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How can you wear leather? Let us count the ways… Unlikely takes on the hot trend

By Daisy Buchanan on May 1st, 2013

Writer Rachael Krishna explores some leather options. But not in a rude way…

Last October I bought myself a little leather mini skirt from H&M. I was kind of in love with the concept of this skirt: so versatile, so form fitting, I could team it with heels and power dress or with a pair of box fresh trainers for a weekend in Brick Lane. To me, it was a wardrobe refresher. Then my house mate saw it and exclaimed ‘That’s a bit…BDSM Rach…’ With my leather dreams ruined, and feeling more Cat woman than Wonder woman  I retreated into my wardrobe, fearing judging eyes. However, a new season is bringing leather back again, thus I am emerging from my shame ridden hibernation with a whole new leather based out look. Here are my four tips on how to rock leather like never before and shame the neigh sayers.

M&S Autograph Blue leather pencil skirt, £149.99

M&S Autograph Blue leather pencil skirt, £149.99


If Grace Kelly went to Cyberdog: We all know what Cyberdog is right? That place in Camden with the flashing lights and go go dancers? Excellent, well imagine if the Stepford Wives, Lady Penelope, regularly went there for a bit of techno and cage dancing. Think bright leathers (all over A/W 2013) pencil skirts and crisps white blouses. Edgy enough to fit in with the cyber crowd, refined enough for them to hit a debutant ball  for a G & T after.


River Island Black Contrast Panel Leather Look T Shirt, £16.00

River Island Black Contrast Panel Leather Look T Shirt, £16.00


If Twiggy and Viv Westwood had a baby: If only. I’m sure this amalgamation has featured in the rum induced dreams of fashion students across London. The beautiful fantasy that, by means of probably lots of bunsen burners and test tubes, the two fashion icons had a fabulous bubba. But whose style would it embrace? The answer is the best of both worlds. Think Twiggy’s sharp silhouettes combined with Viv’s bold prints and black leather. No baggy shirts, and definitely no monochrome.


Missguided Kyrian Biker Detail Jacket, £47.99

Missguided Kyrian Biker Detail Jacket, £47.99


If Tim Burton dressed the Pope: Work with me on this one. It’s a shame that the Vatican probably wont be calling upon Tim Burton’s design talents any time soon, as the Autumn catwalks were full of religious imagery that looks straight out of Edward Scissorhands’ work shop. Big gold crosses, surrounded by jewels and black lace all held together by our fabulous friend leather. If you don’t want to look too much like you’ve just rolled about in your Grandma’s fabric basket, treat this look as more of a statement piece trend than a full body outing; a definite opportunity to invest in a customised leather jacket.


Nike Mid Leather Blazer Trainer, £49.99

Nike Mid Leather Blazer Trainer, £49.99


If Kelly Kapowski was bitten by a vampire: Tiffany Amber Thiessen spent years captivating the hearts of men across the world, with her tousled locks and all american girl charm. But what if Kelly hung about with the lost boys or had an illicit fling with Tom Cruise’s Lestat.  Go for 90’s teen movie meets  80’s/90’s supernatural horror… tight leather shapes balanced with bright prints and tied together with chunk sneakers. Cute enough to go to The Max, sexy enough to hang with a bitten Brad Pitt.

Follow Rachael on Twitter @RachaelKrishna

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Beauty of our youth: ‘The Rachel’

By Daisy Buchanan on April 16th, 2013

Writer Janina Matthewson recalls her relationship with the most coveted hairstyle of the nineties…

Janina's "Rachel"

Janina’s “Rachel”

Summer drew to a close. The new school year approached. I, a new teenager embarking on that mysterious era known as “high school,” was getting my first real haircut. 

I’d had my hair cut before, obviously, but it had always been a trim of the two existing lengths: “long” and “fringe,” so I didn’t resemble a child of the brethren. But now it was to be different. I had chosen a “style.” I had chosen “The Rachel.”

Not since Farrah Fawcett had a hairstyle been so universally desired, and nothing’s matched it since. Jennifer Aniston’s hair for the first season of Friends was where the proverbial “it” was at, and I wanted it all over my head.

Why It Was A Bad Idea For Me To Get The Rachel:

Reason One: I come from a Large Family and my parents had government jobs. That meant we were bulk buy, home brand, budget option people.

Reason Two: I have wildly precocious hair. It’s unpredictable, it gets everywhere, it’s practically sentient. In all my life it’s been successfully blow dried twice; if I go to a costume party all I have to do to it is nothing, and I’ll be a raven haired Hermione.

So I turned up at Mr Snips to get my ten dollar haircut from the latest graduate of the hairdressing school Old Man McCutty runs out of his basement, a beam just all over my face. “I’d like The Rachel,” I said, blithely. The hairdresser blinked. Her scissors wobbled. She hadn’t heard of the most popular haircut in twenty years.

Even then, I was unafraid. I was young, I was optimistic, I’d never been burned.

I explained the haircut carefully, and she said she could do it. I sat in the chair, watching ribbons of hair fall away, revelling in the new lightness, feeling the ends swish against my neck.

It wasn’t until I was home that I really took it in.

My first “layered” haircut had precisely two layers: a quite thin one, that stopped just short of my shoulders, and a very thick one, at the bottom of my ears.

My head looked like a mushroom cloud. Or indeed, like a mushroom.

Obviously I cried.

We went back, explained that it was all wrong, and they did their best to fix it.

They couldn’t, obviously, it was a complete disaster, but they tried.

And they gave me a mullet.


Follow Janina on Twitter @J9London

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With Nails Like This, One Direction Will Date You Too! Little Mix Launch Nailwear Collection

By Daisy Buchanan on April 15th, 2013
Daisy gets nailed!

Daisy gets nailed!

I’ve had a fashion crush on Little Mix since I first clapped eyes on them when Tulisa was using the X Factor as a perfume product placement vehicle, with a subtle arm tattoo.  Jesy, Perrie, Leigh Anne and Jade make the sort of brilliantly bold style choices that inspire us to layer, clash and burn any “sensible greige workwear” that has mysteriously found its way into our wardrobe. After all, greige is clearly not the way to Zayn One Direction’s heart.

Admittedly, I’m not always bold enough to follow their look to the letter – but I love the idea of wearing it on my fingertips. So it was really exciting to hear the girls were collaborating with Elegant Touch.

Working with designer Jenny Pasha and their stylist Alex Knox, the girls have each created a false nail and wrap design reflecting their personalities. Jesy’s black stud effect press ons are awesomely edgy, but Perrie’s alternate stars and sparkle design was the one that won me over.

Elegant Touch Perrie Press On Nails, £6,

Elegant Touch Perrie Press On Nails, £6,

The wraps can last for over a week if you look after your nails, and the falsies will keep going for around three days, although they’re perfect for parties and less perfect for writers on deadline (Perrie, if you’re reading this – how do you type?) Luckily the nails come with adhesive backing, so they’re much easier to apply than traditional, glue on falsies – you press ‘em on and peel ‘em off, so you can use them next time you have a big hand based event, like some shadow puppetry or a demonstration slot in home shopping channel.

The nails and wraps are available exclusively from New Look for £6.

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The Heaven and Hell of Leather – Fashion Priest

By shinychris on March 1st, 2013

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The heavenly choir has spoken as Fashion Priest delivers his sermon on this seasons hottest look and declares Leather, is it Heaven or Hell?

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Seven Deadly Sins of Kim Kardashian

By shinychris on February 15th, 2013


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Fashion Priest is here once again to take confashions and offer penance for stylistic transgressions.

There are many people who have committed the seven deadly sins of fashion but few of them have done so as wickedly as Kim Kardashian…

Fashion Priest is produced by My Daily UK and AOL.



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Katy Perry to launch fashion line. Would you wear it?

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on February 7th, 2013

The 20th Annual Sir Elton John Oscar Party - Los AngelesAnother day, another actress/singer take a plunge into the fashion pool… This time it’s US pop singer and Russell Brand’s ex missus Katy Perry who’s decided that fashion is a great way to branch out into.

Perhaps best known for her candy-coloured PVC dresses, MTV reports that Katy is in talks with her best friend and fashion stylist Johnny Wujerk about ‘creating a label for young women based on their own style icons.’ Errr… OK.

Apparently the pair would use inspiration from the likes of Dita Von Teese and Gwen Stefani, both who have a unique style. Guess Katy – who often looks like a carbon copy of Zooey Deschanel – is just a copy-kat…

Would you wear designs by Katy Perry?

Photo: Press Association

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The crazy tour demands of Lady Gaga revealed

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on February 6th, 2013

Lady Gaga Sighting - TokyoShe’s known for wearing dresses made from prime steak and dressing up in outrageously weird fashion-forward outfits that make even the biggest exhibitionists around look twice. But now a darker, weirder side of the self-proclaimed Mother Monster has been revealed. We know, she can’t get darker or weirder can she?

Lady Gaga is being sued by her former best friend and personal assistant Jennifer O’Neill for unpaid overtime, and that ladies and gentlemen – a lawsuit between a disgruntled former slave friend and celebrity – usually brings out the darkest, weirdest, twisted facts about the relationship and the personal habits and demands of the celeb.

In a 14-page document recently revealed in the court proceedings the insane demands made by the star have been made public. Joy! The singer apparently requests a pink-haired mannequin to keep her company while chilling out in her dressing room as well as any type of cheese you could think of and silver satin bed sheets. Don’t think that’s weird enough? There’s more…

The Born This Way singer also requested that her room was kitted out with posters of David Bowie, Queen and Elton John, and during The Monster Ball Tour in 2009-11, her dressing-room was to be furnished with white leather sofas and yellow, lavender or white roses. Standard.

And with this Lady Gaga joins the celebs who are batshit crazy and have more demands than the Queen. But we’re not sure she beats diva Mariah Carey, whose tour and promo appearance demands are said to have included Cristal champagne (to be consumed via bendy straws) – later replaced with a $200 bottle of cabernet sauvignon, pink confetti in the shape of butterflies, and get this, 20 WHITE KITTENS (a necessity for turning on Christmas lights in Westfield). Luckily the latter was stopped by British Health and Safety officials.

Photo: Press Association 

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10 curvy celebrities we love

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 4th, 2013

If brains are the new sexy for men, curves are the new sexy for women. With the resurgence of 50s fashion, perfect for voluptuous, feminine shapes, it’s great to see more and more women embracing their hips, boobs and bums. Don’t hide under an unflattering oversized jumper. Invest in pencil skirts and wiggle dresses. If you don’t notice a difference in the way you look, be sure men will…

Should you need any more reminding of why you should celebrate your curves, just take a look at these curvaceous celebrities.


Picture 1 of 10

Image: Press Association

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The Kardashian Kollection: Kim and Kourtney launch exclusive range with Dorothy Perkins

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 9th, 2012

Kardashian fever is about to hit the UK, as the famous sisters team up with Dorothy Perkins for a exclusive clothing range.

Kim and Kourtney flew in to London last night to join Sir Philip Green at the London nightspot Aqua. Dressed in a figure hugging mini dresses (we expect nothing less from her), Kim braved the London chill to show off her famous curves – and rather orange legs. Less spraytan next time Kim! Her older sister, Kourtney opted for a more demure look, covering up in a high-neck chiffon dress from the Kollection.

Looking at the range in full, there are some items that would work for the average British woman, and some that should just stay in Reality TV world. We’re not sold on the bodycon gold dresses – a bit too in your face sparkly for our liking – but the skinny jeans and pencil skirts  might just work for our curves.

Check out a selection of the items below and shop the full Kardashian Kollecton on the Dorothy Perkins website.

Kardashian Kollection

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SS and AW trend alert: Black leather

By Andrea Petrou on August 8th, 2012

Leather has been a hot trend this season, and as we move into the winter months this look is set to get hotter.

Instead of the simple black biker jackets and shift skirts that have made their way into Spring/Summer wardrobes, this look will evolve into a glossy black vixen look for the Autumn/Winter season – think sleek dresses, knee and thigh high boots, that also give a huge nod to the gothic look.

Take inspiration from the looks shown on the Gucci, Fendi and Loewe AW 2012 catwalks or give a nod to this season’s leather looks, which have been channelled by a range of celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Emma Watson.

See the gallery below for the star style.

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Emma Watson to play Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey films?

By Andrea Petrou on July 24th, 2012

The Fifty Shades of Grey rumour mill is once again churning with whisperings that Emma Watson is the front runner to play shy and innocent Anastasia Steele in the films.

Earlier this month a poll on ShinyStyle found that many of you thought the Harry Potter starlet would be a perfect match for the role, with 48 percent of you voting for her as the best candidate.

But does she really have what it takes to play that innocent girl transformed into an erotic woman?

Her style suggests she may. Firstly she’s got that kooky cute look going on with her love of 50s and 60s netted frocks and skater style skirts.

However, her other style side is more siren, thanks to her dramatic bold eye makeup and grown up red carpet ball gowns.

We’re just not sure we can picture her out of Hogwarts.

What do you think? Take a look at Emma’s style below and let us know by leaving your comments.

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Pictures: Teen Choice Awards 2012

By Andrea Petrou on July 23rd, 2012

Gwen Stefani stole the show at the Teen Choice Awards 2012 turning up for the event in a leather number.

The singer was joined by Selena Gomez who looked cute in a pink frock, while Zooey Deschanel looked kooky in a blue 50s frock.

Going for the sexier look was Lea Michele who shone in a silver sequined strapless number, while Taylor Swift went for a while cut out panel dress.

See all the fashion in the gallery below.

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Pictures: Kate Middleton visits London 2012 photographic exhibition

By Andrea Petrou on July 20th, 2012

Kate added a gold statement necklace to her outfit

Picture 1 of 5

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Spring/Summer 2012 trends: The peplum top

By Andrea Petrou on July 16th, 2012

The summer is still less than sizzling, but that’s no excuse to neglect all the trends of the season, especially when they are as versatile as the peplum top.

Hot on the Burberry, Chanel, Victoria Beckham and Christian Dior summer 2012 catwalks, this look can be paired with trousers- for that rainy day at the office outfit, or with a shift skirt for a business meeting or smart night out. Team up one of these tops with a dark pair or skinny jeans for a more casual look, or go for cropped trousers and wedges for a night out.

See the gallery below to see how celebrities including Kyle Minogue, Olivia Palermo, Holly Willoughby  and Gwen Stefani are wearing these tops.


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Trend Alert: The midriff as seen on Miley Cyrus, Sarah Harding and Rihanna

By Andrea Petrou on July 13th, 2012

Sarah Harding

Picture 1 of 8

PA Images .

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