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Lindsay Lohan checks into jail

By Andrea Petrou on November 7th, 2011

Lindsay Lohan has checked into jail.

The troubled actress – who was sentenced to 300 days in jail last week after admitting she had violated the terms of her probation in relation to a 2007 DUI (driving under the influence) case but will only spend 30 days behind bars – arrived at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California at 8.48pm PST last night to begin serving her sentence, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department website states.

However, the 25-year-old star is expected to be released within hours of her arrival due to jail overcrowding.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore has said Lindsay may have to spend time in jail overnight if there are several other inmates checking out at the same time.

Lindsay admitted last week she had violated her probation by failing to show up at community service appointments at a women’s shelter in Los Angeles.

Superior Court Judge Stephanie Saunter told Lindsay – who attended the Los Angeles Superior Court Airport branch in a navy polka dot dress and Giuseppe Zanotti high heels -she will now have to perform all of her community service at a morgue and complete 19 psycho-therapy sessions by March 29, 2012.

If she completes them all, her probation will be over and the rest of the sentence will be stayed indefinitely.

If she fails to do so, she will have to serve the remainder of the 270 days of her sentence.

In an unusual twist, the judge also banned Lindsay from using social networking site twitter while working at the morgue.

The sentence is the ‘Mean Girls’ actress’ fifth since she was arrested twice for drunk driving in 2007, and earlier this year she served 35 days under house arrest.

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Katy Perry says her new fragrance – Meow – was inspired by her world tour

By Andrea Petrou on November 7th, 2011

Katy Perry’s new fragrance has been inspired by her world tour.

The Firework hitmaker has been working on Meow, the follow-up to her debut perfume Purr and admitted the sweetness of the scent comes from her on stage set which resembles a giant confectionary world.

She explained: “Purr to me was a little bit more floral, and Meow is a little bit more sweet. It was probably because of the California Dreams tour that it was more of the confectionary world, because everything I’ve seen for the last year has been like cotton-candy scented or huge peppermints or massive gummy bears.”

Katy also revealed she is a huge fan of singer and fashion designer Gwen Stefani because she admires the “quality” of the products she produces.

She told WWD: “I think she’s such a great example of a woman who puts out quality products associated with her name. That’s because she’s not shoving it down anyone’s throats. She has great taste, great timing and she’s got a cool style about her. I have seen a lot of the perfumes out there – some of my peers – and I’m like, ‘Did you really approve this?’ I guess I’m personally offended because maybe I do like that person’s music, but you’ve got to make quality decisions. You can’t just cash in all the time. I’ve always told anyone I’m working with that if I don’t like the product, I’m not going to show up.”

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X Factor judge Kelly Rowland loves Spanx underwear

By Andrea Petrou on November 7th, 2011

Kelly Rowland thinks Spanx are “every girl’s best friend”.

The former Destiny’s Child singer – who swears by the body-shaping underwear – always likes to be comfortable on a night out and so she consciously avoids sky-scraper heels because they make her look “a whole lot of crazy”.

She told BANG Showbiz: “Spanx are every girl’s best friend, I am wearing Spanx right now. Always make sure you’re comfortable in whatever you’re going out in, it’s so important.

“If you’re going out in six-inch heels, make sure they’re ones that you can last at least seven hours in. Because when you start walking like there is a watermelon between your legs because your feet hurt so much, you look a whole lot of crazy.”

In terms of make-up, Kelly – who is currently a judge on the UK ‘X Factor’ – advised a bright shade of lipstick can really make an outfit “pop”.

Speaking at last weeks  Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards 2011 at London’s Banqueting House – where she picked up the gong for Ultimate TV Personality – Kelly explained: “I always choose a great lipstick because it really makes an outfit pop.

“Even if you have an all-black outfit on and you pair it with a bright pink or red lipstick or something, it looks great.”

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Gossip Girl Blake Lively says “it’s embarrassing” how many pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes she owns

By Andrea Petrou on November 3rd, 2011

Blake Lively says “it’s embarrassing” how many pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes she owns.

The Gossip Girl star is not only an avid collector of the designer’s creations – buying up to 40 pairs at a time – but also a personal friend, and helped celebrated the 20th anniversary of his collection in New York on Tuesday.

She told “They are the most beautiful shoes out there. And incredibly innovative. It’s embarrassing [how many pairs I have].”

On the evening – also attended by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Calvin Klein and Tyrese – Blake chose to wear a pair of splatter-paint snakeskin stilettos.

Christian himself was full of compliments for Blake, saying: “Not only is she beautiful, she is very talented and she’s very smart.

“One of the things that is most important for women and men, at least for me, is intelligence. Through a lot of things, she has proved that she is really intelligent and she also has this natural beauty and this natural way of moving which makes her absolutely a great image.”

Christian also gave his tips for what to expect as the high fashion for this season, adding: “A beautiful low-cut pump. Low-cut in the front and almost the colour of your skin so it can completely disappear or in black so you can wear it with different colours.”

After the party at Barneys, VIP guests headed to a private celebration at Le Caprice in the Pierre Hotel where Alicia Keys – another fan – joined the group for dinner.

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Kim Kardashian “followed her heart” when deciding to end her marriage to Kris Humphries

By Andrea Petrou on November 3rd, 2011

Kim Kardashian “followed her heart” when deciding to end her marriage to Kris Humphries.

The 31-year-old socialite filed for divorce from the basketball player on Monday after just 72 days of marriage and says her “intuition” told her it was the right thing to do.

She said: “I think when you know so deep in your heart that you just to listen to your intuition and follow your heart, there’s no right or wrong thing to do.”

Kim is currently on a business trip to Australia with her sister Khloe and brother-in-law Lamar Odom and admits the pair are helping her cope with the split.

She told breakfast TV show ‘Sunrise': “I really wanted to stick with my commitment to come out to Australia. I love the fan base here.

“I did want some time to myself but I don’t want to bail on everyone and skip out on this commitment here.

“I’ve got Khloe and Lamar here and we’re just getting through it.”

Khloe added: “I’m really proud of Kim for not bailing. She’s being really strong. Lamar and I are here to be her support.”

Meanwhile, Kim’s mother Kris Jenner revealed the whole family were saddened when they realised the marriage was going wrong.

During an appearance on the ‘Today’ show, she said: “It’s just our job now to wrap our arms around her through thick and thin.

“It certainly wasn’t for TV. We have enough going on with our show that we don’t have to make things up. She felt that she was in love with him. It was an amazing time … I had no idea there was a problem at the time. It saddens all of us.”

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Kate Moss’ latest perfume has been inspired by her daughter Lila Grace

By Andrea Petrou on November 3rd, 2011

Kate Moss’ latest perfume has been inspired by her daughter.

The supermodel’s new fragrance -which is described has a “pretty, soft fruity floriental” smell – is called Lilabelle, in tribute to nine-year-old Lila Grace.

She said: “Lilabelle is my most personal fragrance yet, inspired by my daughter Lila. It is a really soft and gentle scent yet also a bit daring. I created it for both for grown women who want to remain young at heart and teens who want glamour and sophistication. It’s my gift to every woman and girl who lives life to the full.”

Kate – who wed husband Jamie Hince in July – recently revealed Lila is quite “prudish” and will often tell her mother off when she doesn’t take off her make-up.

She said: “I always take my make-up off, because otherwise my daughter will come in and say, ‘Mummy, tut-tut’. She doesn’t like it. She likes the fresh-faced, natural mummy, when I’ve got my hair in a bun and no make-up on.

“Lila is quite prudish – she’ll only wear a little bit of lip gloss or something. But she is into nail art. I think Lila is beautiful – she’s so innocent and has that fresh face. She’s gorgeous, but obviously she is my daughter.”

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Amanda Seyfried worries about ageing

By Andrea Petrou on November 2nd, 2011

Amanda Seyfried finds it hard to ignore ageing in Hollywood.

The ‘In Time’ actress revealed although she is only 25, she is constantly warned about getting wrinkles but she tries not to let it affect her.

She said: “Aging is something that’s thrown in my face every day. It’s hard to ignore it sadly but I’m not in any hurry to stop the process!”

The blonde beauty – who sports a cropped black bob in her latest movie – also revealed she has considered chopping off her long locks but prefers to keep the same look when she is not working.

Amanda – who looked gorgeous in a H&M shorts suit from their eco range at the ‘In Time’ premiere at the Curzon cinema in London – explained to BANG Showbiz: “I’m so tempted to chop my hair up into a bob like I have in my latest movie In Time. Although in a way I like having the same long hair when I’m not shooting because I can change it around for the different roles, wear a wig etc and I instantly become someone else.”

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Spotted channelling winter colours: Anne Hathaway at the Princess Grace Awards Gala, Eva Longoria and Selena Gomez at the Fulfillment Fund’s 2011 Stars Gala, Gemma Arterton and more

By Andrea Petrou on November 2nd, 2011

Anne Hathaway

Picture 1 of 7

Goes for sequins at the Princess Grace Awards Gala Dennis Van Tine/ABACA USA/Empics Entertainment

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Scarlett Johansson says there’s nothing wrong with her nude photos

By Andrea Petrou on November 2nd, 2011

Scarlett Johansson insists there was “nothing wrong” with her taking nude photographs of herself.

The 26-year-old beauty – who split from husband Ryan Reynolds last December – was horrified earlier this year when hackers accessed the images from her mobile phone and posted them online and while she was unhappy the pictures were made public, she thinks she looks good in them.

She said: “I know my best angles. They were sent to my husband. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not like I was shooting a porno. Although there’s nothing wrong with that either.”

Following the end of her marriage, Scarlett felt “very uncomfortable” and struggled to find anything that would hold her interest.

She told the new issue of America’s Vanity Fair magazine: “I didn’t really know what to do with myself. It was such a strange time. There was nothing that was interesting to me. I had a very public separation. It was difficult. I felt very uncomfortable.” Scarlett has appeared in several movies by acclaimed director Woody Allen and she believes their enduring friendship is her willingness to indulge his hypochondria.

She said: “He shakes a lot of hands. I’ll squirt some [Purell] in my hand and then squirt in his. The only reason why Woody and I are still friends is because I’ve diagnosed all kinds of his skin tags, lesions, ailments. I’ve prescribed things for Woody that he’s then asked his doctor to prescribe for him.”

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Reese Witherspoon comes under fire by PETA for carrying a python skin bag

By Andrea Petrou on November 2nd, 2011

Reese Witherspoon has come under fire by animal rights activists for carrying a python skin bag.

People for the Ethical Treatement of Animals (PETA) have written a statement to the Walk the Line star after she was seen with the £2,370 Chloe bag, revealing how the purses are created.

The group said: “No matter how much Reese paid for the bag, the animals paid a much higher price.

“Every year, millions of snakes are impaled on hooks or nailed to trees by their heads and skinned alive. We can’t imagine that she’d wish to contribute to this hidden suffering, especially for something as frivolous as a fashion accessory that can be replicated with no bloodshed.”

The group – which in 2006 named Reese one of the world’s sexiest vegetarians – claimed the look was easily made without causing harm.

PETA added: “These days, it’s easy to have a look that kills without killing – with fake snake, mock croc, python pleather, and other designer items that pay tribute to the beauty of these animals without massacring them.”

The group have previously targeted celebrities including Paris Hilton, who was pelted with flour during a fashion show in London in 2006 for modelling for Julien Macdonald, a designer who uses fur.

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Doctors order Rihanna to party less after her stint in a Swedish hospital

By Andrea Petrou on November 2nd, 2011

Rihanna has been ordered by doctors to curb her partying lifestyle.

The Cheers (Drink to That) singer was forced to pull out of a show in Malmo, Sweden, on Monday after being hospitalised with a bout of flu, and her medical team are concerned she is going out too much while on tour.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Rihanna is running on empty but she’s still been going out drinking and living it up.

“She doesn’t have any down time where she can completely relax. She spends most of her time in the studio, on stage or in clubs. Doctors are worried she’s overdoing it.

“She needs to take some time off. Otherwise she’ll be vulnerable to more illness.”

Rihanna, 23, posted a picture of herself with a drip in her arm from the hospital, and later released a statement apologising to fans for missing the show.

She said: “I am sorry to everyone who was coming out to my show in Malmo. I was so excited to perform for you all.

“It would have been a great time. So much better than being sick with the flu, ugh. I’m really disappointed I couldn’t be there.”

Stars have rushed to wish Rihanna well with friend and mentor Jay-Z and US ‘X Factor’ judge LA Reid sending her flowers.

Rihanna’s ‘Loud Tour’ resumed last night in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Cheryl Cole visits Sarah Harding in rehab

By Andrea Petrou on November 2nd, 2011

Cheryl Cole has visited Sarah Harding in rehab.

The ‘Promise This’ singer is “pulling out all the stops” to help her Girls Aloud bandmate – who checked into an American treatment facility in Arizona earlier this month to receive help for depression and alcohol addiction – and the brunette beauty has even invited her to stay at her Los Angeles home to escape from the UK when she checks out.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “Cheryl is really concerned for her friend Sarah. She made time in her busy schedule to travel over to Arizona and visit her in the rehab centre.

“Cheryl feels really passionate about alcohol and drug abuse after years of worrying about her drug addict brother Andrew.

“She has told Sarah she is more than welcome to use her LA home as an escape pad when she comes out of rehab. A bolt-hole where Sarah can chill out and escape the London limelight and maybe try to save her relationship with Tom.”

Sarah – who called off her engagement to DJ Tom Crane in the summer – has reportedly extended her stay in rehab and is unlikely to be out in time for Christmas.

Girls Aloud member Kimberley Walsh recently revealed 29-year-old Sarah is doing “really well” on the programme.

She explained: “I don’t want to go into detail about Sarah, but she’s doing really well.”

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Pastor tries to stop Kim Karashian and Kris Humphries divorce

By Andrea Petrou on November 1st, 2011

The man who married Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wants them to stop their divorce.

Pastor Joel Johnson – who officiated the couple’s wedding ceremony on August 20 – would like to sit down and talk with the pair, who announced they had split yesterday, as he is upset by the decision.

He told “I’m sad to hear this. Why would Kim do this? I would love to connect with Kim and try to pull the reigns back and redirect this energy in a more redemptive way.”

Joel, who is Kris’ Pastor from childhood, spent time with the couple prior to their ceremony and he reveals he thought their feelings for each other were “genuine”.

He said: “I’ve known Kris a long time and gone into some deep places with him. I felt really good about the meeting. I felt what I experienced was genuine. I feel for both of them. I think two of the hardest things to deal with are wealth and fame and they have both. I knew it would be a challenging one for them.

“So many people condemned the wedding before it happened saying it wouldn’t last. But when I spoke to Kris, I knew where his heart was and I said I wanted to meet Kim personally. I was totally impressed with Kim.”

Kim, 31, filed for divorce today at the Los Angeles Superior Court after just 72 days of marriage.

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Michelle Williams loves Marylin Monroe’s simple style

By Andrea Petrou on November 1st, 2011

Michelle Williams likes running through fields with no shoes on.

The 31-year-old actress – who has six-year-old daughter Matilda from her relationship with late actor Australian Heath Ledger – is now playing troubled star Marilyn Monroe in movie My Week with Marilyn, and she admits has always liked her because she was a “simple dresser”.

She told UK’s Elle magazine: “Something I really appreciated about her is what a simple dresser she was. She’s really, in her personal life, completely unadorned.

“Everything that she wore looked like she could take hr shoes off and run through a field. And I like that.”

Michelle – who stars alongside Emma Watson and Dame Judi Dench in the film – also admits she was always more preoccupied with the “private” side of Marilyn as opposed to her Hollywood career.

She added: “I had always been more interested in the private Marilyn, and the unguarded Marilyn.

“Even as a young girl, my primary concern wasn’t with this larger than life personality smiling back from the wall but with what was going on underneath.”

Her love for the star – who died in 1962 – was deep enough for her to be very concerned about taking on the role.

She said: “I was so apprehensive. It was daunting living up to people’s expectations as well as my own expectations.”

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Rihanna hospitalised in Sweden

By Andrea Petrou on November 1st, 2011

Rihanna has been hospitalised in Sweden.

The’Cheers (Drink to That) hitmaker – who is currently on a world tour – has been hooked up to a drip at a Swedish medical institution and has been forced to cancel a performance in the city of Malmo in the south of the country after being stricken with the flu.

Tweeting a picture of her arm with a tube coming out of it, Rihanna wrote: “Sorry Malmo!”

In a statement, the 23-year-old singer added she was “really disappointed” she could not perform.

According to, she said: “I am sorry to everyone who was coming out to my show in Malmo. I was so excited to perform for you all. It would have been a great time. So much better than being sick with the flu, ugh. I’m really disappointed I couldn’t be there.”

A representative for concert promoter Live Nation added she was “not in condition to conduct the concert”.

Rihanna is not the only star to be forced to cancel a planned concert recently – George Michael had to pull out of a gig at London’s Royal Albert Hall last week after he was diagnosed with a viral infection, leaving him with a high temperature.

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