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The greatest summer sandals on the high street

By Lauren Bravo on May 28th, 2013

Blister plasters at the ready! The sun is out (well, it was yesterday) and we’re stocking up on sandals

We’re all wincing this week, right? The first properly sunny weekend of the year is like a siren call to get your toes out, and so we dutifully fish last year’s sandals from the bottom of the wardrobe and prepare to limp our way around town until the buggers have stretched themselves comfy again.

But once the wounds have healed it’ll all be worth it, because sandals are really great this year. From totally flat to modest block heels and wedges, from space age perspex and clear plastic straps to fully earth-mother buckled leather styles, there’s a world of casually chic padding about to be had – and flip flops have never looked so mediocre.

So free your toes from the thong and let them wiggle freely in a pair of these strappy delights.

Hedley sandals, £45 ASOS

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The perfect shade of canary yellow, the perfect single strap, the perfect mini heel - if these Hedley sandals from ASOS don't bring the sunshine out, nothing will.

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The death of the ridicu-shoe: will unwearable heels just trot away now please?

By Lauren Bravo on May 17th, 2013

When even Victoria Beckham hangs up her heels, it might be time to come back down to earth…

Purple Coleen Fonda heels


There’s a thing in fashion, and actually in lots of other things such as water features and Mr Whippy cones, known as the ‘trickle down effect’.

Most people will tell you this is the process by which trends work their way from the catwalk down through the rungs of the fash ladder until they reach the high street, the market stall and eventually the bargain bin. But I prefer to think of it as the process by which the powers that be decide on the next big thing, and then we steadfastly ignore it for five years until we’re ready to accept it into our wardrobes and lives.

Midi skirts, for example, were pushed doggedly season after season, while we all stuck our fingers in our ears and sung “la-la-la-la-la” like an obnoxious toddler, our thighs still in chilly minis until 2011. At least they finally got their moment in the sun, though – wide-legged jeans have been supposedly ‘on their way back’ for almost a decade now, peering through the windows like an uninvited loner at the skinny party, and they’re still showing no sign of getting an invite.

So it’s in light of all this, and with a big whoop of much joy on behalf of my bunions, that I tell you stupid heels are finally going. BUH-BYE, bizzarro-stilts! So long, pain trotters! When even Victoria Beckham – the woman for whom being eight months pregnant in Westminster Abbey called for a pair of brutal six-inch stillies – is proudly showing off her flat Church’s boots on Twitter, we can confidently call time on the reign of the Ridicu-Shoe.

And ohhh, what a tedious reign it has been. Excellent for Compeed and gin distilleries, less successful for feet and female moral. What looked edgy and daring in about 2007 has now become the hallmark of the identikit, hobbling lady on every high street from here to John O-Groates. I’d like to present a graph showing the inverse relationship between average heel heights and the number of us chasing down criminals in the street to perform a citizens arrest, but I’ve been too distracted by my throbbing toes to collect the data.

Of course I’d like to stress firmly here that I am not anti-heel. No siree. I’m not heelist, or indeed heelphobic. Some of my best friends are heels. I’ve worn heels in the snow; heels on the beach. I’m the patient who once held up a trip to A&E because I didn’t want to arrive in flats.

Hobbs Millie sandal £129

Millie sandals, £129 Hobbs

But there is a big difference between the sexy, percussive stride of a really great heel and the debilitating totter of a ridicu-shoe.  For if a shoe fails to do its one, basic function – being a thing you put your foot in and walk on – then it’s not really a shoe. It’s like buying a cup with a hole in it, or a house with no roof. It’s little better than the £400 Louboutin equivalent of those yellow buckets from the Early Learning Centre we used to hold on our feet with string.

But the perfect heel is a rare and wonderful thing – and of course, different for every wearer. For some, it’s one you can dine in, dance in, then march to the kebab shop in; for others, one you can run for the bus in without any fear of stacking it down Kingsland Road (I still have the bruises); for some it’s the barely-there elevation of a half-inch pump, for others a stomper with a whacking great platform.

Personally I’ve always been obsessed with two-inchers. Not mimsy kittens, but sturdy, elegant mid-height heels with a good amount of clop that make your calves look really great. T-bars, Mary-Janes, that sort of thing. On top of a good pair of two-inches I feel powerful and important, like having my own little stage.

Topshop Molly t-bar shoes

Molly T-bar shoes, £35 Topshop

And then of course there are the flats, which finally trickled down and are now set to woosh like a lovely, soothing river into our wardrobes. Brogues have lasted the distance and been rewarded with every colour, fabric and finish under the sun, while jazz shoes, plimsolls, moccasins, proper sporty trainers and Jesus sandals are all still loafing about to help see us merrily through summer.

Just think of all the things we’ll be able to do, now that we don’t have to do it on ridicu-shoes! Maybe we’ll start running for buses when we don’t even NEED to. Maybe we’ll start running, generally. Maybe we’ll just dance harder, faster and longer, then march to the kebab shop without ever having to make foot-pavement content. Maybe giant heels will start looking edgy and daring again, rather than just default.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on the wide-legged jeans though, if I were you.

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Grey City shoes autumn 2012 collection

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 27th, 2012

Shoes and handbags are two of our favourite things to buy. Now these shoes might belong more on the feet of Lady Gaga herself than on the streets of London, but we couldn’t help but to share the autumn collection from Seattle based shoe brand Grey City.

The brainchild of longtime friends, Vikki and Kyle, Grey City’s primary goal is to take current trends, along with timeless classics, and create a fresh and relevant brand geared towards the downtown girl whose style is vast and never ending.

These shoes definitely have attitude.

Grey City 2012

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Image credit: Nordstrom.


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10 women’s ankle boots for a stylish winter

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on October 25th, 2012

Time has come to truly pack away those ballerinas as the Arctic cold is set to hit the British Isles this week and prepare for the wet, subzero (one can hope!) months ahead. Though we did see a girl wear flip-flops the other day. She was also wearing tracksuit bottoms and a sloppy tee, so we won’t really look to her for style inspiration…

For years we’ve particularly liked ankle boots as they go great with both jeans and skirts, and for those with thicker calves there’s no need to worry if they’ll fit or not! With what seems like millions of different styles and colours to choose from this season, we’ve browsed the shops this the shops in detail and picked our ten favourites.

Topshop Jeopardy Shoe Boots £60

Picture 1 of 10

Available fromTopshop, £60.00

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ShinyStyle loves: Dune AW 2012

By Andrea Petrou on July 30th, 2012

Although the summer weather has made a late appearance, our minds are already on what the Autumn/Winter season is going to bring.

One collection we can’t wait to have a look at is Dune’s winter 2012 range, which looks to be amazing. The shoe retailer has this year gone all out, giving a huge nod to the animal print trend with a range of wedges and pumps in its urban weekend collection.

Those seeking a more classic look will love the range of flat and heeled boots , while there’s a huge range of super high heels and sandals for that Christmas party- it’s never too early to start planning….

See the gallery below for our top five.

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Pictures: Exhibition celebrating 20 years of Christian Louboutin red soled shoes

By Andrea Petrou on May 1st, 2012

If you heart Louboutins as much as we do the we suggest you hot foot it down to London’s Design museum, which is paying homage to the designer’s famous footwear.

Marking 20 years of red soled lovelies, the exhibition will run for 10 weeks, and showcases some of the best creations by the talented designer.

Playing on the idea that “every woman wants to be a showgirl”, the exhibition stars burlesque star Dita Von Teese, which appears as a hologram centrepiece amongst sky high heels as well as mirrored plinths, neon signs and velvet sofas.

We’ll see you in the box office queue.

See the gallery below for a sneak peak of the exhibition.

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Christian Louboutin S/S 2012 collection

By Andrea Petrou on April 23rd, 2012

If you’ve had a lucky lottery win or just been saving hard and wanting to spend your money, then Christian Louboutin’s SS 2012 collection has a great range of footwear just waiting to be placed carefully in your shoe closet.

This season the designer has given a huge nod to the 80s stud and neon trends offering statement skyhigh heels with a range of pink, blue and green patterns.

The trademark black court has also been revamped with studs, while wedges are strappy and classic.

Those wishing to go a little bit bling will love the motif covered heels, while strappy heels in gold or silver are great for that timeless look.

Now where’s that credit card.

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The top five worst fashion trends ever

By Andrea Petrou on February 8th, 2012

Leggings as trousers

Picture 1 of 6

Two words: Camel Toe. Just don't do it to yourselves, or us for that matter.

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ShinyStyle loves: Christian Louboutin pre-spring/summer 2012 collection

By Andrea Petrou on December 20th, 2011

Christian Louboutin pre-spring/summer 2012 collection

Picture 1 of 5

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Top five glitter heels for the Christmas party season

By Andrea Petrou on December 6th, 2011

Tabitha shoe boot

Picture 1 of 5

Go all Saturday Night Fever with these 70s inspired shoe boots from Asos

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Bonfire night fashion and what to wear: The casual yet chic look

By Andrea Petrou on November 3rd, 2011

We’re sooo over the style excitement of Halloween and already can’t wait for this weekend’s firework displays. However, dressing for this event isn’t as easy as it seems.

You want to keep warm, yet stay stylish at the same time, and while the heels are calling, they are hardly practical. Therefore we suggest a casual chic look.

Go for a cutesy themed knitted jumper, which will keep you warm but also give a nod to the night and team up with a pair of skinny jeans or jeggings that can be tucked into flat on-trend knee high boots.
Finish off the look with cute mittens and a hat and a chic parka. See the gallerybelow for our best buys.

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Top Five knee high boots for AW 2011

By Andrea Petrou on October 20th, 2011

It’s good news for fans of the knee high boot, with this trend walking right back in for this season.

Gone are the over-the-knee boots with their shorter cousins being paraded by Prada, YSL and Jaeger on the AW 2011 catwalks.

Give a nod to the 60s and wear a pair with a mini skirt or go for a more daytime 40s look and team them up with a midi skirt. For those who want to keep it casual, the over skinny jeans, or with a long knitted sweater looks are also hot.

Buy a pair now and step right into style. Below are our top five. Just click on the links to buy.

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Top five lace up ankle boots

By Andrea Petrou on October 13th, 2011

Suede lace up boots

Picture 1 of 5

Give a nod to this season's hottest trend - that's suede if you've been hiding under a rock - with this boots from Topshop

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Christian Louboutin is releasing a style book about his designs

By emilyborrett on September 22nd, 2011

For anyone who has a little bit of an Achilles heel when it comes to, well, heels, there’s a new glossy hardback coming out that you’ll definitely want on your coffee table as the legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin has revealed he’s planning to release a book on his iconic designs.

Christian Louboutin is like the holy grail of designer heels with his legendary red-bottomed soles, so we can’t wait to take a peek at the new book (currently it’s missing a title, but hopefully Christian will find the time to think one up).

The book is planned to be divided into six chapters, with the first showing the designer’s work earliest in his career, including pieces that created for Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent and the other chapters showing his inspirations, the international stores, and gushing contributions from some of his loveliest, most famous friends – including Dita Von Teese and Kristen Scott Thomas.

We hope it’s out soon – we want it to go riiiiiiight to the top of our Christmas list IMMEDIATELY.

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Cheryl Cole has designed her own shoe line

By emilyborrett on September 15th, 2011

Cheryl Cole has made her first dainty steps into the world of fashion design, as she’s just designed her first ever shoe collection.

Cheryl, everyone’s favourite Geordie lass, is collaborating with the fashion site to create her new line of limited edition shoes – and it’ll go on sale in December. We’re usually sceptical about celebrities attempting fashion design but we might leave a space on our Christmas lists, just in case..

StylistPick’s creative officer Juliet Warkentin said: “We are thrilled to be working with Cheryl. Cheryl is the style icon and is amazingly warm, a quality that has made her the nation’s favourite. We believe that the launch will have a huge fashion impact; establishing fashion’s greatest influencer as a major force in fashion design and further democratising fashion.”

Lovely little Cheryl has remembered that her fans aren’t as rich as she is and made the collection affordable as well as glam, having overseen the entire design process herself “from concept to design and packaging”.

Girls, it’s time to start learning how to totter in our heels like Cheryl. ARE YOU READY?

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