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Fashion ComPassion reviewed – Yes Mum, Fashion Really Is Worthwhile

By Daisy Buchanan on July 1st, 2013
Fashion ComPassion is SHINY!

Fashion ComPassion is SHINY!

Writer Janina Matthewson investigates what truly ethical fashion is all about…SPOILER ALERT: There is no hemp.

In a world where the list of big business tax dodgers grows ever longer and we keep realising we’ve forgotten who to boycott, it’s easy to forget that there are people not just willing, but determined, to do business in an ethical way. And I’m not talking about sourcing copy paper from sustainable forests for 20p more, I mean properly, seriously, bettering the world by their existence.

Such a business is Fashion ComPassion, a fashion retailer (Obviously, and with compassion, also obviously, and passion) who source their brands hell bent on bettering the lives of the people that work for them. Fashion ComPassion recently held an Eco-Fair at the Debut Contemporary art gallery, and I got to go along and see some of their awesome products, and meat some of their excellent people.

Being that the event was in an art gallery, and embracing the fact that fashion is a form of art, each of the four brands showcased was paired with the work of one of the Debut Contemporary’s contributors. So it was that Anja Kleemann-Jacks, an artist who specialises in incorporating found objects, finds a necklace by SUPU draped across a painting. The necklace, and the SUPU collection as a whole, is stunning; handcrafted jewellery made in Kenya by Masai artisans, who are given marketing training while they work.

Also on display are the SO COMPLETELY PRACTICAL clutches of Rags2Riches, who, in spite of the fact that they have a number instead of a word, appear to be geniuses. Artisans from all over the Philippines craft bags from recycled fabrics, and they have solved one of the greatest problems of being elegant: the fact that a flat clutch is never going to close if you put anything at all in it. Their cheerily coloured clutches are sturdy and structured, with plenty of built in room, with some of them being up to two inches wide. Pairing them with the sculpture of David Booth was obviously an appropriate move for these structural masterminds.

The sorely tempting silk scarves of ABO London are essentially paintings in clothing form. All based on the work of managing director Aliya Boranbayeva, they flow like water and flame with colour.

The literally outstanding art of Laura Iosifescu, who paints with oil so think it takes years to dry, a technique she calls “living art,” hangs above the jewellery collection of BACA. The brainchild of Kevin Ackermann, BACA partners with Eden Ministry and Maiti Nepal to rehabilitate victims of human trafficking. Under the supervision of designers from around the world, women saved from sexual exploitation are taught to make jewellery, and to live independent lives.

It’s Ackermann that sums up the work of Fashion ComPassion when he points out that, for most people, charity and commerce are separate things. People give to charities with the money that they’ve earned from commerce. When the two are united, however, they can lead to a truly sustainable world.

Follow Janina on Twitter @J9andIf

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Florence Welch designs jewellery line

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on February 6th, 2013

Looks like we have another singer-turned-designer among us. Florence and the Machine singer Florence Welch has revealed a new jewellery line that will be sold exclusively online at her Flotique store and features geometric shapes and statement drop chains. Prices start at £20. We like!



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Preview: Lola & Grace spring 2013 jewellery collection

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 11th, 2013

This morning, we’re happy to bring you a sneak-peek of Lola & Grace’s spring 2013 jewellery collection, which revolves around three key trends: Graffiti, Automated Beauty and Colour Up. Needless to say the collection is colourful – a vibrant colour palette of fuchsia, indigo and yellow will make sure you get noticed. Key pieces include pop art inspired pendants with tongue in cheek captions, chunky bracelets in resin, and long draped necklaces and earrings that embraces the carnival spirit of Latin America.


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lola&grace autumn 2012

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on August 24th, 2012

Fashion jewellery brand lola&grace is offering style savvy shoppers a choice of three collections for autumn 2012. From ethnic global traveller inspired designs and prints to city-chic influences, you’ll find something to your taste in the Travel Snaps, Street Chic and Essentials collections.

This the Street Chic range is our favourite with its nod to Victorian London…

Street Chic

Picture 1 of 10


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Halloween Costume ideas: Top five skull jewellery pieces

By Andrea Petrou on October 26th, 2011

Halloween is almost upon us and we can’t wait. However, you don’t have to save your scary style until that party.

Instead we heart the idea of giving a subtle nod to the eerie evening a little bit beforehand with jewellery.

There’s a huge range of skull necklaces, rings and earrings out there at the moment, which can be worn to either complete that Halloween outfit or with a casual pair of jeans and smart top in the lead up to the night.

Go for a subtle skull necklace or bling it up with a diamante ring. Whatever you choose you’ll be scarily on-trend.

See the gallerybelow for our top five.

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Zandra Rhodes would never go out without accessories

By emilyborrett on August 22nd, 2011

The bonkers designer Zandra Rhodes, who is currently working on a new accessories range with Adele Marie, says that she could never be without jewellery or accessories. We know you couldn’t, Zandra, we’ve seen you!

Zandra’s new collection was designed in accordance with her own personal love for trinkets and beads. She said: “Firstly, I never go out without jewellery, ever! When I saw what Adele Marie did I knew that this was jewellery that I could be wearing. As a designer you have to want to wear what you are putting out. I like to get away and take inspiration from the kind of things I want to be wearing. With collaborations it’s different – we merge our ideas and visions together.”

Mama Rhodes’ new collection, basically, is for women like her who aren’t too scared to make a few brave choices about their look.

She told Marie Claire: “It’s for women who just want to wear a unique piece of jewellery. They’re very strong pieces, which emulate me. It’s not shy jewellery; it’s for women who want to make a statement.”

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Kate Hudson’s new jewellery line reflects her personality

By emilyborrett on August 15th, 2011

Kate Hudson’s new jewellery line is said to reflect the actress’ light, carefree personality.

The blonde surfer-girl actress, who is famed for her hippyish bohemian style, has collaborated with her friend Laurie Lee Stark to create the new line “CK+KH”, which specialises in jewellery charms and accessories.

Laurie told Elle magazine: “We use a lot of aquamarines because Kate loves them. But to me they also evoke her personality. She’s so open and light.”

The design duo also have Kate’s famous mother, Goldie Hawn, to thank, as Kate has admitted her iconic mother inspired her own tastes. She confessed that her love for jewellery was sparked as a child when she saw Goldie wearing a particular choker necklace.

Kate said: “It was one of the first pieces I ever remember my mother wearing, and it was like, ‘Wow, I hope one day I get to wear jewellery like that’.”

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Trend Alert: Vampy ’40s jewellery from GlitzySecrets

By emilyborrett on August 11th, 2011

Peacock in Paradise Brooch

Donna Karan Autumn/Winter 2011

I’m a very happy bunny right now, as one of my absolute favourite looks is going to be totally massive this season – and that is full on old Hollywood detective-movie 1940s glamour, complete with jewels and furs. Today I’m concentrating on the jewels – some beautiful antique-look costume jewellery can make even the simplest of outfits glamorous and on-trend.
Designers such as Gucci, Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs were all over the look on the catwalk, teaming sumptuous furs and nipped-at-the-waist tweed with darkly glittering gems and jewels to match the models’ lips. For costume jewellery, I’m a massive fan of the site GlitzySecrets, whose jewellery designs look like they should cost a thousand pounds per piece – but they don’t, as you can get a piece of timeless vintage-inspired jewellery for £15.
Whether you’re a lover or not of a head-to-toe vintage look, it doesn’t matter as some simple 1940s-style costume jewellery can make a simple black maxi dress or a skirt and top look dramatic – and make an outfit look a lot more expensive than it actually is. Along with GlitzySecret’s beautiful jewellery, it’s also worth checking charity shops as they often sell lovely second-hand pieces.
Check out the gallery above for our favourite bits and bobs from GlitzySecrets.

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Hot jewellery trend: Ghetto-style statement earrings

By emilyborrett on August 3rd, 2011

80s girl-rap group Salt-N-Pepa are our jewellery icons this season - it's all gotta be gold, tacky and huge

Picture 1 of 9

If you have a soft spot for cheesy, tacky 80s and 90s fashion, which thanks to the likes of Ungaro and Henry Holland is now acceptable to admit to liking (any still from the Fresh Prince could easily be part of a lookbook now) then you’ll be all “OMG” over the upcoming jewellery trend, which is all about tackiness and over-the-top bling a la Salt-N-Pepa. S-s-s-s-s-Salt and Pepa’s here!

Last year you had to trek to the middle of a market in South London to buy jewellery like this but now the high street is cottoning on to it as well and replicating the retro styles of eighties jewellery – but if you enjoy the hunt, it’s worth digging through charity shops and vintage stores for the real thing.

This is not a trend for the shy and the meek – if you’re going to wear jewellery like this you have to wear it LOUD, and with the attitude to back it up. I’m going to go and practise my swagger right now while you guys check out the best ghetto-girl earrings you can get online in the gallery above.

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Shiny Style loves: Jewellery at RockNRose

By emilyborrett on July 27th, 2011

Butterfly Headband

Here at ShinyStyle we’re all suckers for quirky, unusual accessories to add interest to a trusty old outfit. I’m especially a fan of vintage-inspired designs, which are having a bit of a revival at the moment, so it was great to finally check out the up-and-coming jewellery brand RockNRose today and see what their store is all about. What I found was a riotous and quite magical explosion of colour and shape which took inspiration from antiques and Victoriana to create a new, exciting jewellery brand. Pixie Lott and Peaches Geldof are already fans.

Especially exciting is their special collection of intricate headbands. If you’ve ever fancied a high-drama, quirky look like Anna Dello Russo or similar, this is the place to try it out, as RockNRose offers a pretty and theatrical array of fascinators. Our personal favourite is their much sought-after hummingbird headpiece, which is handpainted leather and gives a nod to this Autumn/Winter’s craft trends – wear it with a cocktail dress for a cool and exciting party look.

As well as their own vintage-inspired designs, they sell the real thing. Check out the Vintage section of their online store for specially sourced, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Have a peek at the gallery for our favourite bits and bobs from the RockNRose store – and girls, don’t buy everything at once!

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Best celebrity gold

By shinychris on June 21st, 2011

Usher: Well known for his bling

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Celebrities are well known for their unique approach to gold and how to wear it. We’re not just talking about jewellery either; gold items bought by celebrities include full mouths of gold teeth and golden toilet seats. This article will talk about the celebrity gold craze and some amazing items that have been created for them!

Having lots of disposable income brings out creativity in a lot of people and celebrities are definitely no exception! Here goes:

Nelly: This loaded rapper is well known for his addiction to gold and diamonds and is rumoured to have spend $5M on a gold and diamond necklace. 50 Cent has been quoted as saying he worries about his fellow rapper’s addiction to bling. Coming from 50 Cent, that’s incredible!

Jennifer Aniston: You wouldn’t think this actress had a penchant for gold bling. Well, it turns out she loves gold Rolex watches. Jennifer, Reese Witherspoon and Renee Zellweger have all been spotted sporting these golden lovelies that must weigh an absolute ton!

Usher: what article on bling would be complete without mentioning Usher’s “U” medallion? This iconic gold and diamond piece has appeared in countless of his videos. We’re not sure how much it’s worth but we do know that he could be worth $77M so it won’t be cheap!

Kanye West: ah yes, the king of extravagance Kanye West! He turned up to an awards show in June wearing a $300,000 solid gold Egyptian inspired Horus necklace. Way to make an entrance!

Bling is fascinating and always will be! Can you imagine what some of these items would fetch if sent to a cash for gold company?

There are lots of cash for gold companies out there who always have the fact that they pay the best price for gold as part of their mission statement. However, they can’t all pay the best. There has to be one gold buyer that shines above the rest with regards to both the generous cash payments given to customers for their gold and the customer service the customers enjoy throughout the process. This company is called

Who are is based in the beautiful seaside town of Bournemouth in Dorset. They’re well known for their considerable knowledge of the gold buying world and for their excellent, friendly customer service.

They give their customers the very best prices when they sell gold and are able to do this because they do not advertise on TV. This means they can plough more money directly into the pockets of their customers so that they come back again and again.

Why not see how you can benefit by going to and requesting a Gold Selling Pack and finding out how to sell gold for cash? You will be amazed!

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Kate Hudson is collaborating with Chrome Hearts on a jewellery line.

By Andrea Petrou on April 27th, 2011

Kate Hudson is collaborating with Chrome Hearts on a jewellery line.

The ‘A Little Bit Of Heaven’ actress is the first actress to partner with the company on a range, which will be called CH + KH and sees Kate team with Chrome Hearts founders and close friends, husband and wife tram Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark.

According to WWD, the collection – a one-off set for now – will be 18 and 22 carat gold bohemian pieces set with white diamonds, fresh water pearls and aquamarine, green tourmaline, peridot and citrine gemstones and will launch in late summer in selected Chrome Hearts stores.

Kate is currently expecting her first child with boyfriend, Muse rocker Matt Bellamy, and recently said although she does not know the sex of the baby, she thinks they will have a girl after doing a “pendulum test”.

Kate – who also has a seven-year-old son, Ryder, from her marriage to Chris Robinson – said: “So here’s the pendulum test. You take a piece of hair and you take a ring, and you string it through – this is very witchy of me!

“And then what you do is you hold it over your stomach. And then if it moves in a circle, it’s a girl and a boy goes back and forth.”

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ShinyStyle loves: Quirky jewellery at Chelsea Doll

By Andrea Petrou on March 24th, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

Birdsong Necklace

You may remember that a while back we looked at the boutique online jewellers Chelsea Doll, whose speciality was a charming blend of quirkiness, with a few of the current trends mixed in for good measure. Well, it’s been a while since we had a look at their site, and we have to say that this is a boutique who has only gone from strength to strength since we were last there. Once selling a limited selection of their sweet designs, now they have absolutely masses to choose from – and there’s something for everybody.

If it’s cutesy, ironic kitsch that you’re after, as seen in the past few seasons at Louis Vuitton and and Miu Miu, then Chelsea Doll is the place to look. Birds, insects, vintage homewares and flowers – all key themes in Chelsea Doll design which will add a cute twist to any outfit.

Our absolute favourite piece is the frankly adorable “Birdsong” necklace, which is a row of tiny sparkling birds on a silver chain. How very Miu Miu! Or if you want to go further down the opposite route to toughen up your outfit, there’s a great series of skull jewellery which will add a great twist to a party dress or girlie outfit – we absolutely love their scarlet crystal-studded skull earrings.

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ShinyStyle loves: Jewellery on Asos Marketplace

By Andrea Petrou on February 4th, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

Last week we gushingly wrote up the marvel that is Asos Marketplace and put up a gallery of some of our favourite pieces from the online boutique “Never Fully Dressed”. But today we’re going to look at their amazing jewellery section, which sells beautiful, ornate statement pieces that are a snip coming in at under twenty pounds. If you want to give your wardrobe a new lease of life, but aren’t particularly tempted by what’s on the high street at the moment, why not just re-vamp old outfits with some stunning new eye-catching jewellery.

If you’re a fan of grungy dressers such as the Olsens and are a bit unimpressed by the jewellery available on the high street, then Asos Marketplace is the ultimate jewellery mecca for you. Heavy metals, designer-style animal pendants and heavily bejewelled cocktail rings are all there on the site, just crying out for you to team up with your favourite LBD and some spiky heels. Not sold on the idea yet? Check out the gallery below for our favourite pieces.

Vintage Snake Pendant

Picture 1 of 11

This snake pendant would look amazing with a black maxi.

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Valentines Day heart shaped jewellery

By Andrea Petrou on February 3rd, 2011

Heart earrings

Picture 1 of 5

We er, heart these earrings from Kit Heath

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