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Spotted at the Teen Choice Awards: Taylor Swift, Rachel Bilson and Selena Gomez

By emilyborrett on August 8th, 2011

Taylor Swift looked sweet and girlish as usual in a Marilyn Monroe-style white sundress

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This weekend it was the teenybopper’s Oscar night as the Teen Choice Awards took place in California. All the usual teenage Disney stars and popstrels were there, along with a few more grown-up faces.

Taylor Swift, our favourite angel-faced country-pop singer, had a great weekend as she walked away with the Ultimate Choice award along with five others, including Favourite Female Artist and Favourite Country Artist. She looked sweet and girlish in a full-skirted white halternecked dress that was more than a little bit Marilyn Monroe.

Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively looked absolutely incredible in an unusual orange leather tailored dress that showed off her perfect figure (we hate her, we hate her, we hate her). She also took away the award for TV’s best dramatic TV actress.

The Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie didn’t take away any awards, though she gets a style award from us for her cool and youthful star-printed minidress. Neither did the Kardashians, though they were all out in force with their fiercest heels and sexiest dresses. Kim K looked amazing in a white-and-black cocktail dress with a feathered skirt.

Disney actress Selena Gomez, who is Justin Bieber’s current squeeze, looked pretty and sophisticated in a sexy gold satin cocktail dress with a draped chiffon train. We also loved Rachel Bilson’s look, who opted for a sweet and romantic look in a white ruffled Chloe dress.

Check out our gallery to see the celebrities we’ve mentioned above, along with plenty others.

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Katie Holmes gets style inspiration from her daughter Suri

By emilyborrett on August 8th, 2011

Katie Holmes has admitted that she often takes inspiration from her tiny daughter Suri’s already refined luxurious sense of style.

Being the super-child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri has developed an expensive taste for designer dresses, ladylike handbags and high heels. (To be honest it’s no surprise that Katie digs her daughter’s style so much when little Suri dresses like a 40-year old PTA member.)

Katie said about her daughter’s budding love for fashion, “My daughter has been choosing her own outfits since she was two. We go to fabric stores and sew together … Suri is my style critic. I know I look good when Suri asks if she can have my outfit when she’s older. Suri is magical when it comes to clothes – she’s quite an artist.”

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Kelly Osbourne says she would refuse to recycle outfits if she were Kate Middleton

By emilyborrett on August 8th, 2011

Kelly Osbourne confessed on the “Tonight Show” that if she were the future Queen of England, like Kate Middleton is, she would refuse to recycle her outfits.

The gobby “Fashion Police” presenter spoke out about Kate Middleton’s recent habit of wearing the same clothes in public more than once, which she’s been applauded for by the media.

Kelly said on the “Tonight Show”, “Well, I’m sorry, but if I had that job, I would only wear it once. If I am going to be the future bloody Queen of England, I’m going to wear that dress once, because I’m giving up the rest of my life, all of my privacy, at least I can get a new dress every day.”

It’s a nice dream but probably an expensive one, Kelly. What do you think of K-Middy’s recycled wardrobe – yay or nay? Let us know.

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Steal her style: Rachel Bilson’s Showtime TCA Party look

By emilyborrett on August 4th, 2011

Rachel Bilson's style shone through in these tapered red-pink trousers, with a slouchy floral shirt and contrasting leopard-print heels. She's still got it!

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Rachel Bilson’s been so quiet on the acting front recently that we completely forgot she’s one of our favourite dressers like, ever. When we spotted her cool smart-casual outfit that she wore to the CBS, the CW and the Showtime TCA Party yesterday we just knew that we’d have to do a post about it.

Clashing and contasting prints are going to be a massive trend this Autumn, something that clever Rachel has wised up to. She teamed up a sizzling pair of cerise tailored trousers with a slouchy dark floral blouse and some leopard-print Louboutins – something that on paper shouldn’t work at all but on her really, really does.

There are some pretty much identical pieces on the high street – yay! You can replicate Rachel Bilson’s amazing party outfit by looking at our picks in the gallery above.

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Spotted in the USA: Eva Longoria, Emma Stone, Rachel Bilson and Cat Deeley

By emilyborrett on August 4th, 2011

Emma Stone looked cool and edgy arriving at the Late Show in a simple black mini-dress with stonking great heels

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Today’s an apple pie-loving American special as we take a peek at who’s been papped over the pond.

Appearing on the Late Show in New York were both our very own Cat Deeley and the beautiful Emma Stone. Cat Deeley was rocking a Barbarella ’60s vibe in a very form-fitting silver shift dress with very teased blonde tresses, while Emma opted for a simple black bell-sleeved mini with absolutely giant heels for an effect that was edgy, sexy and a little bit Birkin-esque. There are rumours that Emma’s been getting close to her Spiderman co-star Andrew Garfield. Watch this space..

TCA were throwing a big bash with Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell and Claire Danes in attendance. It was a pleasure to see Rachel again – where’s she been lately? Anyway, she put all the celebrities dressed up to the nines to shame as she rocked smart-casual in a coral pink pair of jeans with a sweet floral shirt and a patent clutch. More dressed-up was Kristen, who looked sexy in a black corseted-dress to show off her tiny waist, while the Romeo + Juliet star Claire Danes looked romantic in a Grecian draped number.

Nicole Sherzinger was spotted performing at the infamous Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood for Kiss FM, looking fierce in black-and-red feathers and some scary-looking black ankle boots. Elsewhere in California, Eva Longoria was seen looking polished in simple skinny jeans and Louboutins with a shiny mane to rival our Kate Middleton’s. How does she do it?

Finally, the Disney teeny-bopper Ashley Tisdale was seen at the première for the new Phineas & Ferb film looking extremely grown-up in a sheeny Aztec-printed minidress. She’s certainly not a kid anymore!

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Kate Middleton is named as one of the world’s best dressed women

By emilyborrett on August 4th, 2011

It seems that it’s not just us that’s got terrible K-Middy fever, as she’s just been voted as one of the world’s best dressed women in the world in Vanity Fair.

Kate was hailed as the third most well-dressed women in the world, having been pipped to the post by Carla Bruni in first place and Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser of Qatar in second. Still Kate, third place ain’t bad. Also on the list were Carey Mulligan, Tilda Swinton and Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Vanity Fair applauded the young Duchess for her recent habit of “recycling” clothes (i.e. wearing them more than once, ever). Apparently she’s worn her green Diane Von Fustenberg in public at least three times now! Three! Having scorned at the rich and beautiful’s idea of recycling, I have to admit that if I was the Duchess of Cambridge I’d probably never wear the same thing twice – so many fashion possibilities.

Congratulations, oh shiny-haired one – you’re officially the third best-dressed woman in the world.

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Jennifer Lopez wants to feel “sexy and modern”

By emilyborrett on August 3rd, 2011

Jennifer Lopez has admitted that what she really wants from an outfit is to feel sexy.

The sultry R and B singer, who has just publicly announced her split from her third mother Marc Anthony, says that she needs to feel both comfortable and sexy at the same time.

She said: “I’m a mom. I work. I want comfort. But I want to feel sexy and modern. I think most women want the same things.” I think we do – but we can’t pull it off the way that Jen does. You would never know that the woman is 42.

Jen, you want to feel sexy and modern and I think that everyone’s boyfriend or husband would agree that you already are.

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Kirsten Dunst is considering a more grown-up look

By emilyborrett on August 3rd, 2011

The Virgin Suicides actress Kirsten Dunst has admitted to considering more a more grown-up wardrobe.

Kirsten, who is now 29, has always been admired for her vintage-feel, girlish sense of style – she’s often papped in pretty sundresses and ballerina flats. However, she’s been wondering lately whether or not she’s too old for her wardrobe anymore, and if it’s time for a change.

She said: “I’m 29, I keep thinking, ‘Stop with the cutesy dresses.’ I’m trying to, I honestly am. I have thing in my wardrobe that are too girlie for my age. But I like simple, feminine, casual. I don’t like overdone.”

Personally we absolutely love Kirsten’s style, and considering she still looks about fifteen we think she can still get away with it. Don’t change please, Dunst!

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Best of British: Countdown of the best-dressed celebrities in Britain

By emilyborrett on August 2nd, 2011

All this tweed, men’s tailoring and classic English footwear that’s on trend at the moment has totally got me all patriotic and proud of the United Kingdom’s style, from Vivienne Westwood and the birth of punk through to the happy acid-neon world of Henry Holland. As the fashion industries go, Britain’s is amazing. And on that note, it’s about high time we paid tribute to the UK’s sense of style with a countdown of our best dressed celebrities. Here we go…

10. Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley

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Good old Rosie is a recent addition to our style radar, following her pretty sensational entrance into the modelling world. Men want her and women want to be her - but we also want her wardrobe too. Never without a literally jaw-dropping red carpet outfit (such as the one pictured above, which made even me fancy her a little bit) to show off that killer body, she also knows all about cool day-time dressing, supermodel style, in leather trousers, skinny jeans and cool khaki separates for a look that's laid-back and effortless. Welcome to the list, Rosie.

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Get the look: Lady Gaga’s new ladylike style

By emilyborrett on August 2nd, 2011

Lady Gaga was spotted in NYC rocking the new season's 40s-inspired ladylike trend in a houndstooth skirt suit with matching accessories - we've never seen the singer look so demure

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We were happily surprised to see this photograph of Madam Gaga’s take on Autumn/Winter’s 1940s-inspired ladylike trend (pictured above) – she’s been seen spotted out in NYC in a head-to-toe houndstooth Salvatore Ferragamo ensemble nipped in at the waist for a vintage feel. When the first lady of quirky fashion is all over a trend, you know it’s time to get in on the action.

Naturally we wouldn’t recommend you tackle the trend in quite the same way as Gaga, who unsurprisingly added a few of her bizarre fashion twists to make the look her own. She may be able to wear houndstooth sunglasses, but thats because she has minders to walk her everywhere – attempt that particular accessory and you will walk into a wall. The rest of it though is a solid look, and we’ve compiled a gallery of our favourite affordable ladylike pieces on the high street.

This trend is all  about the feminine silhouette and opulent fabrics such as silk and brocade – perfect for girls who have a good waist. Belted tweed blazers, silk pussybow blouses and ladylike costume jewellery are an easy way to wear the trend and could be worn either in the day or the night.

What do you think of Gaga’s new look? Do you love it, or prefer her more risqué style? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the gallery above so that you can steal her style.

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Fashion rebel Daphne Guinness doesn’t dress for “effect”

By emilyborrett on August 2nd, 2011

Daphne isn't exactly shy and retiring when it comes to daring fashionThe right honourable and extremely fabulous Daphne Guinness has spoken out about her quirky and dramatic style, insisting that she doesn’t put that much thought into her outfits at all.

The silver-haired femme fatale is well-known for her gothic, European sense of style, often opting for nipped-in skirt suits and extravagant millinery for a look that never disappoints. But Daphne hates the the misconception that she spends hours planning each outfit, and doesn’t like the term “eccentric” when it comes to describing her style.

The millionaire and artist explained: “The more you concentrate on something, the more it shows. I can’t get dressed if I think about it too much. I don’t dress for effect, and I think that it never works out when someone does.”

She said on the matter of her style being deemed “eccentric”, “I truly hate the word. I’m actually very grounded. Also, eccentrics are almost asexual, and that is not something you can say of me, by any means.” Certainly not – we think Daphne is extremely sexy, in a Cruella De Vil kind of way.

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“Glee” star Dianna Agron is a huge fan of her shorter hair

By emilyborrett on August 1st, 2011

There seems to be a flux of famous women opting for cropped hair recently, and Glee actress Dianna Agron is no exception. While she actually went for the chop a while ago in May, she’s in no hurry to grow her hair back again, claiming that she absolutely loves having short hair and far prefers it to her longer blonde locks.

Dianna said on the change, “I’ve probably cut and trimmed it six times and it’s changing slightly every time but I love it. I’d been dying to cut my hair for so long.”

But who knows whether she’ll be allowed to appear on screen with her new shorter ‘do when she reprises her role of Quinn on the Glee show, or have to wear a wig to recreate Quinn’s traditional cheerleader look.

We absolutely love that so many stars are opting to cut off their hair to wear it in much shorter styles – who says you need to be wearing a five hundred pound’s worth of extensions to be feminine and beautiful?

What do you think of Dianna’s new hair – do you think she looked better with longer hair or do you prefer her shorter cut? Comment below and let us know.

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Florence Welch wants to design her own fashion line

By emilyborrett on August 1st, 2011

Florence is well known for her eccentric and dramatic sense of style, which draws a lot of inspiration from vintage

Majorly exciting news!  The flame-haired music diva Florence Welch, who is known for her quirky and dramatic sense of style, is planning to design her own affordable clothing line as a collaborative effort with the stylist Aldene Johnson.

The singer has been topping the best-dressed rankings for the past couple of years, so it would be incredibly exciting to see Ms Welch embark upon a fashion project. A source revealed that Florence has been inspired by Kate Moss’ previous collaborations with Topshop taking inspiration from the model’s wardrobe, and is looking to do the same herself.

The source said, “She has thousands of unique pieces, everything from vintage gowns to garments she’s been given by Karl Lagerfeld, and would love to work with Aldene to create a line inspired by her wardrobe, like Kate Moss did.”

God, we’re excited. Get a move on, Flo – we are ABSOLUTELY DYING to see what you come up with.

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As Alexa Chung and Alex Turner announce their split, we look over their style file as a couple

By emilyborrett on August 1st, 2011

Alexa has slouchy dressing down to a fine art in this dungarees/shirt combination and Alex looked cool and understated in this simple jersey top with skinny jeans

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If you’re like us you were sad and surprised to read today that UK super-couple Alexa Chung and Alex Turner have ended their four-year relationship (they seemed so happy!), so we are paying tribute to the end of their relationship the only way we know how – a style spotlight on one of the past ten years’ best-dressed couples. After all,we’re talking about Alexa and Alex here!

From the time that they first got together, Alexa and Alex were always right at the top of our style radar, rocking a his and hers blend of indie and Britpop style, jazzed up with a little bit of Alexa’s fashion know-how and magic.

It’s sad news, but they’re both very beautiful, popular and talented, so it will be interesting to see what happens to the pair next. Check out the gallery above for our countdown of our favourite looks from one of the coolest couples from the UK.

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Spotted: Jaime Winstone, Gizzi Erksine, Lady Gaga, Daisy Lowe and more

By emilyborrett on August 1st, 2011

Glamorous chef Gizzi Erskine was festival perfection this weekend at Bestival in a sweet playsuit and beehive

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It’s been an excellent few days for celebrity-spying as there have been festivals, premières and photo-calls galore. While some of us have been sleeping off our holiday excesses and stressing about our depleted bank balances (thank you Summer, you most expensive of the seasons), our favourite celebs have been up and at it.

Our favourite celebrity chef Gizzi Erskine, who is infinitely more beautiful and fashionable than the likes of Gordon Ramsay or Heston Blumenthal, was spotted at Bestival this weekend looking like vintage perfection outside her Tiki Lounge in an adorable playsuit with her trademark beehive and some quirky pineapple-shaped sunglasses. This is playful fashion at it’s best – we’ll be keeping a close eye on Gizzi from now on.

Meanwhile, back in the Big Smoke, a fashion happening was going on at the unveiling of Pearl Lowe’s new 1920s-inspired collection for Peacocks. Pearl’s feline daughter, Daisy, was there modelling one of the creations, a wine-coloured velvet dress with a beautiful crochet collar. We can’t wait for this lot to go on sale.

There was also a party honouring the launch of a new book on hip-hop going on at the Red Bull studios in London, where Kelly Brook was spotted there looking healthy and happy in a brilliantly-white midi dress with matching heels. As well as Kelly, T4 presenter Jameela Jamil rocked up in a cool zipped corset top teamed up with primrose-yellow hotpants and chunky gothic accessories.

At the ICA in London, celebrities showed up to the screening of new indie-flick Our Day Will Come – Jaime Winstone and designer Pam Hogg turned up flaunting their London street-style credentials in clashing prints and tailoring, as did girl rapper M.I.A. in a huge black biker jacket with a slouchy denim shirt.

At a photocall in Berlin, the Black Swan actress Mila Kunis was photographed smiling like the cat got the cream besides heart-throb Justin Timberlake in a rose-pink silk cocktail dress.

It was all go for the paparazzis across the pond as well, as popstrel Lady Gaga was seen leaving the infamous celeb hangout Chateau Marmont dressed up to the nines as usual in a clinging black dress split up the front with a plunging neckline, with gleaming PVC ankle boots. Someone’s already embracing the Autumn/Winter fetish trend!

In Los Angeles, Freida Pinto was seen at the première of her new film “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”  wearing an emerald-green maxi dress. She looked absolutely stunning, but then she’d look good in a bin-bag.

Check out our gallery to see the best-dressed celebrities from the past few days.

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