-baby body of Melanie’, I knew I had to do something. I had to get the eating under control.’

“I have already been exercising but what I need is a little push to help me start eating sensibly.

“I really allowed myself the chance to pig out during this pregnancy, so I’ve got a bit of weight to lose.’

Life gets a bit crazy when you’ve got four daughters but it’s important for us mums to live healthy and to be in good shape.

“Mums really need to take time for themselves and get to a place where they are happy with their body again. We should not put it off because we deserve more than that. A healthy happy mum equals a healthy happy family.”

Jenny Craig boss Amy Smith said Mel had told the company she doesn’t like dieting but they have devised a plan that is ideal for women who have recently given birth.

She said: “She loves eating healthy foods and she is thrilled with the health snack options and the amount of fruit and vegetables she gets to eat.

“Jenny Craig’s team of nutritionists and doctors have created a program especially for women like Mel who have recently given birth, that takes into consideration the nutrient levels needed for breastfeeding women.”

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Cheryl Cole’s shoe design partnership with is her dream come true

By Andrea Petrou on October 11th, 2011

Cheryl Cole’s shoe collection is a “dream come true” for her.

The ‘Parachute’ singer has collaborated with and is said to have been involved with every aspect of the design including the colour schemes, fabrics and style.

She said in a video promoting the range: “I have not felt this excited in a long time. I’ve been dreaming about shoes, millions of them but I wanted the initial six to eight pairs to be everything I’ve ever dreamed of.”

The singer’s designs will be available from December, and although details are being kept under wraps, it is thought she has designs including leopard print and polka dot, and that they collection will straddle the line between practical and glamorous

She added: “I like glamour, but I’m aware not everyone wants to wear a high heel all the time.

“I haven’t gone too far down the glamour line.”

The websites creative officer, Juliet Warkentin, said they are “thrilled” to get to work with such an in demand person as the Girls Aloud singer.

She said: “Cheryl is the style icon and is amazingly warm, a quality that has made her the nation’s favourite.

“We believe that the launch will have a huge fashion impact; establishing fashion’s greatest influencer as a major force in fashion design and further democratising fashion.”

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Hailee Steinfeld says being named as the face of Miu Miu was “really huge”

By Andrea Petrou on October 11th, 2011

Hailee Steinfeld says being named as the face of Miu Miu was “really huge”.

The ‘True Grit’ actress – who was recruited by the Italian fashion house in May at the age of just 14 – explained while fronting a campaign for the label is “an honour”, she had only just started to learn about fashion when she took on the role.

She said: “Just going from about a year-and-a-half ago, when I was doing the press for ‘True Grit’ and the awards circuit and learning about the different designers and getting to wear them, and having Miu Miu be one of my favourites – then having something the campaign come along was really huge for me.

“It’s been an honour. It has been so much fun. I have had such a blast getting to know everyone that works with the brand.”

Hailee admitted she is enjoying working in the industry so much that she is even considering a career in the future as a fashion blogger.

She added in an interview with “Fashion has become a big part of my life. I’d like to start blogging about something to do with fashion and then I’d go into a bajillion different things. But yeah, fashion seems like a really great thing to write about.”

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X Factor 2011 pictures: What Kelly, Tulisa, Misha, 2 Shoes, Amelia Lily and other contestants wore

By Andrea Petrou on October 10th, 2011

2 Shoes

Picture 1 of 12

ITV Pictures

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Miranda Kerr says nothing makes her happier than her “little man” Flynn

By Andrea Petrou on October 10th, 2011

Miranda Kerr says nothing makes her happier than her “little man” Flynn.

The Australian model and her husband Orlando Bloom welcomed their 10-month-old son Flynn into the world in January and she admits nobody has ever had a bigger impact on her life than her baby.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she said: “I’d say what makes me happy is having this little man. I’m the happiest when I’m surrounded by those I love and we are in a natural environment … It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Becoming a mother puts everything into perspective. You become more comfortable in your own skin.”

In the publication, Miranda poses naked, showing off her pert butt while lying on a bed and proves she has fully recovered her figure after giving birth.

Although she has to be in great physical condition for her career, the 28-year-old beauty insists she doesn’t deprive herself of culinary treats, she just limits the high calorie foods she eats.

Miranda said: “I always say life is about balance, not about depriving yourself. If you want something then I encourage you to have it. When you deprive yourself, you naturally crave it more.”

The Victoria’s Secret model also revealed she would consider following in the footsteps of her husband Orlando, 34, and try her hand at acting.

She said: “If someone approached me and it sounded interesting, I wouldn’t be opposed to it, but it’s not something I think about.”

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Fashion this weekend:Nancy Shevell’s wedding to Sir Paul McCartney, The Teen Choice Awards and Jamie King and Zoe Saldana at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

By Andrea Petrou on October 10th, 2011

Nancy Shevell wears a gorge vintage style dress by Stella McCartney for her wedding to Paul

Picture 1 of 10

Doug Peters/PA Images

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Katy Perry wants her Twitter followers to guess the name of her new fragrance

By Andrea Petrou on October 10th, 2011

Katy Perry will ask her fans to guess the name of her new perfume via twitter.

The California Gurls hitmaker – who released her debut fragrance Purr, earlier this year – will launch the new scent later this year in association with Gigantic Parfums and from next week on will invite her twitter followers to submit their ideas for its name.

According to WWD, Katy, 26, created the new fragrance while on her ‘California Dreams’ world tour.

The popstar has previously claimed her Purr fragrance is “like the Goldilocks of perfume”, saying people can tell from their very first sniff that the “cute” scent is “just right” and matched perfectly to her wild, fun loving, loud and convivial nature.

She said: “It’s like the Goldilocks of perfume. It s not too much, it’s not too forgettable, it’s just right. It’s basically me in a bottle. I think a lot of people go up and they go, ‘That’s definitely Katy Perry. This is definitely Katy Perry’s perfume.’ ”

She has also gave advice on the best way to apply the scent.

She said: “I usually spray and walk through. I never spray directly on

“I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to spray directly on the skin. Then it’s not so concentrated, because everybody knows sometimes when a woman walks into a room, she can smell like her grandmother.”

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Kate Middleton turns down opportunity to appear in US Vogue

By Andrea Petrou on October 10th, 2011

Britain’s Duchess Catherine has reportedly turned down an opportunity to appear on the front cover of US Vogue.

The 29-year-old royal – who married Prince William in April – was asked by the prestigious magazine’s editor Anna Wintour to appear in a spread but has declined the offer because she doesn’t want to be seen as a fashion icon.

A source told E! News: “Both William and Kate feel it would be wrong for Kate to promote herself as a fashion or style icon. That’s not what they are about and they take their royal duties far too seriously for that.”

Catherine was also said to be wary of upsetting William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, as she knows the monarch wouldn’t have been too keen on the idea.

The source continued: “Kate is keenly conscious that while her new grandmother-in-law may not chide her for appearing on a Vogue cover. But she would definitely not be amused, and Her Majesty is a real genius at making people squirm with simply a look or a ‘tut, tut.’

“To be brutally honest, a request to sit down with The Times, the BBC or one of the major American networks to discuss the monarchy in general is one thing. For Kate to be photographed draped in the latest creation of a couture house to, knowingly or otherwise, self-promote her status as some sort of fashion horse is something quite different.”

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Rachel Bilson to be a celebrity shoe designer for BeachMints

By Andrea Petrou on October 10th, 2011

Rachel Bilson has joined BeachMint.

The actress will be a celebrity designer alongside her stylist, Nicole Chavez, for a new branch of the e-commerce brand, ShoeMint, which will see her create a range of affordable shoes.

She told WWD: “I loved the idea of designing really cute shoes that are affordable and accessible. The whole idea behind the BeachMint brand makes the online shopping experience so personal.”

While Rachel has experience in the fashion sphere, including a collaboration with DKNY Jeans, her BeachMint collaboration will be her first foray into shoe design.

Rachel follows in the footsteps of Kate Bosworth and her stylist, Cher Coulter, who launched a accessories collection for JewelMint, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s StyleMint and Jessica Simpson’s BeautyMint.

Kate was a “guinea pigs” for BeachMint’s business model with her range, but was confident of its success, as she was allowed to work with quality pieces.

She said: “I feel like we’re just starting to get a really good hold on this experience.

“I had no interest in signing a contract that would force me to curate pieces I found horrendous.”

BeachMint is a members only site which means it requires registrations before offering its users a monthly selection of merchandise based on their own tastes, and all available at a set price. All ShoeMint shoes will cost $79.99.

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Pictures: Rihanna in concert at the O2

By Andrea Petrou on October 6th, 2011

Rihanna may have taken the tube to her concert at the 02 but we’re sure she didn’t wear any of her stage attire on the way.

The singer looked hot in a crochet beaded bikini which she posed with alongside 50s style cars. She also gave a nod to the 80s with her neon pink shoe boots and bright yellow hoop earrings.

Also making an appearance was a short blue wet look mac, which showed off the singers booty, we’re sure there were no complaints from the males in the audience.

See all the pictures below.

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Rihanna takes the tube to her London concert

By Andrea Petrou on October 6th, 2011

Rihanna took the Tube to her concert at London’s The O2 last night.

The ‘Only Girl In The World’ hitmaker – dressed casually in a white T-shirt and sunglasses with her hair tied back in a bandana – stunned rush hour commuters and concertgoers when she and her bodyguards boarded the busy Jubilee underground train line to North Greenwich where she happily posed for pictures with fans.

A source said: “She thought it would be funny. Her people agreed, so she popped down to the tube, bought a travelcard and shocked the life out of a few hundred rush hour passengers.”

Another commuter added: “She was just like any other passenger, except accompanied by a huge entourage. She was happy to pose for snaps and talk about the gig. She was so down to earth.

“Fans couldn’t believe they were sharing a carriage with a world famous pop star.”

Rihanna then jumped into a waiting car outside the station which drove her the final 100 yards to the venue

Last night, was the first show of Rihanna’s 10 dates at The 02.

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Katy Perry wants a Pixie hairstyle but not for too long

By Andrea Petrou on October 6th, 2011

Katy Perry would love to try a pixie haircut but only for a short time.

The 26-year-old beauty sports a short crop in her new campaign for the ghd Scarlet Collection and although Katy loves experimenting with her hair, she admitted the look is slightly too “bold” for her to maintain for very long.

She said: “The Snow White look is very different for me because it is a very short bob, but we were inspired by the Art Deco era – a bit flapper-y, a bit 1940’s. The furniture is very Art Deco. I love my nails in it, and my bob that has little curls coming around it.

“I think it’s a bold look for me, especially for the short hair, but I’ve actually had a pixie cut before. I used to have a black pixie cut when I was about 17-18-19 so I felt I was reliving that part of my life again. It’s really cute. I’d probably wear this look again, but I probably wouldn’t do it for long.”

The ghd Scarlet Collection includes a gorgeous heat resistant red satin styler roll bag, perfectly encasing the limited edition red plated stylers, along with two sectioning clips and protective plate guard.

Katy often experiments with different looks – recently dying her locks pink – but the brunette star misses her

natural blonde hair and would love to try “a long, hippie-esque blonde look with black roots”.

She said: “I might like trying being a blonde – a long, hippie-esque blonde with black roots. We’ll see.”

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Eva Green believes shamed John Galliano will make a triumphant return to the fashion world

By Andrea Petrou on October 6th, 2011

Eva Green believes John Galliano will make a triumphant return to the fashion world.

The designer was recently found guilty of racist and anti-Semitic behaviour and was sacked from Dior and his eponymous label John Galliano but the actress knows we haven’t seen the last of him.

Eva – a long-term friend of Galliano’s – told “He will make a comeback, I just know it. He is so very talented. He’s in the same line as McQueen and Gaultier in that he’s very theatrical and dramatic. Human beings are allowed to make mistakes.”

Eva – who starred as the face of Christian Dior’s Midnight Poison fragrance in 2007 when John was still at the helm – has previously said the sartorialist’s actions were very out of character for him.

She said: “I haven’t spoken to him. It’s difficult to talk about this subject, because I don’t really know what happened. He is extremely fragile, a very sensitive, creative person with a great sense of humour and he’s always been so kind to me. He’s very shy. I adore him. It’s been very brutal and I really…I just wish he could go back in time and for it not to happen.

“I’m sure he’s going to get back [in to fashion] because he’s so talented. Sometimes, you can make mistakes. I don’t think he’s anti-Semitic. I’m Jewish. I don’t think he has anything against the Jews. I think it’s more that he was probably a bit drunk.”

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Mario Testino pushed for Gisele Bundchen to have a modelling career

By Andrea Petrou on October 6th, 2011

Mario Testino “fought” for Gisele Bundchen.

The legendary photographer says he saw something special in the Brazilian supermodel as soon as he met her when she was a rising star even though others didn’t.

He told Grazia magazine: “When I started, Bruce Weber was the big star photographer, so all the models were the ones he liked; sporty and outdoorsy. I couldn’t find anyone, so I would go to the street looking for people who suited my aesthetic. When I met Gisele in New York, I liked her immediately. No one was using her. I fought for her.”

Although Mario, 56, is one of the world’s most sought-after snappers, he still worries it could all be taken away from him.

He said: “It wasn’t until this September that I felt I had finally arrived. I had six covers and 180 pages of editorial. For once, I felt I was accepted everywhere.

“But I still worry that nobody will call me for the next job.”

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