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A guide to New York style, by someone who hasn’t been there yet

By Lauren Bravo on July 21st, 2013

I’m going to New York! I’m going to New York! Bring on the marching band! Pour me a chocolate malted and put a bagel in my face! But what in the name of Gunther do I wear?

I have never been to New York before. I’ve never been to America, in fact. I’ve only got as close as Canada, which as telly would have you believe is about as close as going to Luton airport and saying you’ve seen Big Ben. So because I’ve been waiting a full quarter century of my life to finally take a bite from the Big Apple (and by ‘apple’ I mean ‘baked goods’, and by ‘big’ I mean, “is that a doughnut or a dinghy? Oh well too late I ate it.”), I’m putting a lot of pressure on my outfit choices.

Of course, all of my New York style fantasies until now involved tailored coats, snow, maybe an enormous fur hat or two – I didn’t imagine I’d be schvitzing my way round the concrete jungle in 30 degree heat. But air con-willing, I’ll still be able to reference some of my favourite New Yorkers from TV and film – and not a Manolo in sight.


The Elaine

Elaine Benes

balck and white Dune brogues

£69 Dune

We will truly know that fashion, like childbirth, erases painful memories to allow for its perpetuation when the 90s revival makes us start wanting to dress like Elaine from Seinfeld.

I’ve already felt the first twinges – fancying a pair of black and white platform brogues, poofing up the front of my hair into curly brown halo, craving a Big Salad despite barely liking small ones – but maybe this holiday is the time to really let rip. I could buy a floral-sprigged skirt and enormo-shouldered suit jacket, or a suede waistcoat to wear with some stonewashed Mom jeans. But I’ll beware the lying mirrors at Barney’s, naturally.



The Working Girl

Working Girl

Primark zebra earrings

£2.50 Primark


I recently watched Working Girl for the first time, and I’m not sure how I ever lived without it. I want to ride the Staten Island ferry across the Hudson with the wind in my perm while Carly Simon sings Let the River Run with a gospel choir. I want to apply purple eyeshadow up to my eyebrows and be best friends with Joan Cusack. And while none of those things are likely to happen, I can at least rock a pair of vaguely terrifying drop earrings like these, £2.50 from Primark.



The Hannah

Hannah Girls HBO

Topshop aztec playsuit

£44 Topshop

As we’re staying in Williamsburg and it’s basically the only show in my arsenal that makes New York look fun in the height of summer, Girls will be my primary reference point. I’m aiming for a strategic blend of 50 per cent Jessa, 20 per cent Hannah, 15 per cent Marnie and 15 per cent Shoshannah (entirely hair doughnuts and croissant purses).

The biggest regret of my chaotic pre-holiday packing process is that I haven’t had time to find a pair of shorteralls like Hannah Horvath’s. After all, nothing says ‘summer in the city’ better than a confident crotch-to-leg fabric ratio, and I never could resist draping myself in a nice portmanteau. Ideally I’d want them to be flimsy cotton in one of those prints that look like flowers, then when you get close-up you realise it’s actually tiny alligators, eating their young – but failing that, this Aztec playsuit by Goldie at Topshop will do the trick nicely.


The Diane

Annie Hall


white shorts Missguided

£21.99 Missguided

Diane as in Keaton, one of the finest actresses ever to grace a pair of wide-legged slacks (see also: Katherine Hepburn). Were I going in cooler climes, I’d be running round London right now trying to find tweedy Oxford bags and a tie to create a look I’d lovingly think of as ‘Annie Hall: the busty years’. But as it is I’ll have to be content with her tennis outfit, crisp white shorts, shirt with turned up collar, topknot, socks. That and hunting out Kate Spade’s La Dee Da bangle on request of my co-editor Daisy.

I’ll also state for the record now, when it comes to hair I will be channelling Meryl Streep in Manhattan for as long as I can… before it all sticks to my neck like a merkin in a steam room.



The Rachel/Phoebe/Monica


Friends season 1

Friends was not a clothes show. It was a hair show. We all know that. Never has a feature on the caffeinated sixsome started with a breathless, “the outfits!” followed by a treatise on Monica’s v-necked t-shirts, and it was probably all the better for it.

BUT, cast your mind way back to the early seasons and there are a few gems to be scavenged. Rachel’s crisp white t-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes; Phoebe’s penchant for crushed velvet smocks; Monica’s leather jackets… ok, no. It was a hair show.  I’ll just shut up now and start packing.


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Go shorty: eight great pairs of shorts you can buy online

By Lauren Bravo on June 25th, 2013

Short and sweet, short and studded, short and stretchy and loud – we’ve got ’em all, and you don’t even need to leave the house

Shopping is one thing. Shopping in summer is another thing, and shopping for teeny shorts in a 3ft x 3ft sweat box with fluorescent lighting that makes you look like one of the pasty boy scouts from Moonrise Kingdom is quite another altogether.

Which is why we’ve rounded up eight awesome pairs of shorts that you can buy online and try on in the comfort of your bedroom instead. Some classic denim, some beaded boudoir shorts, some print, some embroidered, one pair that looks like something the twins from Fun House might have worn for a big night out on the Skelter Belter.

The trick with shorts isn’t about the length or girth or whatever of your legs, it’s just about getting a pair that fits perfectly – no bunching, no pinching, no needing to stop every 30 seconds to fish them out from between your legs where they’ve ridden up like a theatrical curtain. I mean, we all know that the girl who “walks like Rihanna” in that The Wanted song is simply suffering from a bad case of disappearing crotch denim. So find a pair that hugs you real nice.

Levi's reclaimed vintage denim shorts, £40 ASOS

Picture 1 of 8

You could buy an old pair of Levi's jeans, and cut them into shorts one hot, spontaneous day with a pair of kitchen scissors, then wear them on a whole summer's-worth of adventures until they are appealingly frayed and slashed in just the right places, and everyone looks at you admiringly and thinks, "wow. She's a wild one.". Or you could just buy these ones instead.

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Sleeves of the week! Topshop print stud denim shirtdress, £65

By Lauren Bravo on June 14th, 2013

It’s floral, it’s denim, it’s studded, it’s a shirtdress, it’s a bit 90s, it’s a bit 70s, it has sleeves. We call this one ‘the box-ticker’.

Topshop flroal denim shirtdressDenim shirtdresses are having a bit of a moment. At least in our hearts, if not in da clubz quite yet. They’re cousin of the giant denim shirt, in which I always like to imagine I will look like a happy lady in an advert, sighing wistfully in the doorway of an empty room with a smudge of paint on her nose while a knitting-pattern-handsome man brings her a cup of tea. But in reality giant denim shirts make me look like one of those women who writes love letters to men on death row, so the fitted denim shirtdress is an appealing compromise – more waisted, less wasted.

This Topshop print stud number is the second denim shirtdress to feature in Sleeves of the Week, and it’s a deserving specimen. We’ve seen 80s-does-50s many times, but who knew 10s-does-90s-does-70s would be so brilliant a combo? In a colourful feathery floral, it manages to be both summery and wintery at once and so will never leave you in seasonal purgatory, trying to waft cold air down your tights in a Caffe Nero loo. It’s even got sturdy poppers, meaning no button-popping fear for the ample of bosom. Add a floppy hat and the biggest necklace you can find.

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Eight pairs of dungarees you won’t look ridiculous in

By Lauren Bravo on June 12th, 2013

So you suddenly want to wear dungarees? Us too, don’t worry – here are eight of the best pairs on the high street. Buckle up.

It’s snuck up on us, the dungaree thing. A few months ago they were an outside contender, an unlikely style triumph compared to everything else summer 2013 had to offer. Though if my methods of trend prediction followed the same logic as my methods of betting on the Grand National (choose the one with the funniest name), I’d have been onto a pretty good thing.  Yes, dungarees are suddenly a thing we want to wear.

It happened almost overnight; I just woke up one morning a few weeks ago and shouted “dungarees!” cheerfully to the wall. But of course, woman cannot dress on concept alone, and there’s a potentially long path of trudging through shops and wailing in changing rooms and looking like Valerie Singleton and standing in returns queues before you reach the Cair Paravel of summer styling. By which I mean, rocking dungers (we can call them dungers, yes?) with no Playschool or Bob the Builder comments whatsoever.

To ease the process considerably, I’ve rounded up eight of the most wearable versions from the high street and the internet for you. Blue Peter badge optional.

Boyfriend dungarees, £45 River Island

Picture 1 of 8

Sturdy, denim, utility chic - these full-length dungarees from River Island are so good we'll even forgive them the 'boyfriend' moniker.


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Sleeves Of The Bank Holiday – M&S Denim Shirtdress

By Daisy Buchanan on May 6th, 2013

As we see it, the ultimate, tricksy, brow furrowing, chin stroking, difficult to solve 21st century dilemma is this: What’s a lady supposed to wear for weekend brunch?

Obviously there are proper dilemmas about wars and poverty and the disintegrating moral fabric of society, but we don’t have a hope in hell of solving those. The brunch one is like Sudoku – if we really put our minds to it, we can probably work it out with a pencil.

M&S Limited Collection Cotton Rich Fit & Flare Skater Denim Dress with Belt, £45

M&S Limited Collection Cotton Rich Fit & Flare Skater Denim Dress with Belt, £45

The thing is, unless you’re weepingly hungover and need someone to pour you into your tracksuit bottoms and lead you to McDonalds, brunch is a stealth formal affair. You’re still eating fried mushrooms smothered in ketchup, but the mushrooms were probably foraged by an artistic intern curating a Vine feed, and the ketchup has a bechamel quail base tempered with locally sourced botanicals. You need the outfit to match – something that’s all “threw this on AND WHAT?” but also something smoking enough to get the flat white and organic cupcake guy to give you the eye. And something that can stand a little quail ketchup spillage. Also, you’re going to want sleeves. You probably had your arms out last night – come the morning after, the standard practice is that you put the guns back in their holsters.

Where do you go for such a number? One of the Spitalfields boutiques staffed by ‘resting’ actresses who hand stitch wonky hems? Anthropologie, who have many brilliant brunch options for a mere three hundred quid a pop? The situation is frustrating enough to make you turn to gin, stained tracksuits and McDonalds, but all you need is this BRILLIANT M&S denim shirt dress that can be accessorised six ways ‘til Sunday and costs less than fifty quid. As it gets lighter and brighter, your hair can get bigger, your wedges will get fiercer and you can pop the buttons open until the flat white guy’s eyes pop out. On chilly, less reliable days, brogues, bright opaques and a snuggly knit will transform it faster than Madonna was transformed from garter flashing sex lady to Scottish Widow. If anyone feels like thanking Shiny Style for this invaluable wardrobe suggestion, we accept gifts of Anthropologie vouchers and organic cupcakes.

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How to dress like The Killing’s Sarah Lund – including that Nordic jumper!

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 21st, 2012

Photo: DKWe’re obsessed with Nordic Noir and especially The Killing, which is now in its third and final series (sulk..). For those who sat down and watched the first two episodes at the weekend would rejoice that Scandinavian crime heroine Sarah Lund (aka Sofie Gråbøl) is back – and she’s got a new jumper! And a rather dashing co-star, Mathias Borch (played by Nikolaj Lie Kaas)…

But this time around the currently most talked about knitwear piece isn’t due to its previously mentioned superpowers, but the fact that it is… well rather boring. A white and black tyre track patterned thing, it didn’t get us as excited as the Gudrun & Gudrun marvel from season one. Can it be? Can our favourite series from the North be ending on a fashion low?

There might be more twists that expected (we’ve already had a few dead bodies and an abduction) as the publicity shots released for the final season show Sofie Gråbøl with her trademark messy ponytail  and a navy Nordic jumper which has (cue excitement!) the same pattern as the original Jumper, just a different colour!

Could it be that as the series progresses, we will see a return of the much loved Faroese jumper? Well the navy knitwear by Gudrun & Gudrun is on sale now for €280 (£226)…

If you want to emulate Sarah Lund’s style and make a killing in the fashion stakes this winter, team a chunky Nordic-style jumper with faded blue jeans and a pair of heels. And don’t forget that messy ponytail and understated make-up.

 Jeans: Lee, £79.90 / Jumper: Gudrun & Gudrun,  €280.00 / Shoes: Topshop, £110.00

Not a fan of blue? Take a look at our top 10 jumpers fit for a Nordic Noir heroine or the best Nordic and Fair Isle patterned jumpers this winter.

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ShinyStyle campaign: We need your help to get retailers to sort out their sizes

By Andrea Petrou on February 3rd, 2010


My fun jeans Inbetweener and research articles have taken a serious turn.

After they were published I received many emails from you telling me about all the trouble you’ve been having finding that perfect size.

I didn’t realise this was that much of a problem and affected people so badly, so I called up Asda, who already stock inbetween sizes to see if there was really a demand for these measurements.

Joanne Newbold, a representative for the supermarket told me: “This range is popular. We trailed it just under a year ago and the popularity has led us to expand the range to include different styles and colours.”

This confirmation, plus your comments, has lead us to start a campaign. We want to badger retailers to either stock sizes with an industry wide universal measurement system or to follow Asda’s lead and introduce inbetween sizes.

However, to really make it work we need your help. So we’ve started the campaign off with a small survey, which we can take to retailers to show them that we mean business.

Click on the link below to fill in the questionaire and please spread the word.

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Diesel launches coloured jeans range

By Andrea Petrou on January 19th, 2010

Diesel candy.jpgThey were all the rage on the Spring/Summer catwalk at London Fashion Week and now it seems coloured jeans will once again be making their way into our wardrobes.

Diesel has announced that it will be launching its range of candy coloured denim this week and we know that when a designer brand does this the highstreet will quickly follow suit.

Diesel’s range already has Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart as fans and we can’t wait to get our hands on a pair.

We just wish the spring would hurry up and get here.


See pictures of Victoria Beckham’s new jeans line

By lotte on November 27th, 2009

Victoria Beckham jeans 1.jpg Victoria Beckham is relaunching her jeans range with a new name: Victoria Beckham Denim. They’re looking a lot more fashion-y than Victoria’s dVb jeans designs (which as far as I can remember had big, not very discreet crests on the back pockets), as you can see from these lookbook pictures. Although they’re still on the expensive side for jeans, with prices starting at £140, we’re loving the sleek designs. The variety means there’s probably something for everyone, since there are also jackets, shorts and a full range of leggings on offer.

After the success of her VB fashion line we’re expecting the jeans, released next spring, to be a big hit with celebrities – we’re placing bets on Blake Lively being pictured in them first.

Victoria Beckham jeans 2.jpg

Victoria Beckham jeans 3.jpg

Source: Elle UK

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New Look launches Yes Yes cheap jeans range

By Andrea Petrou on September 3rd, 2009

New Look.jpgI don’t know about you, but I have thousands of jeans, from designer to high street, and no matter what anyone says, a girl can never have too many of these denim wonders.

So I’m thrilled that trusty high street store New Look has just launched a range of new jeans.

The Yes Yes denim range is pulling tightly on my purse strings bringing with it a range of shapes, fits and washes to suit every taste, including boot cut, skinny, low rise hipster, straight leg or flare. Every style will also come in sizes 8-26 as well as Tall and Maternity.

And there willl be no excuse for not buying a pair, or two, or maybe three, with prices ranging from £10 – £20.

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Calvin Klein Jeans billboard upsets Manhattan

By Kimberley Foster on June 17th, 2009


Calvin Klein is in hot water yet again after a provocative billboard for its womenswear and menswear jeans line was unveiled in New York this week. The racy ad which depicts a young female semi-naked model lying across one man and kissing another has caused uproar amongst appalled Manhattanites. However CK designers are at a loss to see the problem.

“It’s my favorite campaign ever!” said CK menswear designer, Italo Zucchelli. “I hope they’re going to be, ‘Ooooh, what is that?’ And then they buy our jeans. In the best tradition of Calvin Klein.”

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DIY project for the weekend: Studded pocket jeans

By kelly on April 1st, 2009


I wrote about these amaaaaazing jeans on Catwalk Queen after spying them on the Jak & Jil blog. As I mentioned over there, they had me crossing out all my To-Do diary entries for this weekend and instead slapping in one big new one: DIY. (Sorry friends-who-I-am-cancelling-on – we’ll have to catch up another time!)

This should be a fairly easy one if you’ve got the gear already… Simply rip up a pair of your old jeans (whether you want to bleach them out first, is your prerogative) or find a pair you like (the ones pictured above are $90 from Topshop) and then get busy with your stud gun. You can find said stud gun and studs at your local craft store or haberdashery (you may wish to go with gold rather than silver, spray paint them black or pick a smaller size than the ones pictured) or, of course, perusing eBay for some good crafty deals is usually the best option. Let us know how it goes!

[Image: Jak & Jil]

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Outfit Pick: Goldsign Misfit super stretchy jeans and Givenchy-esque chain top

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on February 2nd, 2009

Outfit pick.jpg

The affects of Givenchy’s fall 08 chain dresses are still being felt, so you can find something like this Forever 21 chain trim tunic, $19.80, everywhere. It’s perfect for pairing with Goldsign’s super-stretchy Misfit slim leg jeans, $218. Thanks to 35% four-way stretch, the denim is likened to the feel of leggings. And what to wear with your dark wash skinny jeans but a tough-chic bootie. We chose Steve Madden’s Slasssh bootie, $199.95, even though we’re generally opposed to open-toed boots in winter. But, what better way to show off the new Chanel nail colors we’re all coveting? Top it all off with this Jimmy Choo Eva leather clutch, $1,170 to remind everyone you’ve got class.

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Calvin Klein’s latest banned commercial

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on January 29th, 2009

It’s beginning to be par for the course – Calvin Klein creates a commercial, it’s too hot for TV and is banned and gets more attention and buzz than it ever would have on the airwaves.

This time the commercial, above, and admittedly a little NSFW, was even banned from late night cable. But it looks like a toned down version will make it to your TV.

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Get Jessica Alba’s jeans (though, sadly, not her body)

By Andrea Thatcher on October 2nd, 2008

Jessica Alba jeans.jpg

Jessica Alba is looking as good as ever post baby, as most celebs do!

She’s seen here in Divine Rights of Denim Envy High Waist jeans, $80. The pants boast tummy tucking and butt-lifting abilities, not that Alba needs them, but we might!

They’re made of cashmere denim, which sounds like something we need.

Divine Rights of Denim can be found at Nordstrom’s, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Buckle, M. Fredric, Ambiance and Von Maur. Happy shopping.

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