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Shiny gets styling with M&S!

By Daisy Buchanan on August 16th, 2013

Here’s what happened when Shiny Style were asked to help style competition winner Alec for a celebratory dinner in store at M&S…


Alex looking smart in his suit.

Alex looking smart in his suit.

Alec told us he wasn’t exactly a fashion fan, but as soon as we clocked his height and posture, we knew he’d be a dream to dress. We were tempted to steer him towards a very formal suit that he could wear to weddings and smart parties, but he told us he was actually looking for something a bit more casual and versatile, that he could wear with jeans on a night out.

We knew the range for him was M&S Limited Collection, which specialises in modern, slim fit cuts which look great on younger guys. Limited Edition pieces tend to start at a a fairly reasonable price point, so we had a bit more styling budget to play with – we even managed to find shoes for Alec.

It didn’t take long at all to find Alec’s dream suit – a dark grey two button number that set off his broad shoulders a treat. After trying a classic white shirt/red tie combo, we talked him into a very light lilac shirt  – because purple is for guys too…

The piece de resistance came in the form of a bright purple floral embroidered pocket square and matching tie. The pocket square gave the traditional pieces a modern feel, bringing the look right up to date while referencing a vintage, gentlemanly look.

The day was so much fun that we’re tempted to spend our weekends hanging about the M&S menswear department and seeing if there’s anyone there we can help out. Obviously, we would have been completely helpless if it wasn’t for the brilliant members of staff, who knew everything there is to know about fit and style.

Meeting Alec was a true joy – he should feel very proud of his achievements. We hope he had as much fun as we did, and that his partner enjoys the results during his special dinner.

Follow Alec @prozacprince

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Shiny Gets Styling With M&S – Part One

By Daisy Buchanan on August 14th, 2013

tie 200At Shiny, we love a challenge – and to be honest, the usual ones we undertake are of the “I bet you can’t eat all these sausages!” variety. So we were thrilled when M&S asked us to undertake a proper, grown up challenge – being given a budget to style someone up in the best pieces from their ranges. And that person would be a man. It was to be our first major foray into menswear – and we’re keen that it won’t be the last.

We were asked to style up competition winner Alec, who had just graduated from his police training with the MET. His partner, had asked if M&S could find Alex the perfect suit so he could celebrate his achievements in style at a special dinner.

We knew that styling Alec would be exciting, but challenging too – and the biggest challenge of all would be listening to Alex and making sure our own feelings about fashion didn’t influence him too heavily, and that he ended up picking the outfit that suited his personality best.

Come back tomorrow to find out how we got on. Did we manage to avoid any Fast Show suits you references? Did we have to chase each other around the menswear department with tape measures a la Benny Hill? Were we allowed inside the actual men’s changing rooms? All these questions – and more – will be answered.

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Dreamy products for an insomniac

By Daisy Buchanan on July 3rd, 2013

I don’t sleep.

Most nights, my brain feels like the Selfridges Beauty Hall. Demented, panicking, sticky, indecisive thoughts do battle with imperious facts that reek of Aromatics Elixir. Everyone is screaming and showing off and acting up, hundreds and thousands of tiny mind people all yelling for attention next to MAC, and I lie very still, hoping that by not moving, I will trick the thoughts into stagnation, as if they’re only powered by the kinetic energy of my shoulders.

I have options. I could get up and try to see my demons off with a crappy glass of Merlot and a Canadian TV show about grouting. I could attempt to settle myself with some self abuse (although I do keep waking my boyfriend up.) I could have a rummage through the Walgreens Drawer in the bathroom cabinet, a stashbox of oblivion inducing painkillers that are only available in a land where having the opportunity to accidentally drown yourself in a bathtub is a constitutional right.

These strategies are all very effective in the short term, but I bump into enough furniture as it is – after a night of drugging myself to sleep, there just aren’t enough tables in the world for me to fall over. It gets harder. The body resists your entreaties. The angry thoughts return, clutching receipts, demanding their money back and clogging the disabled toilet of the mind.

Basically, I am very reluctant to sleep with myself. But is it any wonder that I’m so unsatisfied in the bedroom when I make less effort to get myself in there than a teenage boy trying to get laid in the Tikki room at Tiger Tiger? I’m insensitive, I’m unresponsive, I lie slack jawed, poking a screen, squinting, fretting about work and trying to think up funny comments about the telly. “You can sleep when you’ve filed!” is something I sometimes growl at my greasy, sad reflection, but you’ve never filed, you’re never done, there’s always a gag, an opinion, a pitch, a proposal, the one job that will tip you over into safe success – the thing that will take you from hustler to courtesan. As a journalist, for every big name/tell your Mum/Julia Roberts gig you get, there will be ten you can’t say no to, even though they’re the writing version of standing at the bottom of your street with a sign that says “Anal for 20 quid”. And weirdly, they’re often the ones that keep you up.

But when you’re not the president, or a doctor, nothing is worth losing sleep over. You can hang on to your “Eight Best Hats!” or for that matter, your “Top tips for an email marketing strategy!” until you’ve evacuated the Beauty Hall of your mind and hit the pillow. And you’ll make more dollar if you invest some back in sensible sleeping patterns. Tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it. Or it will be if you try out these products and get a decent night’s kip. No more falling over tables.

Elemis Quiet Mind Room Mist, £15

Elemis 200.jpg

This is chloroform in cedarwood clothing. Spritz the bedroom, spritz the pillows, breathe deeply and your knotted self will be coming undone quicker than a useless Boy Scout’s neckerchief.


Floris Night Scented Jasmine Bath Essence, £55

Floris 200.jpg

Sometimes, when I’m working from home and feel like hurling my laptop out of the window, or at the very least sending a group email telling everyone I know to die in a fire, I go to the bathroom and inhale jasmine fumes until I’m fixed again. It’s as effective as a potion in a story book. Leave the bathroom door unlocked, otherwise anyone wanting to get you out might have to break it down.


Bubb and Dimples Chillax Organic Nourishing Body Oil candle, £35 (large), £8 (small)

 bad 200.jpg

This brand could be my favourite new discovery of 2013. As I edge towards 30, I am losing my scepticism about organic skincare, and starting to think that nothing is going near my skin unless it’s bloody organic. The range was created for sensitive skins, and it’s probably safe enough to eat – in fact, it’s very hard not to eat this candle because it smells just like warm milk and cinnamon cookies. Inhale until you feel like you’re on your fourth mug of rum enhanced Horlicks, then rub the warm oil into your neck and shoulders. Make sure this happens in your bedroom, otherwise you might instantly fall asleep in the bathroom, or at the top of the stairs. If you’re still awake and a fan of body butter, cocoon yourself in their Shea butter with Vitamin E.


Roja Dove Laurent Perrier Candle, £75


What could be more glamorous and sophisticated than retiring to your bedchamber with a flute of champagne. A champagne candle, that’s what. Sometimes, I try to trick myself into sleeping by imagining that I’m face down in a bee free lavender patch in the middle of Provence. It’s a technique that has varying degrees of success – but this guy does all the work for you.


Penhaligon Lavandula Bath and Shower Gel, £25

 Lavandula 200.jpg

If classic lavender isn’t going to soothe you to sleep, you’ll need to try reimagined lavender. This embraces you with sweet white flowers and fresh green leaves, energising you and your bath before it calms. This isn’t going to make you forget your troubles – but it will make you feel that you can clear your mental desk and get a decent night’s sleep so you can deal with anything that comes your way in the morning.


SAI SEI Mineral deep moisturising cream, £32

 Sai sei 200.jpg

I often wish I could work in my sleep, but as my lazy, good for nothing brain can’t seem to manage it, I’m letting my skin get stuff done. This is the perfect product for post bath application, as it gets absorbed into your skin more quickly than your index finger can delete a Voyage Prive email. The delicate scent will make you feel like you’re sleeping by the sea – and you’ll wake up smooth in the morning.


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Trend Alert: Geometric Prints

By Ashley on May 22nd, 2013

Prints are everywhere on the high street right now, and geometrics are owning the chic end of the market. Not to be restricted to wallpapers or ties, geometric patterns are making a big appearance in fashion terms too. There’s something very pleasing about these 1960s-inspired patterns, bringing a burst of colour and structure to otherwise simple items.

Here’s the top ten geometric garmets we are coveting right now.

Mad Men Collection Shirtdress £85

Picture 1 of 10

Spread collared shirtdress with buttoned placket. Long sleeves with buttoned cuffs and tie-front belt. Designed exclusively by Banana Republic in collaboration with Mad Men® costume designer Janie Bryant. Banana Republic

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Sleeves Of The Bank Holiday – M&S Denim Shirtdress

By Daisy Buchanan on May 6th, 2013

As we see it, the ultimate, tricksy, brow furrowing, chin stroking, difficult to solve 21st century dilemma is this: What’s a lady supposed to wear for weekend brunch?

Obviously there are proper dilemmas about wars and poverty and the disintegrating moral fabric of society, but we don’t have a hope in hell of solving those. The brunch one is like Sudoku – if we really put our minds to it, we can probably work it out with a pencil.

M&S Limited Collection Cotton Rich Fit & Flare Skater Denim Dress with Belt, £45

M&S Limited Collection Cotton Rich Fit & Flare Skater Denim Dress with Belt, £45

The thing is, unless you’re weepingly hungover and need someone to pour you into your tracksuit bottoms and lead you to McDonalds, brunch is a stealth formal affair. You’re still eating fried mushrooms smothered in ketchup, but the mushrooms were probably foraged by an artistic intern curating a Vine feed, and the ketchup has a bechamel quail base tempered with locally sourced botanicals. You need the outfit to match – something that’s all “threw this on AND WHAT?” but also something smoking enough to get the flat white and organic cupcake guy to give you the eye. And something that can stand a little quail ketchup spillage. Also, you’re going to want sleeves. You probably had your arms out last night – come the morning after, the standard practice is that you put the guns back in their holsters.

Where do you go for such a number? One of the Spitalfields boutiques staffed by ‘resting’ actresses who hand stitch wonky hems? Anthropologie, who have many brilliant brunch options for a mere three hundred quid a pop? The situation is frustrating enough to make you turn to gin, stained tracksuits and McDonalds, but all you need is this BRILLIANT M&S denim shirt dress that can be accessorised six ways ‘til Sunday and costs less than fifty quid. As it gets lighter and brighter, your hair can get bigger, your wedges will get fiercer and you can pop the buttons open until the flat white guy’s eyes pop out. On chilly, less reliable days, brogues, bright opaques and a snuggly knit will transform it faster than Madonna was transformed from garter flashing sex lady to Scottish Widow. If anyone feels like thanking Shiny Style for this invaluable wardrobe suggestion, we accept gifts of Anthropologie vouchers and organic cupcakes.

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H&M flagship Oxford Circus store now open with wi-fi

By shinychris on February 14th, 2013

H+M Oxford StreetH&M flagship Oxford Circus store opens today. To celebrate, four days of music and fashion fun will take place across the opening weekend featuring over 20 top DJ’s and surprise live performances. Customers in the queue before 1pm on opening day will receive wristbands entitling them to 25% discount off all fabulous products in store on the day.

The remodelled store will be the first H&M store in the world to offer Wi-Fi to customers and will comprise over 3,750 sq metres across six floors of fashion including womenswear, menswear, a shoe lounge and even a chill out area on the fourth floor. Customised LED displays feature on every level and unique interiors create an exclusive feel claims the company.

Says Carlos Duarte, H&M’s Country Manager for the UK and Ireland. “We are thrilled to be re-launching our flagship store on the world-renowned Oxford Street in London.”

“Oxford Circus, located in the heart of London’s West End is the ultimate retail destination and we look forward to showcasing our exciting store in this prime position. The increased size of the store will enable us to bring our customers a broad selection of H&M’s ladies and menswear collections. The team behind the 12 month project have worked incredibly hard to create an innovative shopping environment that will inspire our customers who can look forward to the ultimate H&M fashion experience – we look forward to surprising them!”

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Fashion Analysis: Marni for H&M collection

By Andrea Petrou on March 14th, 2012

If you didn’t fancy braving the queues and the cold to get your hands on the latest H&M designer collaboration with Marni or didn’t have much luck with the queue style website system then you’ll probably hate us today.

The capsule collection may have launched, and been snapped up quicker than you can say “credit card” but we thought the range deserved a mention anyway. Partly because of the detailing and intricacy involved.

Like Marni’s main collection, rich fabrics dominated the range appearing on voluminous skirts, silk tops and flimsy summer dresses.

The styling was less aimed at the teen market, which went crazy for H&M’s Versace collaboration, and more for a mature audience. Hemline’s were longer and tops looser.

However, they did reflect H&M’s audience with slimmer cuts and brighter, bolder colours.

Key items included the leather bag as well as statement Marni patterned scarves.
If you hurry you might still be able to get your hands on a few pieces from the range. Failing that there’s eBay.

See the gallery below for some of our fave pieces from the collection.

Read the rest of this entry »

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eBay launches Christmas boutique with QR code shopping

By shinychris on November 24th, 2011

ebay-image.jpgOver the past few years we’ve seen QR codeseverywhere, on foodclothes and evengravestones. Yes, we said gravestones.

Well this Christmas, we’ll be seeing hundreds of them on all kinds of clothes, gifts and furniture items, as online marketplace eBay intends to use them to make shopping even easier in its festive pop-up shop.

The brand is launching a new Christmas boutique in London at the beginning of December, which aims to give stressed shoppers the best of both worlds, the in-store browsing experience with the selection, deals and distinct lack of queuing we’ve become accustomed to online.

The new boutique will stock a range of items and each will have its own unique QR code. Shoppers then use their phones to scan these QR codes to buy without the fuss, queuing, tills and even bags, because once you’ve purchased something it’ll get delivered straight to your door. Goodbye awkward tube journey with 5,487,823 bags and no air!

eBay’s new shopping concept seems like a brilliant idea, it gives us peace of mind that the items we’re buying actually look good in real life and it’s popping up (sorry) just in time for Christmas. However, just like buying things with a store card sometimes doesn’t feel real, buying things by swiping your phone around like you’re a little kid playing shop might not seem real too, so be careful you don’t overdo it.

Via ShinyShiny.

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H&M team up with the costume designer from ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ to create a capsule collection inspired by protagonist Lisbeth Salander

By Andrea Petrou on October 27th, 2011

H&M have collaborated with the costume designer from ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ to create a capsule collection inspired by protagonist Lisbeth Salander.

Trish Summerville has created all the outfits for Lisbeth (played by Rooney Mara) in the US adaptation of the Swedish film and she revealed she jumped at the chance to give the troubled heroine’s clothes a more “realistic fashion feel” for the Swedish retailer.

She told WWD: “We put a lot of aged-in washes and finishes, which goes along the lines of the Salander character. In the film, her clothes are quite extreme. They’re really worn down, they’re dirty. So for us, it was taking that kind of concept and giving it more of a realistic fashion feel.”

Anna Norling, division designer at H&M, said the company wanted to make Lisbeth’s clothes more flattering and feminine.

She explained: “We were really strongly inspired by the film and especially by Trish’s styling, but the collection wouldn’t have looked as it does without H&M, because we added the fashion point of view. I’m very happy with the result and I know that Trish is as well.”

Items in the range include tribal-style earrings, a leather jacket, which comes in washed black or deep burgundy, hoodies and lace-up boots.

The collection will make its debut at Paris boutique Colette on November 28.

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Grand Opening of Westfield Stratford: Photos of Nicole Sherzinger, Kelly Brook and Pixie Geldof

By emilyborrett on September 13th, 2011


Picture 1 of 5

Nicole Scherzinger performs during the launch of the Westfield Stratford City, London

London-based shopping junkies will be happy to hear that there’s a new outlet for your addiction opening today, as the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford finally opened it’s doors today with plenty of fanfare.

Boris Johnson was there (bless him) wearing his trademark crooked tie and blonde thatch of hair, but that’s all we can pass comment on about our Mayor’s style – the less said the better really. More dynamically dressed was Nicole Sherzinger, who put on an incredibly energetic and raunchy performance in a fetish-look black and red PVC coat with fringed sleeves, which she later changed out of in exchange for a sexy black pencil dress.

Pixie Geldof was there for the proceedings alongside Channel 4’s Nick Grimshaw – Pixie looked cute and cool with white-blonde corkscrew curls and a simple black and white polka dot dress with scarily high court heels. Kelly Brook was also there looking very sunkissed and sexy in a black and gold mini-dress to show off the golden glow of her post-summer legs. Cow.

The Westfield shop is going to be absolutely ginormous, with apparently over 300 shops opening there and over 70 restaurants. I think I might get down there myself right now..

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Rosie Huntington-Whitely is set to star in the Autumn M&S campaigns

By emilyborrett on August 31st, 2011

Britain’s poutiest supermodel, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, is going to be the new face of Marks & Spencer’s Autumn ad campaigns alongside the Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds.

The A-list twosome are going to front M&S’s Autograph collection, one of the department store’s many different clothing lines, though Autograph is one of the most fashion-forward ones. Rosie, who’s previously modelled in Burberry campaigns, said: “I feel proud to be associated with a British high street favourite that holds fond memories for so many people.”

The Canadian heart-throb Ryan also has a fond connection with the store and thinks of M&S with “nostalgia”. He said: “Going into an M&S store with my family or friends always gives me a beautiful pang of nostalgia. The Autograph collection is a modern take on the classic style I love and feel most comfortable wearing. The pieces in this collection are lasting staples that’ll never go out of style.”

The executive director of the store, Steve Sharp, was absolutely ecstatic to get the Hollywood pair to front the brand – we have to say that a Victoria’s Secret model and a Hollywood blockbuster hero is a bit of a step up from Myleene Klass and Danni Minogue dancing around in their pyjamas. He told MailOnline: “Rosie and Ryan are the perfect fit for Autograph – beautiful, exclusive and absolutely contemporary. On set, they worked together to deliver a mesmerising performance which allowed us to capture shots that literally sizzle with excitement and an air of mystery.”

Keep an eye out for these two on the telly – Marks & Spencer just got sexy.

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Lady Gaga turns her hand to designing limited edition gifts for Barneys

By emilyborrett on August 16th, 2011

We desperately want to get a flight to New York this Christmas, because we’ve just heard that Lady Gaga is collaborating with her BFF Nicola Formichetti to design a range of limited edition gifts for Barney’s department store.

The seasonal campaign, titled “Gaga’s Workshop”, will be taking over the fifth floor men’s department in November, turning the area into Gaga’s very own bizarre Christmas wonderland.

The gifts that will be on sale include sweets, toys, candles, cosmetics and jewellery made entirely out of rock candy, as well as Gaga-curated books and CDs. Barney’s chief exec, Mark Lee, spoke out about the new collaboration: “Holiday is about joy, sharing and inclusiveness, and to me, Gaga really represents all of that. Her platform is so much about positivity, individuality and universality in a very today way.”

He continued, “There are a lot of things for fans of all ages, for kids and kids at heart. I think our existing and new customers will find fun things to share and give as gifts in a lighthearted and not so serious way.”

We actually cannot wait to see what Lady Gaga’s take on the holiday season will be. Get us to NYC in time for Christmas!

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John Galliano is being lined up for design for Topshop

By Andrea Petrou on July 11th, 2011

John Galliano is being lined up for design for Topshop.

The troubled designer – who reportedly launched a verbal attack on a couple in a Paris cafe in February and was fired as Dior’s creative director in March after a video showed him apparently drunk, telling a woman in a cafe he “loved Hitler” – is wanted by the British chain’s owner Sir Philip Green to create a range for them.

Although nothing has been signed, discussions are said to be in the early stages and Green and Galliano want the collaboration to happen.

If the deal does come off, it will mark a huge turnaround for Galliano, who has been in rehab since his arrest in February.

As well as being sacked form Dior he was replaced at his own label by Bill Gaytten.

However, he was given a boost after he received universal praise for the wedding dress he created for close friend and supermodel Kate Moss when she married rocker Jamie Hince last week.

Last month, Galliano appeared in a Paris court, where he blamed his recent outbursts on his addiction to alcohol, sleeping tablets and valium.

His lawyer Aurelian Hamelle said: “One obvious thing is that John Galliano was ill. He had a triple addiction to alcohol, benzodiazepine (valium) and sleeping pills.”

The lawyer said Galliano – who is now back in rehab to receive treatment for his addictions – was mortified to see how he acted in the video and denies being anti-Semetic.

Five people were to give evidence in the trial, which ended yesterday, and the verdict is due on September 8.

If he is found guilty, he faces a huge fine and a six-month prison sentence.

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Mother’s Day gift ideas: A little something from Liberty

By Andrea Petrou on March 22nd, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

Flat Yellow Lace Print Washbag

Picture 1 of 8

Every mum wants a beautiful washbag for holidays and little trips away - while this Liberty-print washbag is a little more luxurious than your average Boots one, it's still not an extravagant price.

If you’re anything like me then Mother’s Day has a horrible habit of sneaking up of you, leaving you in a cold sweat resorting to Shell Garage flowers at 11 p.m. the night before. This year to avoid cold sweats in the middle of the night and disappointed reproach from your lovely long-suffering mum, why not plan ahead and order her something amazing right now? For a beautifully packaged little gift that will make her gasp and keep her sweet, there’s not many shops to buy from that will win you as many brownie points as Liberty’s of London.

The big daddy of home and interiors design, Liberty’s is the place to find small, beautiful gifts that will make your mum smile and feel special. Whether it’s a small ornately decorated piece of china, a gorgeous notebook or something little for the kitchen, there’s a gift to suit every mother. Your dear old ma brought you into the world – why not treat her to something from London’s finest department store?

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Debenhams become the first store to employ a disabled model for a campaign

By Andrea Petrou on September 22nd, 2010

By Emily Borrett.

It was an amazing step forward for fashion as Debenhams unveiled their new national window campaign, featuring 32 year-old disabled model Shannon Murray as its’ new  poster girl.

The idea belongs to Nikki Fox and Natasha Wood, both of whom worked on the show “How to Look Good Naked”, the Channel 4 show that’s all about loving your body, no matter who you are. Fox said about the new campaign: “I am so happy and proud that Debenhams has used our disabled model for such a massive campaign. If seeing Shannon helps another disabled person, then we’ve done well.”

Debenhams have long pioneered revolutionary changes in the fashion industry, being one of the first retailers to have airbrushing vetoed in their campaigns, and also one of the first to use plus-size mannequins. Here’s hoping that this love for women of all types, ages, shapes and sizes starts to show in other stores too.

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