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Jean Paul Gaultier and Melissa team up to make a recyclable 10cm plastic stiletto

By Andrea Petrou on February 15th, 2010

Plastic JPG.jpg

We didn’t think there was anything better than an eco-friendly pair of shoes.

That was until we heard about Melissa’s and Jean Paul Gaultier’s plastic collaboration. The Brazillian footwear label, best known for its partnership with Vivienne Westwood has announced a new range of footwear with Mr Gaultier, which includes a recyclable 10cm plastic stiletto.

The JEAN PAUL GAULTIER X MELISSA stilleto, which launches in June comes in black, beige, lime and tangerine and will cost £160.

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H&M got Sonia Rykiel on board by previously copying her designs

By Andrea Petrou on February 5th, 2010
Sonia Rykiel & H&M Underwear Collection Launch - Party in Le Grand Palais

Have you ever wondered how highstreet stores get top designers on-board? Well, if rumours are to believed then perhaps it’s by copying their designs in the first place.

In an interview with Nylon Magazine Nathalie Rykiel, creative director at Sonia Rykiel, said she’d seen some very similar clothes to the brand’s designs in H&M, and said this was one of the main reasons she decided to team up with the Swedish chain store.

Are you asking if H&M has used my designs?,” she asked Nylon magazine in an interview. “Well, yes, of course! They copy me all the time! Finally I said, ‘Look, if you want your girls to wear Sonia Rykiel from H&M, let’s let them have the real thing!'”

And the result? Well we’re sure you’ve seen the naughty-but-nice lingerie line for H&M and we’re waiting with baited breath for the next installment of knitwear, which will be hitting H&M in the very near future.

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Dita Von Teese teams up with Moschino to design an eye mask for charity.

By Andrea Petrou on February 4th, 2010

Dita and Moschino.jpg

Another famous figure has put their designing hat on for charity and this time it’s Dita Von Teese. The burlesque dancer has teamed up with Moschino to create a luxurious eye mask with 30% of the proceeds from each one going to amfAR, a charity that funds AIDS Research.

The handy sleeping accessory is made out of silk-satin with a spotted lack overlay and pictures of eyelashes we can only dream about as well as the words ‘Dita for Moschino’ in rhinestones.

We think its a perfect way to look good while you’re sleeping, and a great way to shut out any light or disturbances. We just wish someone would think about creating some designer earplugs to match.

Buy the mask exclusively from Moschino now for £100.

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Scarlett Johansson designs a bag for Mango to help victims of the Haiti earthquake

By Andrea Petrou on February 3rd, 2010

We’re more than used to hearing about celebrities designing clothes and accessories for different stores, but we get really excited when they’re doing it for charity.

Stepping in to this category is Scarlett Johansson who has designed a bag for Mango and all profits raised will go directly to Oxfam to help victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Of her collaboration with the store she currently models for, Scarlett said: ‘I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Mango to promote conscious consumerism and to benefit Oxfam’s Haiti Earthquake Response Fund. By purchasing this bag, you are helping to provide life saving assistance like clean water to the people of Haiti.’

The bag, which will be sold in Mango stores for £16.90, has the message ‘Helping the people of Haiti’, plus the actress’s signature beside a print depicting an ancient map of the country.

We’ll be bagging ourselves one of these as soon as they hit the shelves in March.

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Diana Ross and Steve Madden team up to create a range of trainers

By Andrea Petrou on January 29th, 2010

Diana ross.jpg
Fashion rumours go around all the time and sometimes don’t have an inch of truth in them (take the claims that Balmain was going to launch a lower priced clothing line).

So we’re more than sceptical about the latest on the grapevine. According to WWD, diva extraordinaire Diana Ross, is collaborating with Steve Madden on a range of footwear.

But instead of the glitzy heels or funky platforms (we wouldn’t expect anything less from Diana) the duo have apparently decided that trainers are the best step forward.

And whats more, the range will be sold exclusively in Foot Locker.

We hope if these rumours are true, then at least some of the designs in the collection show some of Diana’s sparkle, or we’ll be very very disappointed.

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Jonathan Saunders range for Topshop hits stores today

By Andrea Petrou on January 22nd, 2010

It may be that time in January when “pay day” seems like a historic word but with news that Jonathan Saunders collection is out today it’s time to scramble those pennies together and hot foot it down to Topshop.

The long awaited 5 piece range, consists a skinny black dress and matching white T-shirt, and a panelled denim pencil skirt, as well as a denim cropped top, which will show off those newly toned gym figures some of you may be working hard at.

Jonathan said: “My collection for Topshop this season has been inspired by sportswear and workwear, as well as the bold and graphic shapes of the Memphis movement. It’s perfect for urban city dewellers”.

And if you don’t want to brave the rain then you can also pick up pieces of the range online. We think living on potatoes and soup for the next week is definitely worth it for this collection, and we’ll probably even be able to fit into the denim cropped top as a result.

Click on the picture below to view some of the range.

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ShinyStyle watch: Stella McCartney’s SS2010 Adidas range

By Andrea Petrou on January 15th, 2010

January is the month where many of us vow to get fit, or look at quick fix solutions to banish and hide that post Christmas bulge.

If you’re someone who has chosen to take up the first option and sign up to the gym, then you’ll know the importance of having proper sportswear instead of using those old tracksuit bottoms, which have a habit of falling down every two minutes (or is that just me?).

There is a range of good and fashionable fitness wear in the shops, however if you want to go that step further and be a designer gym bunny, there’s only one collection to buy. Yes, you’ve guessed it, Stella McCartney’s Adidas range.

We got quite excited when we saw a glipse of the new SS2010 range last year, which is due out in February. However, if you missed it, we’ve got a video showcasing the latest must have gym wear, which now also includes Triathalon and cylcling wear too.

Stella said: “This collection continues to be a great success, and I’m very excited to introduce Triathalon and Cycling as new categories.

“I’m always trying to push myself and this new collection has everything you need in sports today; it’s sleek, stylish and super sporty!”

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Sarah Jessica Parker given a designer role at Halston

By Andrea Petrou on January 14th, 2010

SATC 2 Halston.jpg

Sarah Jessica Parker has been signed up to help design Halston’s Heritage range.

According to WWD The Sex and The City actress will be the brand’s creative director where she will not only oversee the creative side of things, but also have a share of the profits.

We’re not overly familiar with the brand here at ShinyStyle and we think that’s because since it’s relaunch in 2008, many celebrities and magazines have overlooked it. However, Sarah Jessica Parker is already doing her bit to get Halston’s name out there.

She recently wore a £70 little white dress from the fashion house in the advertising posters for Sex and the City 2.

We can’t wait to see what this brand comes up with in 2010, and we’re pretty sure with SJP leading the way, we won’t see any of the disasters Lindsay Lohan demonstrated in her role as Creative Director for Ungaro.

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Jimmy Choo and Uggs Australia team up to create new range

By Andrea Petrou on January 13th, 2010

ugg.jpgIf you love the sophistication and design of a Jimmy Choo shoe, but like many of our readers hate Uggs, then you may want to look away now.

The two footwear companies have just announced they are working together on a collection of women’s sheepskin footwear, which will be hitting the shops in October.

The range, which includes 5 styles made up of different colourways, is said to be based on the traditional Ugg boot and will combine the sophistication of the Jimmy Choo brand we lust after each season.

Tamara Mellon, president of Jimmy Choo said:: “Other than Jimmy Choo, UGG Australia is the only other footwear I have in my wardrobe. We are delighted to have created a special capsule that captures the best of both brands – the legendary comfort of UGG with the spirit of Jimmy Choo.”

However when two well known brands get together the results aren’t cheap. Prices for the range will start from a huge £495.

Are you an Ugg lover who will you be saving up for these? Or do you think these designs will be as ghastly as the traditional sheepskin Uggs?

Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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Could there be a job for Tony Blair at Louis Vuitton?

By Andrea Petrou on January 12th, 2010

Tony.jpgMichelle Obama and Samantha Cameron are two political names we could associate with fashion, however Tony Blair is not.

So we were more than shocked to find out that the former Prime Minister is joining Louis Vuitton as an advisor at the luxury brand.

A source told the Daily Telegraph: “There is an agreement in principle but nothing has been signed yet.

“Mr Blair won’t be joining the board but he will be acting in an advisory role, working very closely with Mr Arnault. In particular, his job is likely to involve attracting new clients.”

We’ll have to watch carefully to find out how this one pans out, but we’re just glad Mr Blair wasn’t recruited for an ad campaign.

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Vivienne Westwood teams up with Lee to create a range of punky jeans

By Andrea Petrou on December 22nd, 2009

Vivienne Westwood.jpg

Jeans can be a little boring, especially if they are just the standard off the rack . However, one new line that promises to be the opposite is Vivienne Westwood’s range for Lee jeans.

According to WWD, the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and Lee collection, will reflect the designer’s punky edgy style.

It will include superskinny jeans and microshorts for women, along with bondage jeans and skinny jeans for men. Washes will run from indigo denim to metallic gold- and copper-colored denim to denim printed with a trompe l’oeil lace design.

Carlo D’Amario, managing director of Vivienne Westwood said: “It is very important for us to work with a denim brand like Lee with such a strong heritage.”

It’s unknown when the range will hit the shops but when they do prices will range from £80 to £200. We better get saving then.

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Stella McCartney designs t-shirt for World Aids Day

By Andrea Petrou on December 3rd, 2009


ShinyStyle seems to have taken on a bit of an ethical fashion theme today with our eco-friendly clothing gallery and charity scarves for Fight Cervical Cancer in Style.

Therefore we thought it only right to continue with news of Stella McCartney’s cute new charity tee to mark World Aids Day. The designer has teamed up with Gap to launch this gorgeous white t-shirt with a red printed necklace decoration, with 50% of proceeds going to Bono’s RED fund.

Stella said: “It’s an understatement to simply say I am happy to support World AIDS day with Bono and (Gap) RED. I hope by being part of this I can help in some way, since 1.5 million people still die every year of AIDS in Africa. I encourage people to buy it, they look great and help save lives in Africa.”

The t-shirt goes on sale on Saturday, which has put us in a bit of a queueing predicament, as we’re now not sure whether to wait in line patiently for this or for Sonia Rykiels lingerie range for H&M.

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Daisy Lowe designs a range for Swarovski Crystallized

By Andrea Petrou on December 3rd, 2009

Not content with a successful modelling career, Daisy Lowe has followed in a long line of models, actresses and singers and turned to designing.

The starlet has teamed up with Swarovski Crystallized to create a limited edition jewellery collection, which has been inspired by the model’s love of fire, wind, water, earth and spirit all of which are depicted by a five pointed star.

Each item, including bracelets, necklaces and earrings will therefore have this incorporated in one form or another.

Daisy said: “I have always been inspired by the earth and solar system – especially moons and stars, which is why I used them as inspiration when designing my collection for Swarovski Crystallized.”

We can’t say we’re surprised Daisy chose to work with this brand. She’s been a fan of the company’s creations for a while. Recently she worked a number of Swarovski Crystallized pieces on the front rows of London’s Fashion Week’s hottest shows.

The range will be available from January with prices ranging from £52 to £90. However, you’d better get your skates on as there’s already a waiting list.

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Sonia Rykiel pour H&M preview

By Andrea Petrou on December 2nd, 2009

If you haven’t already noticed we’ve got a lingerie theme going on today, apart from our Global Cool story, which is quite the opposite but, we’ll sure your agree is for a good cause.

So what better way to round up the theme with a sneak preview and video of Sonia Rykiel’s boudoir-inspired lingerie range for H&M.

We might have just got over the huge Jimmy Choo range for the highstreet store, but, as we all know fashion moves on as quickly as your other half when he spots the huge diamond ring you’re ogling at in the jewellers window.

The launch of this range was held last night at Paris’s Grand Palais for an extravagant show to unveil Sonia Rykiel’s the range. And what a launch it was. The fairytale themed show complete with a glittering Eiffel Tower, ferris wheel, swing set and cut-out trees strung with thousands of fairy lights, also featured Lily Cole, who held the reins of a giant moving horse head.

And it seems when the collection launches on Saturday, there may not be the mayhem we reported and timing complaints many of you told us about during the Jimmy Choo launch.

A spokesman for H&M told Grazia: “The Jimmy Choo launch was different because with accessories and shoes we gave people a specific area to try things on and limited numbers of product they could buy, but because this launch is a line of garments we don’t feel this is necessary, so there are no limits on what you can buy or try on.”

We can’t wait. View the video of last nights launch and click on the picture below for a sneak preview of the collection.

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Stella McCartney teams up with Morrissey for leather free footwear range

By Andrea Petrou on December 1st, 2009
Stella McCartney Switches On Store Christmas Lights

Last week we got a little bit too overexcited at the (incorrect) news regarding a vegetarian clothing collaboration between Stella McCartney and Leona Lewis, and we were crushed when we found out it was just a pesky rumour.

However, another week brings with it another rumour, this time that Stella is teaming up with Morrissey to launch a range of leather free footwear.

We think this partnership is nearly as good as the Leona one, after all Morrissey has a track record of saying no to meat. Not only was his 1985 album entitled Meat Is Murder, but he also bans any food that ‘used to have a face’ from his tours.

In fact he feels so strongly about the cause that earlier this year he also stormed off stage at a music festival because he was so disgusted by the smell of cooking meat from a nearby burger stand.

And it seems this collaboration really is going ahead with Stella telling the Daily Mail last week: “I’m working with Morrissey on a line of leather-free shoes which I’m really excited about.”

The range is still is its early stages but Stella also added it could be ready for next year. We’re going to start saving from now.

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