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A guide to New York style, by someone who hasn’t been there yet

By Lauren Bravo on July 21st, 2013

I’m going to New York! I’m going to New York! Bring on the marching band! Pour me a chocolate malted and put a bagel in my face! But what in the name of Gunther do I wear?

I have never been to New York before. I’ve never been to America, in fact. I’ve only got as close as Canada, which as telly would have you believe is about as close as going to Luton airport and saying you’ve seen Big Ben. So because I’ve been waiting a full quarter century of my life to finally take a bite from the Big Apple (and by ‘apple’ I mean ‘baked goods’, and by ‘big’ I mean, “is that a doughnut or a dinghy? Oh well too late I ate it.”), I’m putting a lot of pressure on my outfit choices.

Of course, all of my New York style fantasies until now involved tailored coats, snow, maybe an enormous fur hat or two – I didn’t imagine I’d be schvitzing my way round the concrete jungle in 30 degree heat. But air con-willing, I’ll still be able to reference some of my favourite New Yorkers from TV and film – and not a Manolo in sight.


The Elaine

Elaine Benes

balck and white Dune brogues

£69 Dune

We will truly know that fashion, like childbirth, erases painful memories to allow for its perpetuation when the 90s revival makes us start wanting to dress like Elaine from Seinfeld.

I’ve already felt the first twinges – fancying a pair of black and white platform brogues, poofing up the front of my hair into curly brown halo, craving a Big Salad despite barely liking small ones – but maybe this holiday is the time to really let rip. I could buy a floral-sprigged skirt and enormo-shouldered suit jacket, or a suede waistcoat to wear with some stonewashed Mom jeans. But I’ll beware the lying mirrors at Barney’s, naturally.



The Working Girl

Working Girl

Primark zebra earrings

£2.50 Primark


I recently watched Working Girl for the first time, and I’m not sure how I ever lived without it. I want to ride the Staten Island ferry across the Hudson with the wind in my perm while Carly Simon sings Let the River Run with a gospel choir. I want to apply purple eyeshadow up to my eyebrows and be best friends with Joan Cusack. And while none of those things are likely to happen, I can at least rock a pair of vaguely terrifying drop earrings like these, £2.50 from Primark.



The Hannah

Hannah Girls HBO

Topshop aztec playsuit

£44 Topshop

As we’re staying in Williamsburg and it’s basically the only show in my arsenal that makes New York look fun in the height of summer, Girls will be my primary reference point. I’m aiming for a strategic blend of 50 per cent Jessa, 20 per cent Hannah, 15 per cent Marnie and 15 per cent Shoshannah (entirely hair doughnuts and croissant purses).

The biggest regret of my chaotic pre-holiday packing process is that I haven’t had time to find a pair of shorteralls like Hannah Horvath’s. After all, nothing says ‘summer in the city’ better than a confident crotch-to-leg fabric ratio, and I never could resist draping myself in a nice portmanteau. Ideally I’d want them to be flimsy cotton in one of those prints that look like flowers, then when you get close-up you realise it’s actually tiny alligators, eating their young – but failing that, this Aztec playsuit by Goldie at Topshop will do the trick nicely.


The Diane

Annie Hall


white shorts Missguided

£21.99 Missguided

Diane as in Keaton, one of the finest actresses ever to grace a pair of wide-legged slacks (see also: Katherine Hepburn). Were I going in cooler climes, I’d be running round London right now trying to find tweedy Oxford bags and a tie to create a look I’d lovingly think of as ‘Annie Hall: the busty years’. But as it is I’ll have to be content with her tennis outfit, crisp white shorts, shirt with turned up collar, topknot, socks. That and hunting out Kate Spade’s La Dee Da bangle on request of my co-editor Daisy.

I’ll also state for the record now, when it comes to hair I will be channelling Meryl Streep in Manhattan for as long as I can… before it all sticks to my neck like a merkin in a steam room.



The Rachel/Phoebe/Monica


Friends season 1

Friends was not a clothes show. It was a hair show. We all know that. Never has a feature on the caffeinated sixsome started with a breathless, “the outfits!” followed by a treatise on Monica’s v-necked t-shirts, and it was probably all the better for it.

BUT, cast your mind way back to the early seasons and there are a few gems to be scavenged. Rachel’s crisp white t-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes; Phoebe’s penchant for crushed velvet smocks; Monica’s leather jackets… ok, no. It was a hair show.  I’ll just shut up now and start packing.


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The rookie’s guide to liquid eyeliner (by a long-term lover)

By Lauren Bravo on July 16th, 2013

Eyeliner was introduced to the Western world in the 1920s with the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, and we’ve been getting in a tizzy over it ever since… Here’s how to do kitten flicks without looking like a dog’s dinner

Tutankhamun, early eyeliner icon

Tutankhamun, early eyeliner icon

I am in a make up rut.

I am the Marge Simpson of cosmetics – just the same wardrobe of Max Factor mascara, Garnier BB Cream, Bare Minerals foundation and L’Oréal Superliners in varying levels of crumbling dried-outness, stretching back ad infinitum. The rest of these items will get an upgrade every few years, or fall out of favour for a week or two while I play with something newfangled, but the one constant that always remains is the eyeliner.

Do you remember a time before liquid eyeliner? I do, dimly. I remember crayoning on khol, jabbing white pencils in my tear ducts to ‘brighten’ them, meticulously sponging on lilac shimmer up to my eyebrows – but it wasn’t until liquid liner made its triumphant comeback, around 2005, that I felt like I truly had eyes. Before that they were just plain, blinky holes in my face.

It all changed when the 50s and 60s stormed back into the present, kicked Dido into touch, and replaced the tedium of the early noughties with new icons like Karen O, Alison Mosshart and the queen of them all, Amy Winehouse. Women who gave great eyeliner. And because I was 17 and mastering a kitten flick seemed easier than trying to date someone from a low rent Brighton indie band, liquid liner became my hobby.


These are my eyes.

Eight years on and I’m pretty sure my look has been relegated to the retro cast-offs bin for longer than it was ever fashionable (when Kate Middleton got married in sultry panda eyes, it drew a suitably thick line under eyeliner’s reign as an edgy make up choice), but I don’t care. It defineth my face. And I mean that literally because without it I have an incredibly oval head, like a boiled egg.

Every so often I’ll have a fit of spontaneity and ditch the liner, because it does make my lashes look twice the length, but I just end up squinting into mirrors halfway through the day wondering why there’s a pink balloon with a mouth drawn on, hovering where my head should be.

So like Coco Chanel’s red lipstick and Cindy Crawford’s mole, precision liquid liner is my beauty ‘signature’ – and unlike my actual signature, I’ve become quite good at it after years of practice. So good I feel qualified to lay down my liquid liner laws. Ignore them at your peril! Or just comment below and tell me I’m talking bollocks.



1.    Find your liner life partner

Eyeko Skinny LinerL’Oréal’s original Superliner (£6.49) has seen me quite literally through thick and thin. I love it because it has a flexible nib, somewhere between a felt tip and the flimsy brushes of yore, and because it stays put, but can also be easily wiped off during application if I mess up.

But if you feel more confident with a sturdier tip, Alexa Chung’s favourite is Eyeko’s Skinny Liner (right, £10), which is just like the felt tip you would use to do your famous bubble writing on school projects (bubble writing really was the social currency of the primary years, wasn’t it?).  The inky nib makes it easy to get right up close to the lash line and good for a really sharp flick. Shout out also to Eyeko’s mascaras – I’m in love with the Mascara Wardrobe (£21), which gives you lengthening, volumising and curling wands to swap in and out as you please.

2.    Thou shalt not rush.

Michelangelo didn’t do the Sistine Chapel in half an hour, and your liquid liner deserves the patience of a grand master too. But once you’ve got the knack, it’ll take no longer than shmooshing on a bit of shadow, I promise.

3.    Eyes open!

Yes, yes, we’re all scared of accidentally blinding ourselves. But screwing your eye closed while you apply is only ever going to leave you with a weird feathery line and a blackened tear duct. So eyeball fear in the face, learn not to flinch and keep them open – it makes it far easier to see how your liner is actually going to look when you’re awake, too.

4.    Diff’rent strokes.

One of the biggest myths people to seem to believe about liquid liner is that it needs to be applied in one complete sweep, from inner eye to outer, with no stops, no reversing and no do-overs, or else the make up police burst out from a cupboard and confiscate it in the name of Dusty Springfield and all things holy. NOT TRUE.

The best way is actually to start by using little strokes, bit by bit, to build up a line that perfectly follows the curve of your eyelid. Remember that school science experiment where you built a standing bridge out of wooden blocks? It’s almost, sort of, not entirely unlike that.

5.    To err is human

If you go wrong along the way, don’t just keep painting over the mistakes until you can barely see – stop and wipe off the wonky bits as you go. You can get fancy with a cotton bud and eye make up remover if you like, but my preferred method is spitty finger.

6.    Think thin – at first

Even if you fancy bold, felt-tipped go faster stripes, it’s best to start with a skinny little line right up against your lashes. You can always go back and thicken it afterwards, but drawing it halfway up your eyelid from the off is a sure-fire way to look like an Avril Lavigne tribute act (Avril Latrine).

7.   Keep to your zone

The bigger the eyeliner flicks, the more chance there is they’ll look a bit ropey, or rub off during the day. So as a rule of thumb, the tip of the flick should line up diagonally with the end of your eyebrow and protrude no further.

8.    May the best flick win

Now, you’re a busy lady. You’ve got stuff to do. You’re halfway through that PHD and the cat needs worming and Storage Hunters is on in a minute. You don’t have hours to spend with a protractor, checking the exact angle on each eyeliner flick. I get that.

But nothing undoes the power of a slick lick of liquid liner quicker (or makes your face look wonkier) than mismatched flicks at the end. So my rule is: may the best flick win. Freestyle as best you can, and if one comes out thin and spindly, the other thick and blocky, pick the one you like best, wipe the other off and try to recreate it so they match.


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Statement necklaces: the next generation

By Lauren Bravo on July 4th, 2013

They’re bigger, bolder, and your neck is going to be aching even more. Grab some Deep Heat and embrace the next generation of statement necklaces

If you’ve got a crick in your neck this summer, you’re not alone. As one of the most prevalent trends of the year, massive, scene-stealing necklaces might be taking their toll on the muscles but they’re still a mercy for those who, like me, use costume jewellery to compensate for the fact they’ll probably never be Mayor.

And the good news for chiropractors the country over is that necklaces aren’t shrinking any time soon. The next generation of statement necklaces will be just as big and bold, if slightly less brash – less adorning ourselves with items called “neon warrior”, more precious stones, interesting textures, and a divergence between intricate craftsmanship and things you could have glued together yourself after a rummage in that dusty shoebox you optimistically keep “craft materials” in.

Here are 10 we love:

Box chain rhinestone necklace, £25 Topshop

Picture 1 of 10

Because once the neck strain finally outweighs to style points, we’re predicting a return to more delicate, but still dramatic, pieces like this trinkety number from Topshop. Beautifully colourful without being faddy in neon, it’ll look perfect with bare shoulders on balmy holiday evenings.

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What does your selfie say about you?

By Lauren Bravo on June 17th, 2013

Let she who is without selfies cast the first moan! But if selfies could speakwhat would they say?

Classic pout

“I’m a traditional gal. I don’t deviate. like mild peri-peri on my Nando’s, and Paul McCartney is my favourite Beatle.”

Extreme pout selfie

The extreme pout

Extreme pout

“By playing with the proportions of the conventional photographic pout, I am making a comment on the nature of our society’s obsession with lip-to-face ratio. Also, look at me all minxy.”

Satirical pout

satirical pout selfie

The satirical pout

“This is what people do in selfies, yes? I’ve heard it is, but I can’t be sure as most of my time is taken up with poi swinging, not using Facebook and working on my quinoa recipe blog, Keen-a for Quinoa.”

‘The shoes’

“As this is only 20% a photo of my shoes and 80% a photo of some floor, so you’d be forgiven for commenting, “Hey! Nice floor!”. But that isn’t the intended response.”

‘The legs’

“Legs can’t be narcissistic, right? They’re just legs! Lovely, practical legs! Legs for climbing mountains, dancing a merry jig or, on this occasion, casually lying prone on a sun lounger under a light coating of shimmery body oil.’

the mug selfie

The mug

‘The mug’

“You think this is premium Venezuelan java. It’s actually Robinson’s Fruit & Barley. Now let’s read some Sartre.”

‘The mirror’

“Isn’t this a lovely toilet? Look, they have those nice quilted paper hand towels and everything. Try to focus more on my sassy outfit and less on the fact I’ve just urinated.”

The ‘new hair’

“This is legitimate. I have new hair! I must garner opinions! If a tree falls in the forest and nobody comments on its new hair, does it really exist?”

sleepy selfie

The sleepy

‘The sleepy’

“It’s pretty hectic, being me. But please don’t be associating my tiredness with the same sort of tiredness that produces eye bags and sleep farting and a little trail of crusty drool on one’s face. Mine is a different, sexy tiredness. Je suis fatigue. Look at my artfully rumpled hair. Are you imagining me in bed yet?”

‘The dopey’

“Geez, I’m so ditsy y’all. I didn’t even mean to take this – I was trying to pay my council tax using my online banking app, but before I knew it I’d snapped myself looking adorably gawky with my mouth slightly open. Still, shame to let it go to waste.”

‘The sneezy’

At the time of going to print, this wasn’t yet a selfie trend.

the dopey selfie

The dopey

There is a boyfriend in your photo


Your heads are bent together coyly


His face is partially obscured because he is nuzzling your neck/kissing your cheek


The arms’-reach, almost, just about, could feasibly not be a selfie

“But it obviously is.”

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Eight pairs of dungarees you won’t look ridiculous in

By Lauren Bravo on June 12th, 2013

So you suddenly want to wear dungarees? Us too, don’t worry – here are eight of the best pairs on the high street. Buckle up.

It’s snuck up on us, the dungaree thing. A few months ago they were an outside contender, an unlikely style triumph compared to everything else summer 2013 had to offer. Though if my methods of trend prediction followed the same logic as my methods of betting on the Grand National (choose the one with the funniest name), I’d have been onto a pretty good thing.  Yes, dungarees are suddenly a thing we want to wear.

It happened almost overnight; I just woke up one morning a few weeks ago and shouted “dungarees!” cheerfully to the wall. But of course, woman cannot dress on concept alone, and there’s a potentially long path of trudging through shops and wailing in changing rooms and looking like Valerie Singleton and standing in returns queues before you reach the Cair Paravel of summer styling. By which I mean, rocking dungers (we can call them dungers, yes?) with no Playschool or Bob the Builder comments whatsoever.

To ease the process considerably, I’ve rounded up eight of the most wearable versions from the high street and the internet for you. Blue Peter badge optional.

Boyfriend dungarees, £45 River Island

Picture 1 of 8

Sturdy, denim, utility chic - these full-length dungarees from River Island are so good we'll even forgive them the 'boyfriend' moniker.


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Sleeves of the week! ASOS botanical shift dress £60

By Lauren Bravo on June 8th, 2013

How many kinds of sweet flowers grow… on this lovely ASOS shift dress? Botanical and be-sleeved, it’s our pick of the week.

ASOS botanical shift dress £60Botanical things are usually good things. Botanical gardens, botanical extracts, that odd botanical cola you occasionally get served in hipster pubs. Surprisingly for a word that sounds so much like “botty”, botany itself is a lovely idea – I always like to think that it another life, one in which I’m a sudo-Mitford sister living in a crumbling 1930s manor house, I’d be really into dried flowers and pressing things.

But until that dream can be realised, I’ll settle for a botanical wardrobe instead. And there’s never been a better time to acquire one, as florals have really stepped up their game this season – gone are the mimsy patterns and Cath Kidston clones of yore, and in their place digitally-enhanced psychedelia and photo-realistic prints to bring a slice of nature to even the dingiest urban enclave.

Even better, some of them have sleeves! This bracelet-length ASOS shift dress is fresh as a daisy but far more interesting – with its big, detailed bluebells and foxgloves, it’d be a bit like wearing one of those wallcharts that used to come free with The Guardian. But less papery. Enjoy.

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Sleeves of the week! Topshop tie-dye kimono £60

By Lauren Bravo on May 11th, 2013

Topshop tie dye kimono

Ahh, the cover-up. A far less exciting term when it’s applied to clothes than to TV murder cases, cover ups are the maiden aunt of summer fashion – cumbersome and not much fun, but if you don’t invite them to the party you know it’ll end in the cold shoulder.

When the vast majority of all spring/summer frocks are frustratingly sans sleeve, the cover-up suddenly becomes your goosepimpled arms’ only refuge post-6pm. Or, let’s face it, anytime after the flush of your morning dash-about has cooled and you’ve remembered it’s only actually hot enough for bare arms in the UK about 3.5 days a year, half of which you’ll spend leaning over a freezer cabinet in Londis trying to extract the last un-melted Twister.

And so on you plod through the endless parade of cardigans and blazers and denim jackets, feeling dowdier and a bit more like Lorraine Kelly with every one, until autumn arrives and you can put a proper coat on again.  Unless, that is, UNLESS, you find something dazzlingly awesome and build your outfit around it instead – less cover-up, more ‘I guess convention dictates I wear something under this, but gee, do I have to?’

Enter the kimono. Voluminous, fringed and tie-dye, this Topshop number is both a scene-stealer and a multitasker supreme. Belt it over a black jersey maxi, throw it on with rolled-up jeans, make like the model on the website and wear it over a bikini or just swap it for your dressing gown and lie around on a chaise lounge all day smoking cigarillos and talking to everybody in a Marlene Dietrech voice.

The tie-dye print even makes it look a bit like a thundery British sky, which is fitting. Last year’s bobbly cardigans will tremble in its wake. Cover-up: covered.

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Boom! The loudest prints on the high street

By Lauren Bravo on May 10th, 2013

Still waiting for your prints charming? From tribal to tropical and even a touch of tie-dye, we’ve rounded up the loudest, proudest patterns around

Long gone are the days when ‘print’ meant a polite little floral or a prim polka dot. This summer we’re pretty much being commanded to bedeck ourselves out like our Nan’s conservatory sofa, so it would be rude not to go prints all the way (before they become ‘the art formerly known as prints’ and we have to cover ourselves in symbolic squiggles instead).

As a rule of thumb, if it would look good on a plastic cafe tablecloth then it’ll look GREAT on you this season. ‘Aztec’ and ‘tribal’ are still hanging about like an enthusiastic gap year student at a house party, but there are also ‘tropical’ (think Carmen Miranda), tie-dye (if you’re lucky you’ll still have the stuff you made at Brownie camp) neon paisley (think PG Wodehouse at a rave) and photo prints, which are like wearing an entire landmark destination on your arse. Not that your arse isn’t already a landmark destination, of course.

So here are our pick of the loud, the proud and the really rather busy. Extra marks for clashing them. Points deducted if you apologise for being “a bit bright”.

Printed sleeveless bodycon dress, £32 Topshop


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So you want to look like… Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby

By Lauren Bravo on May 3rd, 2013

Pour yourself a mint julep and swing those pearls – thanks to Baz Luhrmann’s new release, the 1920s are roaring straight back into our wardrobes

Zelda-dress-frock-and-frillAre you a flapper? Do you flap? Not the type you do when you’ve got hot food in your mouth, but the fashion type, currently dancing its way across the silver screen again – on Carey Mulligan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Isla Fisher in The Great Gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece of jazz age ennui.

Decadent, libertine and eternally gorgeous, flapper style is the smart lady’s fancy dress era of choice because it’s more original than the 80s, less polyester-flammable than the 60s and less restrictive than the 50s, all those roomy waistbands allow for far more fun at the buffet table.

In normal life, though, it’s a trickier one to integrate. Unless you work in the kind of office where kooky feather headbands are tolerated round the coffee machine, the look is a more obvious choice for evening, when you can drape yourself in sequins and hit up a speakeasy* (*Wetherspoons). It’s also not an ideal look if you’re prone to spills – pastels and muted neutrals abound, as does Daisy Buchanan’s signature summer white.

Plus there are two other big obstacles to pulling off the 20s trend, and they’re bobbing about on your chest. As Thoroughly Modern Millie showed us with her beads that wouldn’t hang straight, those drop-waisted dresses are friend to the flat-chested gal, but a couple of cup sizes can take you from the beautiful to the damned. Or at least the ‘damn, that dress be hanging off her like a valance sheet’.

But hey – we ain’t about prohibiting here. Just find an embellished deep-V instead, or flap it up with accessories. Mid-heeled T-bars and Mary Janes have a fashion ‘moment’ so often you may as well stock up now, and there’s no desk-to-dancefloor situation (we have those ALL the TIME, right?) that a sequined cape can’t solve.

We’re also rather taken with Gatsby style as bridal inspiration… but one thing at a time, yeah?

Eden bib collar necklace, £19 Accessorize

Picture 1 of 15

I know, I know – you already have twelve ‘statement’ necklaces and you can barely afford the chiropractor. But look how beautiful this one is! Stick it on with a t-shirt and you’ve got downtime Daisy, the look she favoured for schlepping around the morning after all those gin gimlets.

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How can you wear leather? Let us count the ways… Unlikely takes on the hot trend

By Daisy Buchanan on May 1st, 2013

Writer Rachael Krishna explores some leather options. But not in a rude way…

Last October I bought myself a little leather mini skirt from H&M. I was kind of in love with the concept of this skirt: so versatile, so form fitting, I could team it with heels and power dress or with a pair of box fresh trainers for a weekend in Brick Lane. To me, it was a wardrobe refresher. Then my house mate saw it and exclaimed ‘That’s a bit…BDSM Rach…’ With my leather dreams ruined, and feeling more Cat woman than Wonder woman  I retreated into my wardrobe, fearing judging eyes. However, a new season is bringing leather back again, thus I am emerging from my shame ridden hibernation with a whole new leather based out look. Here are my four tips on how to rock leather like never before and shame the neigh sayers.

M&S Autograph Blue leather pencil skirt, £149.99

M&S Autograph Blue leather pencil skirt, £149.99


If Grace Kelly went to Cyberdog: We all know what Cyberdog is right? That place in Camden with the flashing lights and go go dancers? Excellent, well imagine if the Stepford Wives, Lady Penelope, regularly went there for a bit of techno and cage dancing. Think bright leathers (all over A/W 2013) pencil skirts and crisps white blouses. Edgy enough to fit in with the cyber crowd, refined enough for them to hit a debutant ball  for a G & T after.


River Island Black Contrast Panel Leather Look T Shirt, £16.00

River Island Black Contrast Panel Leather Look T Shirt, £16.00


If Twiggy and Viv Westwood had a baby: If only. I’m sure this amalgamation has featured in the rum induced dreams of fashion students across London. The beautiful fantasy that, by means of probably lots of bunsen burners and test tubes, the two fashion icons had a fabulous bubba. But whose style would it embrace? The answer is the best of both worlds. Think Twiggy’s sharp silhouettes combined with Viv’s bold prints and black leather. No baggy shirts, and definitely no monochrome.


Missguided Kyrian Biker Detail Jacket, £47.99

Missguided Kyrian Biker Detail Jacket, £47.99


If Tim Burton dressed the Pope: Work with me on this one. It’s a shame that the Vatican probably wont be calling upon Tim Burton’s design talents any time soon, as the Autumn catwalks were full of religious imagery that looks straight out of Edward Scissorhands’ work shop. Big gold crosses, surrounded by jewels and black lace all held together by our fabulous friend leather. If you don’t want to look too much like you’ve just rolled about in your Grandma’s fabric basket, treat this look as more of a statement piece trend than a full body outing; a definite opportunity to invest in a customised leather jacket.


Nike Mid Leather Blazer Trainer, £49.99

Nike Mid Leather Blazer Trainer, £49.99


If Kelly Kapowski was bitten by a vampire: Tiffany Amber Thiessen spent years captivating the hearts of men across the world, with her tousled locks and all american girl charm. But what if Kelly hung about with the lost boys or had an illicit fling with Tom Cruise’s Lestat.  Go for 90’s teen movie meets  80’s/90’s supernatural horror… tight leather shapes balanced with bright prints and tied together with chunk sneakers. Cute enough to go to The Max, sexy enough to hang with a bitten Brad Pitt.

Follow Rachael on Twitter @RachaelKrishna

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Sleeves of the week! ASOS paisley shift dress, £40

By Lauren Bravo on April 19th, 2013


The sun is finally out! The birds are singing, the children are laughing, across the country our flesh is emerging, mildly shellshocked, from beneath woolly layers to flirt coyly with something light and chiffony, and all the fashion editors are racing frantically to their keyboards to type “the sun is finally out!” at the beginning of an article.

So as the antidote to all that ‘beach ready’ bumf, and because we still live in Britain, not Belize, and because like a lot of women, I’d rather keep my arms under wraps for 90 per cent of the year if it’s all the same to you, here’s our very first Sleeves of the Week – proving that great dresses with sleeves DO exist on the UK high street, if you look hard enough and throw enough magic pennies in the wishing fountain. Cardigans, know your place.

This sprightly green number from ASOS is a nice bright take on what’s usually a wintery print, with elbow-length sleeves to boot – therefore flashing enough wrist to show seasonal willing, but still very firmly With Sleeve.

Plus, I’ve always had a soft spot for paisley. For some it might say ‘Grandad’s pyjamas’, but to me it says ‘has raucous weekend parties in a crumbling castle with Serge Gainsbourg’. Worn right, it’s the very definition of 60s louche.

If you were ever planning on re-enacting Megan from Mad Men’s ‘Zoo be zoo be zoo’ song in a semi-public scenario, this is definitely the frock to do it in.

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With Nails Like This, One Direction Will Date You Too! Little Mix Launch Nailwear Collection

By Daisy Buchanan on April 15th, 2013
Daisy gets nailed!

Daisy gets nailed!

I’ve had a fashion crush on Little Mix since I first clapped eyes on them when Tulisa was using the X Factor as a perfume product placement vehicle, with a subtle arm tattoo.  Jesy, Perrie, Leigh Anne and Jade make the sort of brilliantly bold style choices that inspire us to layer, clash and burn any “sensible greige workwear” that has mysteriously found its way into our wardrobe. After all, greige is clearly not the way to Zayn One Direction’s heart.

Admittedly, I’m not always bold enough to follow their look to the letter – but I love the idea of wearing it on my fingertips. So it was really exciting to hear the girls were collaborating with Elegant Touch.

Working with designer Jenny Pasha and their stylist Alex Knox, the girls have each created a false nail and wrap design reflecting their personalities. Jesy’s black stud effect press ons are awesomely edgy, but Perrie’s alternate stars and sparkle design was the one that won me over.

Elegant Touch Perrie Press On Nails, £6,

Elegant Touch Perrie Press On Nails, £6,

The wraps can last for over a week if you look after your nails, and the falsies will keep going for around three days, although they’re perfect for parties and less perfect for writers on deadline (Perrie, if you’re reading this – how do you type?) Luckily the nails come with adhesive backing, so they’re much easier to apply than traditional, glue on falsies – you press ‘em on and peel ‘em off, so you can use them next time you have a big hand based event, like some shadow puppetry or a demonstration slot in home shopping channel.

The nails and wraps are available exclusively from New Look for £6.

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Beauty tip: How to get Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Golden Globes red carpet hair

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 14th, 2013

We’re still digesting the dresses and looks from last night’s red carpet at the 70th Golden Globes Awards. As we filter through all the gowns to bring you our favourite looks from yesterday, here’s a sneak-peek: the beauty of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The Burberry model graced the red carpet looking effortlessly glamorous in a black Saint Laurent Paris gown, teamed with her statement blonde locks and natural makeup. If you’d like to try emulating Rosie’s hairstyle, Vidal Sassoon stylist Cervando – who styled the British beauty –  has the inside scoop on how to get the modern, chic hairstyle which was inspired by the fashion runways of Paris.

How to get Rosie’s look:

First start by prepping wet hair with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Repair & Finish Spray to protect hair while blow-drying it.

Rough blow dry hair until it’s 75% dry. Starting at the nape of the neck, blow dry hair in small sections using a medium sized boar bristle round brush.

Starting at the part, twist hair along the hairline until the temple, and then create a small roll. Place a small metal hairpin in the roll to build height. Spray the area with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Extra Firm Hold Hairspray and let it set for 20 minutes, allowing the hair to take form around the pin. Remove pin and spritz with hairspray for control.

Apply a small amount of Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Extreme Smooth Combing Crème to smooth hair and tame flyaways.

To finish, sweep hair over one shoulder and spray Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Extra Firm Hold Hairspray to hold in place while leaving it with lots of natural movement.

Images: Press Association

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How to dress like The Killing’s Sarah Lund – including that Nordic jumper!

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on November 21st, 2012

Photo: DKWe’re obsessed with Nordic Noir and especially The Killing, which is now in its third and final series (sulk..). For those who sat down and watched the first two episodes at the weekend would rejoice that Scandinavian crime heroine Sarah Lund (aka Sofie Gråbøl) is back – and she’s got a new jumper! And a rather dashing co-star, Mathias Borch (played by Nikolaj Lie Kaas)…

But this time around the currently most talked about knitwear piece isn’t due to its previously mentioned superpowers, but the fact that it is… well rather boring. A white and black tyre track patterned thing, it didn’t get us as excited as the Gudrun & Gudrun marvel from season one. Can it be? Can our favourite series from the North be ending on a fashion low?

There might be more twists that expected (we’ve already had a few dead bodies and an abduction) as the publicity shots released for the final season show Sofie Gråbøl with her trademark messy ponytail  and a navy Nordic jumper which has (cue excitement!) the same pattern as the original Jumper, just a different colour!

Could it be that as the series progresses, we will see a return of the much loved Faroese jumper? Well the navy knitwear by Gudrun & Gudrun is on sale now for €280 (£226)…

If you want to emulate Sarah Lund’s style and make a killing in the fashion stakes this winter, team a chunky Nordic-style jumper with faded blue jeans and a pair of heels. And don’t forget that messy ponytail and understated make-up.

 Jeans: Lee, £79.90 / Jumper: Gudrun & Gudrun,  €280.00 / Shoes: Topshop, £110.00

Not a fan of blue? Take a look at our top 10 jumpers fit for a Nordic Noir heroine or the best Nordic and Fair Isle patterned jumpers this winter.

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Everyone’s wearing: The red dress

By Andrea Petrou on June 7th, 2012

Kate Middleton dazzled in a red dress, complete with a pleated skirt and hat, when she stepped on board the Royal Barge for the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant this weekend.

However, she’s not the only A-lister turning to this hue in a bid to make an impact. That’s right ladies it seems the LBD is this year being replaced by the red frock with a range of celebrities and designers showing off this colour.

Prada and Marc Jacobs were two of the designers which showed off red frocks, while Emma Stone, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Kylie Minogue are just a few of the celebrities showcasing this look.

See the gallery below for some inspiration.

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