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Wardrobe stories: The fairy dress

By Daisy Buchanan on May 2nd, 2013

Shiny fairy 691817_74668070

To fully explain my feelings about fashion, first I must tell you about my mother.

For Mum, the seventies weren’t sexy, the eighties weren’t excessive and the nineties were about shielding one end of the family from their own raging, surging oestrogen levels and the other from their own baby sick. She grew up in an era when we were reacting to the structured, the rule based, the shaped. She was born to go braless, to wear jeans (because they help you move faster), and I think she had to be persuaded to wear make up on her own wedding day.

Perhaps because of her Catholicism, and the idea that vanity is sinful and sexiness is worse, Mum seemed to be born not to care about clothes. Also, she did a lot of her growing up when Thatcher was on the throne and money was tighter than Britney’s cervix circa 1999. And she arrived at the tail end of a big, boisterous family, and her confidence took a little while to blossom because, had she chosen to wear clashing clogs and look-at-me-neon, her brothers would have made her life insufferable.

Then she got married and birthed a daughter who seemed to share genetic make up with Ru Paul and Lolo Ferrari – not with her.

I believe every mother who claims they tried and failed to ban Barbie, because I was that kid. I pouted and strutted like a tiny version of Emily Howard, the Little Britain transvestite, in a hot pink cardie, pale pink tights, a fuchsia frock with my M&S vest over the top, because it had lace on and was embroidered with pink top hats. (My younger sister had the ‘seahorse with the sparkly eye’ vest – I was too big for it, and I hated her for it.) They either had yet to invent tiny plastic pretend heels, or I was forbidden from wearing them for mysterious reasons of ‘suitability’. Either way, I popped a couple of Brio building blocks down each socks and staggered on, just like a grown up.

At four, I was entirely secure in my own aesthetic. I knew what I liked, and I never wavered. And what I really liked was fairies.

Tinkerbell, who has dispensed with her fairy dress and is now wearing a fairy bathing suit.

Tinkerbell, who has dispensed with her fairy dress and is now wearing a fairy bathing suit.

Admittedly, it was probably Tinkerbell lighting up the Buena Vista logo with her wand that did it. But then, Tinkerbell was more promising a proposition than Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel. I had no interest in being a princess. It was obvious they were just fancy WAGs. Palaces were places where one had to keep one’s bedroom tidy. Handsome princes would invariably grow up to become arsey, put upon Kings. So Menalaus nagged and Helen cried. Even the kit was a bit whevs. Crowns looked heavy, and you couldn’t run around in a crinoline. Fairies dressed for comfort and speed. They wore clothes to make and break rules in, because they could do anything. To wish to be a fairy is to wish for infinity wishes. And so I wished for a fairy dress.

I put my order in early. “So, Mummy, I was thinking that maybe Santa could bring me a fairy dress at Christmas?” This was August ’89, and ninety degrees in the shade.

“Darling” replied my mother, thinking quickly, “I’m not sure Santa can get those. You probably have to actually be a fairy,” (My lip wobbled and I blinked defiantly) “which I’m sure you will be, if you keep practising, but for some fairies it takes years and years. Why not ask Father Christmas for a nice…” she looked around wildly “paddling pool?”

There was no more talk of fairy dresses. But I practised very hard, and when I shut my eyes before I went to sleep at night, I saw a vision of pink ribbon and tulle. Something for jumping and soaring. A spell casting dress.

The heat shimmered and faded, autumn’s crunch came and gave way to wintry Radio Times covers and hot chocolate, not milk, before bed. I had a dim idea that Christmas was coming, and it was so exciting I didn’t know what to be excited about first. Nan and Grandpa were on their way! The Snowman was on telly! We were getting fish and chips! (I was given a battered sausage and told the crunchy part was essentially a giant Quaver. It wasn’t.)

On Christmas morning, I woke to a stocking full of promise. I decided the giant tube of Smarties would double as a wand, and was possibly a message from Santa – he was saying ‘hang on in there, kid’. I also acquired a pink parasol for my tiny drag act, an enormous encyclopedia and a Tinkerbell make up set – fairy endorsed. I set about applying pink lipstick to my chin until my father suggested I might like to read my encyclopedia.

It was a great day. There were plenty of presents, dinner was delicious and nobody wet themselves. It wasn’t until the evening, when I was starting to get sleepy, that Mum smiled and told me about the gift Santa couldn’t fit in my stocking.

She produced two boxes – one for me, and one for my younger, seahorse vest wearing sister. And we pulled out two dresses – visions of pink ribbon and tulle. Proof. Proof of glorious, unpredictable magic. Proof we were worthy of the powers those dresses would bestow upon us.

Looking back, I know the dresses were proof of a love even more potent than magic. Mum, who was taking care of a very young family, running a household and hated sewing even more than she disliked clothes and vanity, had been staying up, sometimes sitting in the dark when everyone else had gone to bed, stitching and cutting and pricking her fingers, because she wanted her daughters to believe in something mysterious and amazing.

I’ve spent my adult life searching for another fairy dress. Something to make me feel equal parts powerful and pretty, that I can jump and soar in. But then, maybe I don’t need a specific frock. Perhaps the fact someone loves me enough to have once made me one is what transforms all my dresses into fairy dresses.

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Merry Christmas Kardashian style: Kim Kardashian tweets family Christmas card 2012

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 20th, 2012

Photo: (C) Nick Saglimbeni 2012

We’ve all seen them: the family Christmas cards with smiling babies, cute kittens, and sometimes just horrible jumpers that no-one on this planet should have to see.  The Kardashian’s have been keeping up the tradition of an annual Christmas card for years (you can see them all here), and this December is no exception.

The  2012 festive photo sees the complete Kardashian family – including Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kendall – all dressed in white with balloons and bubbles, as well as tragic kitten Mercy, which had to be put down not long ago due to an incurable virus.

Say what you like about this year’s Kardashian Christmas card photo. But at least it is an improvement from previous years which have seen the clan look like the Adams family while attempting to do Old Hollywood glamour and a David Hasselhoff tribute act.

[via Daily Mail]

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Topshop Christmas 2012 collection

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 17th, 2012

It’s definitely set to be a colourful and alternative Christmas if Topshop has its way. The British retailer’s Christmas 2012 collection channels an ‘alternative chic’ style, with lots of mix-n-match when it comes to patterns, fabrics and colours.

Which look do you prefer? Think we’re leaning towards the black and gold Gothic look…

Topshop 2012 Christmas Collection

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Six men’s Cashmere jumpers for under £100, Nordic sweaters for the winter and the 12 most iconic rock and roll band t-shirts of all time

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 27th, 2012

If you’re starting to feel the dread of Christmas looming and you’ve got no idea of what to buy your boyfriend/brother/father, why not take a look at our brother site Brandish for inspiration. A selection of the things they’ve looked at recently include: cheap(ish) Cashmere jumpers for men, the 12 most iconic rock and roll band t-shirts of all time, 10 men’s trophy jumpers and retro gadgets the man in your life might like to own.

But if you, like us, would much more like to invest in your own wardrobe with some chunky knits, check out our round-up of the best women’s Nordic and Fair Isle jumpers out there or the jumpers Scandi crime queen Sarah Lund would kill to get her hands on (in our opinion). And if you’ve got the date for the Christmas party in your diary take a look at our favourite red dresses and the best LBDs this season to ensure all eyes will be on you.

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New Year’s Eve Christmas party outfit celebrity inspiration: Victoria Beckham

By Andrea Petrou on December 21st, 2011

Victoria Beckham has become a huge style icon over the past few years thanks to her fashion sense and design talents so who better than the lady herself to give us some inspiration for that perfect party dress.

Throughout 2011 the singer turned designer has wowed with some stunning syles, which have rapidly been copied on the highstreet. For a smart black tie New Year’s Eve party why not go for a long black dress similar to the one worn by Posh at the British Fashion Awards or play it down with a shorter rouched number.

If black isn’t your thing then take a leaf out of Ms Beckham’s colour book and go for red or a more subtle nude for that perfect party look.

See the gallery below for all the Victoria Beckham party inspiration.

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ShinyStyle loves: Primark dress collection for Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties

By Andrea Petrou on December 20th, 2011

There’s mere days until Christmas and New Year’s Eve and we can’t wait. But we’re also getting quite anxious about that perfect party outfit.

Thankfully if you’re on a budget Primark has some great dresses perfect for the party season.

Pick from a bodycon dress or go for one of this season’s hottest trends – animal print.

And the best bit about this collection? If you can’t decide which frock to get you can afford to buy them all.

See below for our top five.

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Christmas and New Year’s Eve party outfit ideas: The Jumpsuit

By Andrea Petrou on December 20th, 2011

If a dress or skirt isn’t your cup of tea then why not give a nod to the seventies this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Take inspiration from the Studio 54 look and go for a black flared number or play it simple and sophisticated with a haterneck all in one.

Those wishing to add some sparkle to the party can opt for sequined numbers, which are hot on the highstreet this year, while prints will also ensure you stay bang on-trend at that Christmas or New Year’s Eve party.

See the gallery below for our top five.

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Designer New Year’s eve outfit inspiration: Snake Print

By Andrea Petrou on December 19th, 2011

Love it or loathe it snakeprint has slithered from associations with Scary Spice and  ‘Ender’s Kat Slater into this season, making it one of the hottest trends to be seen it.

Prada showcased this print in its AW 2011 catwalk in the shape of shoes, plastic garish coats mixed with fur, while Chloe showed off something that little bit more subtle with this trend appearing in floaty chiffon frocks.

Go for the bright look – we’re talking pinks, blues and oranges – shown at Angelo Marani, keep it subtle with creams or go all out with 70s inspired snakeprint trousers.

Whatever you choose you’ll be bang on this season’s trend.

See the gallery below for all the designer inspiration.

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Christmas party outfits: Top five bodycon dresses

By Andrea Petrou on December 15th, 2011

If you want to make an entrance at that New Year’s Eve or Christmas party then look no further than the bodycon frock.

Inspired by Herve Leger’s bandage dress, this style is as versatile as they come and the highstreet is covered in a range of different styles.

Go for this year’s panelled look or keep it festive with a red or green hue. Add some lace for a gothic feel or stick to a simple black dress in this style for a classic yet modern look.

Those feeling extra Christmassy can also opt for sequins ensuring they sparkle at this year’s parties.

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Red carpet Christmas outfit inspiration: Rooney Mara at the Girl with the Daragon Tattoo premiere and all the style from the Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol premiere

By Andrea Petrou on December 14th, 2011

When we’re having an “I don’t know what to wear” moment one of the places we’ll have a sneaky look at is red carpet events.

They are, afterall, a mecca for best dressed celebrities who have often been given top styling advice.

If you’re still stuck with what to wear to a smart Christmas party or for New Years eve then why not take some inspiration from girl of the moment Rooney Mara who went for a stunning white fishtail frock at the London premiere of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo?

If that’s a little bit too much then Caprice showed how  effective a simple red strapless dress could be at the Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, while Talula also showed how faux fur can be stylish and keep you snug at the same event.

See the gallery below for more inspiration.

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Christmas party hair inspiration: The ponytail

By Andrea Petrou on December 12th, 2011

Calvin Klein

Picture 1 of 6

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Celebrity inspired Christmas trends: Loose curls as seen on Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton and Bridget Bardot

By Andrea Petrou on December 8th, 2011

You’ve got the frock, know what make-up look you’re going for, but what about that all important hairstyle for the Christmas party?

If you’re not too keen on an updo why not take inspiration from the latest celebrity red carpet looks and go for loose Christmas curls.

Inspired by style icon Bridget Bardot, this look has recently been channelled by the likes of Victoria Beckham, Kelly Brook and of course Kate Middleton. And it’s also very simple to achieve.

Split hair into sections, grab the curling tongs or heated rollers and set with hairspray. For extra volume gently backcomb roots.

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Top five metallic dresses for the Christmas party season

By Andrea Petrou on December 7th, 2011

As we pointed out in our last post, metallics were hot on the AW 2011 catwalks. Balmain bought us the blazer, while Stella McCartney showed metallic pieces in sporty silhouettes, which is great news for the ladies who aren’t as girly as some.

And of course the highstreet is packed full of these sparkly lovelies, which brighten up any style, just in time for the Christmas party season.

Go for a simple tunic dress for a casual work party or go all out with a fierce bodycon number. If you’re not too keen on showing off those pins then there’s also a great range of metallic tees, which look great teamed up with shinny jeans.

See our top five picks in the gallery below.

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Designer trend inspiration for the Christmas party season: Metallics

By Andrea Petrou on December 7th, 2011

What better way to stand out at that Christmas party than with a little metallic number.
Gold and silver fabrics were hot on the aw 2011catwalks with designers such as Balmain and Vivienne Westwood fashioning them into jackets and others such as Stella McCartney going for this fabric in frocks.
To get the look just right this season, let metallics take centre stage and keep accessories minimal. Team up blazers with skinny black jeans and a plain t-shirt for a simple yet affective look.

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Top five glitter heels for the Christmas party season

By Andrea Petrou on December 6th, 2011

Tabitha shoe boot

Picture 1 of 5

Go all Saturday Night Fever with these 70s inspired shoe boots from Asos

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