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Shiny Gets Styling With M&S – Part One

By Daisy Buchanan on August 14th, 2013

tie 200At Shiny, we love a challenge – and to be honest, the usual ones we undertake are of the “I bet you can’t eat all these sausages!” variety. So we were thrilled when M&S asked us to undertake a proper, grown up challenge – being given a budget to style someone up in the best pieces from their ranges. And that person would be a man. It was to be our first major foray into menswear – and we’re keen that it won’t be the last.

We were asked to style up competition winner Alec, who had just graduated from his police training with the MET. His partner, had asked if M&S could find Alex the perfect suit so he could celebrate his achievements in style at a special dinner.

We knew that styling Alec would be exciting, but challenging too – and the biggest challenge of all would be listening to Alex and making sure our own feelings about fashion didn’t influence him too heavily, and that he ended up picking the outfit that suited his personality best.

Come back tomorrow to find out how we got on. Did we manage to avoid any Fast Show suits you references? Did we have to chase each other around the menswear department with tape measures a la Benny Hill? Were we allowed inside the actual men’s changing rooms? All these questions – and more – will be answered.

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Nominate us for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013!

By Daisy Buchanan on May 29th, 2013

If we’ve made you laugh, smile – or, well, shop – recently, we’d love it if you nominated us for this year’s Cosmopolitan Blog Awards…

(It would give us an excuse to put a nice frock on and get our hair did)

Nominate here – in the Established Fashion Blog category

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards

Thank you!

Lauren and Daisy



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Dr Brandt’s CC Cream reviewed – Nothing to CC here – just clear skin

By Daisy Buchanan on May 16th, 2013

I confess that I would be much, much more comfortable if we all just used foundation. It’s all got so fiddly. There’s special primer for your eyes, now. We have to clean our faces with giant electric toothbrushes. We’re romping down the alphabet, giddly inventing more problems, more solutions, more stuff. Our bags, bathrooms and bodies are crammed full of products, teetering islands of cosmetic torture glistening under Radon.

Dr Brandt CC Mat, £34, available exclusively from

Dr Brandt CC Mat, £34, available exclusively from

But when I calm down, take a deep breath and stop riffing on Daisy Steiner’s Ode To A VCR, I realise some stuff is invented to make our routines simpler, not more complicated. And so it is with Dr Brandt CC cream. I do like a BB cream, but they can be a little lightweight for me. (For what it’s worth, esteemed coeditor Lauren Bravo swears by nothing but BB cream and a little powder, and she has skin like a duchesses’ freshly plumped peach satin pillow case.) Dr Brandt was the CC cream pioneer – stop laughing, that’s a thing! – and invented an all in one, oil free, mattifying formula created to even out your skin tone, so you can look as smooth and evenly toned as someone in an advertisement.

The cream feels quite heavy – hardcore BB fans might be alarmed by this, but I loved the fullness of the coverage – it was reassuringly textured, like an enevelope full of birthday money. And as well as instantly mattifying your skin, the formula reduces oil production over time, so you’re investing in future non-shininess. (Obviously we are PRO Shinyness – but no-one likes face shininess). It’s perfect for summer as it has an SPF of 30, and it has staying power – you could probably wear it during Bikram and it wouldn’t slide off your face.

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The great anti ageing debate and the skincare that works

By Daisy Buchanan on April 22nd, 2013

I am old, I am old. I shall wear the bottom of my trousers rolled.

I’m ambivalent about being 28. Well, I’m only about seven weeks into it, to be fair. And I definitely prefer the latter stages of my twenties to the first part. My professional and romantic lives are fulfilling, and no longer resemble a high concept practical joke fuelled by fluids (including but not limited to white wine, semen, urine and tears, in both areas). I now have access to a bathroom that is improved with the use of a Diptyque Gardenia candle, not a deep breath and a pair of flip flops. I’ve learned you get more use out of one beautifully cut dress that costs £70 than ten £7 dresses that turn your tits into ever expanding comedy beach balls and show your knickers when you cough.

Me at 22 - not doing that again.

Me at 22 – not doing that again.

I wouldn’t be 22 again for a million pounds – although part of the problem with being 22 was that I was poor as a church mouse who could well be the subject of a Children In Need style telethon event in which other church mice were being asked to donate. (“Just one dropping a month could save Daisy’s life.”) A million quid would have improved things significantly. But I don’t miss spending four nights out of seven smoking in the doorway of the now defunct Metro and then choosing between the vomity nightbus and the stabby nightbus. I don’t miss going out with boys that I spent hours analysing, analysis that invariably ended with a wailed “I just want to know whether we’re actually going out or not!” I don’t miss doing jobs that paid in fabulousness, and going out to swaggy parties covered in free glitter knowing I was over my overdraft and there was a good chance my debit card would get declined when I tried to top up my Oyster. And I don’t miss my fresh facedness. In my early twenties, I had yet to grow into myself. Plump, unlined, dewy skin is all well and good, but I looked like a MAC’d up Cletus The Slack Jawed Yokel. At 28, I don’t regard my unmade up face as a doughy horror show. I think that’s a little bit because age has defined my features, and a lot because I finally have some healthy perspective.

But I’m old enough to know that I’m no longer young enough to sleep in my make up. That it’s probably time for a bit of a regime change. The Roi de Laissez Faire may be pretty chilled out and undemanding as long as you keep everything clean and moisturised, but he’s not really up to the job in the long term. It’s time for Kaiser Knuckledown.

As a skincare term, anti-ageing puts the willies up me. It’s anti feminist. It’s why Prof Mary Beard was treated so appallingly. It’s a buzz phrase for an industry that sometimes seems bent on disrespecting our experience. It wants us unlined and unformed, for maximum sex appeal – which is a ridiculous idea, as anyone who has ever forced Susan Sarandon to stand next to Miley Cyrus will testify.

Then again, I don’t want my face to look like a relief map of the Lake District in 10 years. I don’t want to not age, ever. But if regular, gentle product application can keep everything smooth and supple, I’m going to do it. Which is why I have fallen on Radical Skincare like an ant discovering a melted Calyppo. It’s beautifully made, effective stuff for lazy people who are happy to spend a bit of money in order to look their age, to stop themselves panicking and spending thousands in order to look their shoe size in years to come.

Radical Skincare is a word of mouth, A-listery phenomenon founded by two sisters who were looking to do something for their rosacea and newly lined post pregnancy skin (That’s face skin – no giggling at the back.) And their father, a non cosmetic plastic surgeon, had a lab, and the space and expertise to help them develop something tailor made. And their friends loved it, and their friends loved it, and there was enough demand to develop the brand which has just launched in the UK. The surgery element sounds scary, but there’s a strong focus on antioxidants, and all the products are paraben free – it’s science and nature coming together like Hall and Oates.

Radical serum 200 8287301_fpx

I am in love with the Youth Infusion serum  – it’s a lightly scented, silkily textured insta-brightener that is absorbed by your skin faster than Mo Farah (if he were to temporarily take the form of liquid, a la Alex Mack). After three days, my skin tone is brighter, fresher and evened out. It’s as if I’ve been getting regular, sustained amounts of top level sleep – and I’m the worst sleeper in the world.

A hundred and twenty bucks is definitely the higher end of high end – you do get what you pay for with Radical, but if the bulk of your cash is for rent and gas bills and bailing out Wayward Old Uncle Aloysius, the range starts at £30 – and the Instant Revitalizing Mask(£40) is facial-in-a-bottle good. It crackles on your skin, which is slightly disconcerting but not unpleasant, like a very gentle Space Dust for the face. In three minutes, it delivers that smooth, rested, erm, revitalised look – you could swear in court that you’d been drinking spinach smoothies for a fortnight and the jury would be unanimously convinced.


If you’re in your late twenties or early thirties, and reluctant about dipping a toe in the anti ageing pool (you think you saw Cher’s old scab covered Elastoplast floating near the filter) the Radical On The Move set is a good way to start paddling. It includes miniature versions of their four best sellers – the serum, Restorative Moisture, Eye Revive Creme, Hydrating Cleanser and Age Defying Exfoliating Pads for £39. For the price of a two way Speedy Boarding upgrade, you could look like you spent two months at Bono’s place in Barbados without Bono being there.

Think of anti ageing as a bit of a due dilligence thing. You can’t stop yourself from growing up any more than King Canute can throw his hands up and halt the progress of a Splashdown wave machine. But a little care and attention now will pay off in the long run, like a pension. As long as you’re not getting skincare advice from Robert Maxwell, you’re going to be alright.

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The crazy tour demands of Lady Gaga revealed

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on February 6th, 2013

Lady Gaga Sighting - TokyoShe’s known for wearing dresses made from prime steak and dressing up in outrageously weird fashion-forward outfits that make even the biggest exhibitionists around look twice. But now a darker, weirder side of the self-proclaimed Mother Monster has been revealed. We know, she can’t get darker or weirder can she?

Lady Gaga is being sued by her former best friend and personal assistant Jennifer O’Neill for unpaid overtime, and that ladies and gentlemen – a lawsuit between a disgruntled former slave friend and celebrity – usually brings out the darkest, weirdest, twisted facts about the relationship and the personal habits and demands of the celeb.

In a 14-page document recently revealed in the court proceedings the insane demands made by the star have been made public. Joy! The singer apparently requests a pink-haired mannequin to keep her company while chilling out in her dressing room as well as any type of cheese you could think of and silver satin bed sheets. Don’t think that’s weird enough? There’s more…

The Born This Way singer also requested that her room was kitted out with posters of David Bowie, Queen and Elton John, and during The Monster Ball Tour in 2009-11, her dressing-room was to be furnished with white leather sofas and yellow, lavender or white roses. Standard.

And with this Lady Gaga joins the celebs who are batshit crazy and have more demands than the Queen. But we’re not sure she beats diva Mariah Carey, whose tour and promo appearance demands are said to have included Cristal champagne (to be consumed via bendy straws) – later replaced with a $200 bottle of cabernet sauvignon, pink confetti in the shape of butterflies, and get this, 20 WHITE KITTENS (a necessity for turning on Christmas lights in Westfield). Luckily the latter was stopped by British Health and Safety officials.

Photo: Press Association 

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5 pairs of trousers Parisian women can finally wear after absurd law denying them from wearing ‘men’s clothing’ is abolished

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on February 5th, 2013

French Connection - £70

Picture 1 of 5

Stand out from the crowd with these red trousers from French Connection.

In this day and age you’d think we’d come a long way in women’s rights and abolished silly rules about what women can and can’t wear. But as it turned out, until recently Parisian women were breaking the law each time they donned their best trousers to run daily errands, go to work or meet friends at a café by the river. Yep, hidden in the depths of French law was an archaic by-law from 1799 which  stipulated that any woman wishing to wear men’s clothing in the French capital had to seek official permission from the city authorities.

It all ties in with the French revolution, when the working class fashion of wearing long trousers – as opposed to aristocratic knee-length ‘culottes’  became a symbol of the movement.

Anyway this absurd law has now been officially been confirmed null and void and Parisian women can finally legally wear trousers. Hurrah!



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Celia Birtwell collaborates with Uniqlo

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 30th, 2013


Designer Celia Birtwell is following in the footsteps of Orla Kiely, Lulu Guinness and Laura Asley, and is collaborating with Japanese chain Uniqlo.

Her signature floral prints will be found on a  capsule collection of t-shirt, vests, cropped palazzo pants and bags which will be in store from 21 March.

Prices will range from £10 for bags to around£30 for a dress.


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Marios Schwab designs first lingerie collection, Kallisti, exclusively for ASOS

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 29th, 2013


London based designer Marios Schwab has designed his first underwear collection, Kallisti. The capsule collection is a modern range of mesh bras (£35) and briefs (£20), and a body (£50) that come in jet black, bold coral and bright mustard. It is being sold exclusively at ASOS.

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Rihanna for River Island preview video released ahead of London Fashion Week debut

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 28th, 2013

The world is eagerly awaiting the collection Rihanna has done for River Island, which will be shown at London Fashion Week in February. And as is usual to keep momentum, a little teaser video has been released to ensure fans are kept on the edge of their seats.

In the clip, the 24-year-old singer is followed around as she fits models and discusses the details with her co-designer in the high street brand’s design studio.

Rihanna says:  She says: “The collection is casual, it’s chic, it’s flirty … I wanted all types of girls to be able to wear this and feel comfortable but edgy. I wanted there to be character within the clothes, but without it trying too hard. It’s just simple.”

The collection goes on sale on March 5th and will be unveiled at London Fashion Week with a full catwalk show and after party. We expect Rihanna to cater for the music as well as the fashion at that party!

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Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts is the new face of… Dulux

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 25th, 2013

We often dream about being the stunning representative of brands we love, and some celebrities are lucky in this area: expensive watches, make-up, jewellery… You name it. Then there are celebrity endorsements that are just plain weird.

Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts have become the latest to join the club of strange celebrity endorsements after signing on the dotted line to promote a colour of paint. We thought you had your own make-up brand Nicola…

The 27-year-old has appeared in a series of promotional shots for Dulux. As lovely as you look Nicola, this is not our cup of tea. Wonder if you thought you were signing up to endorse safe sex and Durux…

These photos make us want to buy Dulux paint as much as we’d like a payday loan by the company fronted by Kerry Katona.

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Vanessa Paradis unveiled as celebrity face of H&M Conscious

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 22nd, 2013

Vanessa Paradis for H&M Conscious

Picture 1 of 8

Will these photos make Johnny Depp green with envy? Who knows, but his ex-partner Vanessa Paradis sure looks great!

The French singer has been revealed as the new celebrity face of H&M’s environmentally-aware collection, Conscious. In just released photos, a tousled-haired is Vanessa modelling key items from the new collection, which has been made using organic cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel.

Speaking of the new fashion partnership, Vanessa said: ‘I like being part of something like the Conscious collection at H&M. I try my best to shop consciously, and vintage is very much part of my wardrobe. I love the style and it works in an eco-friendly way because I like to use and reuse old clothes.’

The full collection will be available in H&M stores world wide and online from March.


This story was first published on Hippyshopper.

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Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz teams up with Lancôme for make-up collection

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 15th, 2013

Beauty fans, here’s some exciting news: Lancôme has announced it is working with Lavin designer Alber Elbaz on an exclusive make-up range that will launch later this year.

Very little has been said about the Lancôme x Alber Elbaz limited edition range so far, but we’re sure it will be a pretty one! Lancôme has released a self-portrait illustration by Elbaz as well as a teaser video.

We can’t wait to see the result!

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Georgia May Jagger goes Brigitte Bardot chic for H&M Rock ‘n’ Roll Mansion Collection

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 15th, 2013

British model, and daughter of Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger, Georgia May Jagger has been announced as the face of H&M’s new rock ‘n’ roll inspired collection. Who better suited

Launching in February, the high street giant has released a few behind-the-scenes photos of the forthcoming ads, showing 20-year-old Georgia modelling highlights from the collection – skinny jeans, white sleeveless biker jacket and a grey tweed dress to mention some – styled with a Brigitte Bardot beehive and kohled eyes.

What do you think of the new collection? Ready to embrace your inner rock chick?

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New Year’s resolutions: How to stick with your goals and succeed in 2013

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 2nd, 2013

Every January millions of resolutions are set. And most likely, come February, many of these great intentions (probably set as you were getting over the Champagne hangover on New Year’s Day) have gone out the window and you’re back to your old habits.

Whether it is slimming down, eating more vegetables, learning a new language, quitting smoking or getting a new job, the truth is old habits are difficult to change and learning new tricks is time-consuming. According to the Mental Health Foundation, a gigantic 80% of us fail to achieve our New Year’s resolutions.

Sarah, an NLP coach with Canary Coaching, says that “one of the main reasons that people don’t achieve their goals is that they set unreasonable and vague targets which don’t fit in with the rest of their lives – somewhere down the line, usually around February, they realise that they haven’t left room for anything else, and then the pressure builds and they quit”.

Then what can be done to ensure that you’re part of the 20% that do succeed?

The principal thing to know is to make your resolution achievable. Becoming fluent in Chinese doesn’t happen overnight. And shedding 3 stone isn’t (and shouldn’t) be done in eight weeks.

Six ways to help you succeed with your 2013 goals:

Think and talk positive. Talk of what you do instead of what you want to give up. It can also help to write your goals down to better visualise them.

Determine the evidence of achieving your goal. List as many things of what you will see and hear.

Put it into context. Without context it can be difficult to succeed with resolutions. Frame the context in which you want to have these things – ‘I want to be a size 10 in July and for the rest of the year after that’.

Make it self-achievable. According to Sarah this is probably the most important point. Ensure that you, and only you, are the determining factor of achieving your goal – relying on the behaviour of someone else means you don’t have control over whether you do it.

Advantages and disadvantages. What will be the benefits of being able to speak another language or slimming down? What will be the drawbacks of training for the marathon – especially in the winter months? Going into the goal knowing about the hurdles you may face means you’re much more likely to succeed.

Make it worthwhile. What will achieving your New Year’s resolution do for you and how will it improve your life? If you can’t answer this, perhaps it’s not the resolution for you…

What are your resolutions for 2013?

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Women would rather buy their own Christmas present than leave it to their partner to choose study finds

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 4th, 2012

Christmas wish lists have been around for as long as shops started luring innocent customers into their stores – and now online – with promises of gold and sparkly things, even the odd kitten if necessary. Hang on, what do you mean ‘that is just Harrods’?

Shopping for Christmas presents is never an easy thing and sometimes even the most obvious hints will not make your man get you what is on the top of your wish list, whether it is the latest It bag, those shoes with a certain red sole, a new iPad case or simply that scarf you spotted in the shop window the other week (yes even if you did point at it and say I WANT THAT FOR CHRISTMAS).

According to research conducted by One4All gift cards, men are apparently so bad at choosing presents that women are now actually choosing to buy their own presents. Hmm that does sound familiar. Many a times before have I put a new investment into the ‘To me, From me’ category for both Christmas and birthdays. Think about it, who knows you better than you?!

The research found that three out of four women (74.9%) believe they would buy a better Christmas present than their partner, with the majority of men actually agreeing: only 11% of the men asked believed they wear the trousers when it comes to choosing the right gift.

Are you planning on buying yourself Christmas presents this festive season or will you chance it another year and leave it to your man?

And what’s the worst present your boyfriend or husband has ever given you?

The study was carried out by One4All gift cards and polled 1,000 men and 1,000 women in the UK.

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