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Best dressed of the fortnight: January Jones, Pippa Middleton and Rihanna

By Andrea Petrou on June 1st, 2011

January Jones

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Goes for a rouched frock which skims her baby bump at the X Men premier Ariel Ramerez/PA Images

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Daisy Lowe wore a dress every day for six months.

By Andrea Petrou on June 1st, 2011

Daisy Lowe wore a dress every day for six months.

The British model felt guilty for spending £2,200 on a Gareth Pugh dress so felt the only way to justify its high price tag was to get as much wear out of it as possible.

She explained: “My most extravagant purchase was my Gareth Pugh dress I wore to an awards ceremony.

“It was £3,000. I got a 20 per cent discount and I also DJ-ed for a Brown’s party to get some more money off and it was still £2,200!

“I felt so bad I had to wear it every day for six months for at least five minutes.”

Despite her expensive gown, Daisy loves to save money by shopping at discount high street store Primark and taking clothes from her mother Pearl Lowe’s wardrobe.

Asked if she borrows Pearl’s clothes, she told Closer magazine: “Yes, massively so. She’s such a great collector of vintage clothes. She gets really p***ed off but she’s started to wear more of my clothes now.

“I think the British high street is really good. Topshop is the main one because there’s always something for everyone’s shape and size.

“I love Primark. I think it’s amazing. My godmother is a real patron of Primark – she’s been going there since before it was cool.”

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Star style spotlight: Jessie Wallace

By Andrea Petrou on June 1st, 2011

Our favourite Eastender’s lady made us all very happy when she tumbled back onto Albert Square last year. Not only because she bought along Alfie (or Shane Ritchie) but also because it gave us a chance to laugh at the garish Kat Slater fashions.

And there was an extra treat with Kat being heavily pregnant meaning leopard print skirts and dresses were stretched across a big bump, while bodycon frocks also made an appearance – I actually have one of these maternity numbers shoved at the back of the wardrobe because my OH cast similarities between myself and this soapstar when I proudly modelled it.
However, off screen actress Jessie Wallace is completely different to her fiendish fashion character, opting for long elegant or girly frocks.

She’s a fan of the 50s and Grecian style looks, as well as skyscraper heels. Off the red carpet Jessie is a casual girl at heart with a love of denim and on-trend biker chic – perhaps I’ll go for this look once my bump arrives.

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Style icon spotlight: Jane Birkin

By emilyborrett on May 31st, 2011

Jane looked like true rock and roll royalty in a simple micro-minidress and a seventies pendant. This is one girl that didn't ever have to try to look good

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We’ve all been going mad here at ShinyStyle for the seventies and boho trends over the last few weeks, so it seems only fair to pay tribute to one of the trend’s most important icons, Jane Birkin. The actress and singer was right in the middle of it all through the late sixties and seventies and was one of that period’s most well-remembered and well-dressed women.

The then-lover and collaborator of French lothario Serge Gainsbourg, and an impressive film actress, everyone wanted a piece of her. It’s no wonder that Hermes designed a bag in her name in 1984.

You know that you’re obviously a big deal when women like Kate Moss are citing you as one of their main style inspirations. When you look at photos of Jane from the period which she is so famous for, she embodies the laid-back cool hippy spirit of that time: bare feet, scruffy hair, denim and floaty prints which are – surprise surprise – all parts of pretty much the  coolest trend right now.

In celebration of Jane Birkin, retro style and all things seventies, we’ve put together a gallery with some of the actress’ best looks and pieces on the high street to recreate them. Aren’t we good to you, readers?

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Kate Moss hires Testino for wedding pictures

By Andrea Petrou on May 31st, 2011

Kate Moss has hired Mario Testino to be her official wedding photographer.

The 37-year-old supermodel is set to tie the knot with Kills rocker Jamie Hince on July 2 and has asked the acclaimed fashion photographer – who she has worked with for almost 20 years, most recently for a near-naked photoshoot for Brazil’s Vogue magazine – to take pictures at the ceremony and reception.

Mario – who took the official engagement portraits of Prince William and his now-wife Princess Catherine – told iPad newspaper The Daily he wants to “capture the happiness that Kate is going through at the moment.”

Among the moments the photographer could be capturing at the wedding reception is a spectacular performance from legendary singer Dame Shirley Bassey after Kate asked her friend if she would provide the entertainment for guests at the reception.

A source said recently: “Kate wanted high-end glamour and good old-fashioned entertainment, and Dame Shirley was the perfect choice. She agreed to play the gig immediately and Kate can’t wait for the big day. It will be a real highlight.”

It was recently claimed that Kate – who has an eight-year-old daughter, Lila Grace, with ex-boyfriend Jefferson Hack – is planning to turn her wedding into a “small festival”, with the celebrations set to continue for several days.

A source said: “Kate wants it to be a party to remember and like a small festival.

“She doesn’t want her guests to leave for days so she’s making sure there is plenty of food and entertainment. It’s a no-expense spared do – thought most of her budget will probably go on alcohol.”

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Cheryl Cole out of UK X Factor – We look at her US and UK X Factor style

By Andrea Petrou on May 31st, 2011

In polk dots for the US Factor auditions

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Cindy Barrymore/ABACA USA

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Hot accessory alert: Turbans

By emilyborrett on May 31st, 2011

Nicole sporting a classic Diane Von Fustenberg turban in March for a UK telly appearance

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Vintage glamour has been on our mind ever since ex-Pussycat Doll and femme fatale Nicole Sherzinger was spotted in March wearing a pale mustard-coloured turban (pictured above) for an appearance on Loose Women. It was a brave fashion choice for the singer, who normally sticks with her fail-safe ultra-sexy Herve Leger dresses and heels, but we think it paid off. With a face as smoking hot and sultry and Nicole’s, she looked more glamorous than ever.

Other stars have showed their love for the turban-wrap accessory as well recently; the Olsen twins have been spotted teaming silk black ones with tough leather, flowing black chiffon and lace for a dramatic evening look that has ensured their positions at the top of the fashion-pack further. And well, if the Olsen babes are doing it then we want to as well. Lover of all things vintage Paloma Faith also has a fondness for her silk head-wraps, going all-out with scarlet ones to set off her stage ensembles of leopard-printed wiggle dresses and flame-coloured lipsticks.

If you want to get in on this sumptuous 1930s-inspired fashion action, we’ve got a gallery above for you with our favourite ones available online (including an actual Diane Von Fustenberg turban which will only set you back forty pounds and is an absolute classic – that lady is so good to us!). Check it out above.

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen deliberately distance themselves from celebrity brands.

By Andrea Petrou on May 31st, 2011

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen deliberately distance themselves from celebrity brands.

The twins – who rose to fame as young children appearing in TV and film stars – have not used their faces or names to promote their fashion brand, The Row as they don’t want it to be labelled a celebrity clothing line.

Mary-Kate said: “We were aware of [the growing trend of] celebrity brands. We were trying to get away from that because we’d already done it with Wal-Mart, and we did it well. We’d been there, we’d done that.”

Ashley, 24, was also adamant about moving the focus away from her and her sister with The Row, so that the focus would solely be on the work they produce.

She added to “I was looking at it as I’m switching careers. I’m no longer going by my face. Who knows what I’ll do in the future, if I act again or if I don’t? My point at the moment was, I’m literally disappearing.

“I’m not going to be in front of the camera. I want to do something created with my hands and with my thoughts. It wasn’t about being a face. It was about being able to create something.”

Mary-Kate has not ruled out ever returning to acting however, saying: “Right now we don’t have the time. I was thinking about this recently. We don’t use that form of expression anymore. But it’s still ingrained in us.”

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Fashion Face Off: Pippa Middleton vs Chelsy Davy

By Andrea Petrou on May 31st, 2011

Chelsy in casual chic

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Anthony Jones/UK Press

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Lady Gaga a design inspiration

By Andrea Petrou on May 31st, 2011

Lady Gaga is a creative “inspiration” according to the Polaroid chairman.

The eccentric singer was named as creative director of the company last year and while the appointment was greeted with disbelief in some areas, chairman Bobbie Sager believes the products Gaga has worked on – including the GL20 camera sunglasses which can take videos and play them back as you wear them – show it was a wide decision to bring her on board.

He said: “For the 21st century, you can’t just think out of the box. You have to crush the box. That’s where Lady Gaga comes in. She’s not just a spokeswoman. She’s the creative director. On any of these products, she’s the inspiration and she’s been in several long technical meetings.”

Along with designing sunglasses, Gaga also has plans to release her own range of fragrances in 2012 after signing a deal with cosmetics firm Coty Inc. last year and even hopes to design her own clothing collection.

She said: “I can’t wait to do my own line. It’s definitely something I want to do in the next year, as I do have my own style. I’m already talking to my boy Akon about it.”

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was told to lose weight by fashion bosses when she first became a model.

By Andrea Petrou on May 31st, 2011

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was told to lose weight by fashion bosses when she first became a model.

The stunning 24-year-old model and actress has never worried about her weight and was shocked when she was advised to work out if she wanted to succeed in her chosen career.

She said: “I can’t remember a time where I really battled with my body, but I can remember being asked to lose weight and battling with the advice.

“It hurt me. Especially as my baby fat naturally melted away as I got older.

“When I started out, I was definitely heavier. I was quite voluptuous in fact. I had a real baby face and baby fat.

“But I was a baby! I was told I had to get into better shape, but I’m quite stubborn so I didn’t.”

Although Rosie admitted she now loves working out she claims she does so for energy rather than to stay in shape.

She told Britain’s Elle magazine: “I don’t just work out to stay slim, I work out because it takes a lot to be on a plane and be jet-lagged all the time. Same with being on a film set for months.”

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Cheryl Cole loves big hair

By Andrea Petrou on May 31st, 2011

Cheryl Cole feels “close to heaven” when she has big hair.

The ousted US ‘X Factor’ judge – who has been sensationally dropped from the pop star search show – caused a stir with her bouffant locks at the first auditions earlier this month but despite criticism for her look, the British beauty insists she was pleased with her appearance on the day.

She said: “I love that style. I felt really glamorous with it.

“The bigger the better I always say – the higher the hair, the closer to heaven. I can do it myself after all these years of practice.”

As well as doing her own hair, Cheryl also grooms her eyebrows herself, admitting she has to do so often because she is naturally dark-haired.

She added to LOOK magazine: “I always do my eyebrows myself, plucking and shaping them. I have to keep on top of them – I can’t really grow them out so that I can get them done professionally because I’m on TV. I’m dark and the hairs really show.”

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Spotted at sporting events: Pippa Middleton, Bar Rafaeli and Nicole Scherzinger

By Andrea Petrou on May 31st, 2011

Pippa Middleton

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Pippa looks hot in a block colour frock with floral print skirt detailing Orban Thierry/ABACA/Press Association Images

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Style spotlight: Kirsten Dunst

By emilyborrett on May 30th, 2011

Radiant in silver-and-chiffon Chanel at the recent Cannes film festival. We think Dunst outshone so many of the other stars there!

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How did we ever let the actress Kirsten Dunst slip off our radar? Once one of the best-dressed festival-goers, up there amongst the Siennas and Kates with her Ray-Bans and slouchy laid-back outfits, she’s been a little more low-profile of late. But the angel-faced actress has exploded back into our consciousness since her sartorial appearances at this May’s Cannes film festival, during which she dazzled us with a particularly incredible tiered Chanel gown. Oh yeah, and she also won “Best Actress” for her role in her new film Melancholia. Basically, the girl is back and she has more game than ever.

Far from some of her less sophisticatedly-dressed Hollywood counterparts, Kirsten has spurned minidresses and huge hair for understated elegance, opting for floaty midi-dresses and beautifully delicate-feminine fabrics that compliment her fairy-like good looks perfectly. Her whole easy style and demeanour says to us “I have never once accidentally showed a paparazzi my pants”. And that’s a style that us hopeless norms should probably try a little harder to emulate.

Check out the gallery of our favourite 2011 Kirsten looks and comment on the gallery below to let us know that you think of the actress’ style.

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Friday fashion face-off: Miranda Kerr vs Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

By Andrea Petrou on May 27th, 2011

Rosie steps out in dark pink

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AP Photo/Jennifer Graylock

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