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10 under £10: Last minute Christmas presents for her

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 18th, 2012

Initial cotton shopper - £8

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A gift that is so simple yet seems so personal. Get it from Urban Outfitters.

You might be feeling like you’ve got Christmas under control this year: you’ve planned all of the meals; the Christmas cards have been sent off; and you’ve bought all of the presents – and it’s still a week to go. Or so you thought. How many times haven’t you been caught out by that lovely friend who you thought you had an unspoken agreement with to not by presents, who surprises you with a ‘just something little’ a few days before the holidays are here.

If you’re facing having to dash to the shops at the last minute, we thought we’d take a look at what is out there so that you don’t have to run around like a headless chicken with no idea of what to get her. Take a look at our selection in the gallery above.

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25 Christmas gifts women want

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 7th, 2012

The other day we wrote about five Christmas gifts women don’t want, in hope that boyfriends, fiancés and husbands out there might realise that Crocs are DEFINITELY NOT on our list of fashionable things. Now that we told you what we don’t want, we only thought if fair to drop more than a subtle hint about what women (OK us) absolutely love to find nicely wrapped under the Christmas tree. After all it can be difficult know what to get the super cool, kinda geeky, utterly adorable, sometimes naughty, very hot, hysterically funny lady in your life.

Here are our top 25 Christmas gift choices for her this year.

De' Longhi Vintage Coffee Machine

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Which better way to start every new day for the rest of one’s life (or until the machine breaks or you upgrade) than by making a fresh cup of coffee? Available from John Lewis for £189.95.

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Five Christmas gifts women don’t want

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 5th, 2012

Each December we can’t open a magazine or look at a website without being met with ideas of what to get our boyfriend/sister/mum/cat for Christmas. We love the Christmas gift guides and they have saved us on more than one occasion in the past And they’re great for people who are clueless of what makes a good gift.

For many of us Christmas presents are not about things that are useful and that we actually need, but more about the things we want or didn’t even know we wanted but will be super-excited to have once we’ve ripped off that wrapping paper. Now you might be already surrounded by great gift givers (lucky you!) but what about those of us who aren’t? We approach the festive period with dread as to what might find its way under the tree, just waiting for our Oscar worthy ‘Oh you shouldn’t have. That is lovely!’ speech.

We’ve had a good think and put together a little list of five things us fashion-conscious, beauty obsessed women would like to NOT end up under our Christmas tree this year. Oh and just in case you’re a boyfriend or husband looking for what to get your missus and think any of these no-go Christmas gifts are fantastic we’ve included a link to where to find them.

Cute soft plush toys

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Yes we might be obsessed with internet cats, giant pandas and all the cuteness in the world. But we're not six years old so a plush toy in any shape or form - not even if it is Boo - should find its way to our Christmas present loot. Also where would we keep them? A woman who keeps cuddly teddy bears on her bed isn't remotely sexy surely. NEXT!


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Christmas gift ideas for her: Katie’s Boutique PJs from Store TwentyOne

By Andrea Petrou on November 24th, 2011

Buying a Christmas pressie for your BFF can be hard work, especially if she’s a gal who has it all. That’s why we heart this new PJ range by Katie Price for bargain store Store TwentyOne.

The collection – Katie’s Boutique takes us way back to those girly sleepovers with a range of onesies, racer back vests and little vests. There’s also a cute PJ playsuit, which will win over any night time fashionista.

See our top five picks below.

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eBay launches Christmas boutique with QR code shopping

By shinychris on November 24th, 2011

ebay-image.jpgOver the past few years we’ve seen QR codeseverywhere, on foodclothes and evengravestones. Yes, we said gravestones.

Well this Christmas, we’ll be seeing hundreds of them on all kinds of clothes, gifts and furniture items, as online marketplace eBay intends to use them to make shopping even easier in its festive pop-up shop.

The brand is launching a new Christmas boutique in London at the beginning of December, which aims to give stressed shoppers the best of both worlds, the in-store browsing experience with the selection, deals and distinct lack of queuing we’ve become accustomed to online.

The new boutique will stock a range of items and each will have its own unique QR code. Shoppers then use their phones to scan these QR codes to buy without the fuss, queuing, tills and even bags, because once you’ve purchased something it’ll get delivered straight to your door. Goodbye awkward tube journey with 5,487,823 bags and no air!

eBay’s new shopping concept seems like a brilliant idea, it gives us peace of mind that the items we’re buying actually look good in real life and it’s popping up (sorry) just in time for Christmas. However, just like buying things with a store card sometimes doesn’t feel real, buying things by swiping your phone around like you’re a little kid playing shop might not seem real too, so be careful you don’t overdo it.

Via ShinyShiny.

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Christmas gift ideas for her: Marylin Monroe inspired jewellery pieces from QVC

By Andrea Petrou on November 23rd, 2011

Marylin Monroe madness has hit the fashion world thanks to new film “My Week with Marylin”. However, as we said yesterday, we don’t really need an excuse to pay homage to the queen of classic Hollywood glamour.
If you’re stuck for Christmas gift ideas for your mum or BFF then why not consider a piece of costume jewellery inspired by the style icon.

We heart these great items from QVC which embody everything about Marylin’s style, from diamond cocktail rings to beaded necklaces to wrist watches. And what’s more they also give a nod to the vintage look, which of course is hot right now.

See our gallery below for our pick of gift ideas from this collection.

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Lady Gaga turns her hand to designing limited edition gifts for Barneys

By emilyborrett on August 16th, 2011

We desperately want to get a flight to New York this Christmas, because we’ve just heard that Lady Gaga is collaborating with her BFF Nicola Formichetti to design a range of limited edition gifts for Barney’s department store.

The seasonal campaign, titled “Gaga’s Workshop”, will be taking over the fifth floor men’s department in November, turning the area into Gaga’s very own bizarre Christmas wonderland.

The gifts that will be on sale include sweets, toys, candles, cosmetics and jewellery made entirely out of rock candy, as well as Gaga-curated books and CDs. Barney’s chief exec, Mark Lee, spoke out about the new collaboration: “Holiday is about joy, sharing and inclusiveness, and to me, Gaga really represents all of that. Her platform is so much about positivity, individuality and universality in a very today way.”

He continued, “There are a lot of things for fans of all ages, for kids and kids at heart. I think our existing and new customers will find fun things to share and give as gifts in a lighthearted and not so serious way.”

We actually cannot wait to see what Lady Gaga’s take on the holiday season will be. Get us to NYC in time for Christmas!

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Christmas shopping celebrities: Rihanna, Katie Holmes and Kate Bosworth

By Andrea Petrou on December 23rd, 2010

Chunky knit Christmas jumper

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Keep warm with this chunky knit Christmas jumper from New Look

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Christmas gifts for…that friend who is always late

By Andrea Petrou on December 16th, 2010

Pop crystal hot pink watch

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Ensure your mate is fashionably on time with this cute pink watch from Storm

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Gift ideas for…. your house-proud friend

By Andrea Petrou on December 15th, 2010

By Emily Borrett.

Carrying on with the gift galleries that we’re doing  in the run-up to Christmas (10 days left!), I really wanted to do one on homewares. Ever since a Christmas shopping trip to Liberty in Carnaby Street on Sunday, I’ve been haunted with images of teapots, rugs, furniture and mirrors that I will never in this lifetime be able to afford. With programmes like Kirstie’s Homemade Home on our screens at the moment, it’s never been cooler to get into interiors and making our homes special.

And so, in honour of interior-lovers everywhere (please get in touch, I’m lonely), here’s a gallery with some of the best Christmas buys for that person in your life that likes making their home beautiful. To see my favourites, check the gallery below.

Whittard Logo Teapot

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Whittard of Chelsea is one of the most iconic names associated with British tea-drinking everywhere, and this teapot will be a beautiful piece for anyone's kitchen.

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Christmas gifts for your…Quintessentially British friend

By Andrea Petrou on December 14th, 2010

Cupcake mug

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Give your friend a sweet treat with this mug from New Look

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Christmas gifts for your…cupcake loving friend

By Andrea Petrou on December 10th, 2010

Cupcake apron

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Be a cupcake goddess in the kitchen with this cute apron from Store Twenty One

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Christmas gifts for your…leopard print loving friend

By Andrea Petrou on December 7th, 2010

Leopard print bag

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Defs one for your BFF, this leopard print bag will blow the budget but make her smile. Get it now from Asos

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Christmas gifts for your…Cartoon and comic crazy friend

By Andrea Petrou on December 6th, 2010

Comic watch

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You're friend will have a great time with this comic print watch from Asos

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Christmas gifts for him…and you

By Andrea Petrou on December 3rd, 2010


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Go for cute and girly with this set from Knickerbox

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