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New York Fashion Week: Christian Siriano S/S 2012

By emilyborrett on September 12th, 2011

Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2012

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My crush on Christian Siriano might just be getting serious now – in fact I think it might be love thanks to his new Spring 2012 collection which totally and utterly blew me away. He may have started out as a reality TV diva in Project Runway but now there can’t be any dispute over Siriano’s talents. He really is incredibly creative and gifted.

Those familiar with Christian’s designs know that most of all he likes to work in an incredibly dramatic avant-garde vein of design which is to me is reminiscent of classic, old Paris couture from the 1950s. Anyone who was hoping for another spectacular, fantastical collection won’t be disappointed by this one.

There was a lot more use of bright colours in this collection, surprisingly, as normally Siriano works with a darkly glamorous palette of gloomy colours, but this season the dresses zinged in bright lime, coral and peach. He seems to have found his way more as well in his use of silhouette – in place of his usual explosions of chiffon-balls and giant shoulders we instead had cool, breezy sportswear styles that were reminiscent of the work of other great American designers.

Naturally no Siriano collection would be complete without his ridiculous old-school couture gowns, though – I was especially breathtaken by his hot coral-red ball gown which seemed to sweep along the model’s body in dreamy, fluffy chiffon whisps.

J’adore Christian. He has a little way to go before he is perfect – but he’s damn close right now.

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Alexa Chung is set to have her own fashion reality TV show

By emilyborrett on August 24th, 2011

Anyone who’s seen every episode of Project Runway and is now having major fashion-TV withdrawals will be so, sooooo excited about this news – the Lifetime network that Project Runway is a part of have got a new show in the pipeline – and it’s going to be fronted by our very own Alexa Chung.

The show, which is rumoured to be called “24-Hour Catwalk”, will show designers competing against each other in runway challenges, with the iconic designer Cynthia Rowley apparently taking part in the show. No doubt Alexa will pull out all the fashion stops when it comes to her outfits for the show. She’ll also need to get a cute little phrase she says at the end of each show, like when Heidi Klum says “Auf Wiedersehen!”.

We hope that this project goes ahead SO MUCH. Nothing beats sitting in your PJs on a Sunday night eating ice-cream and watching tearful designers screaming at each other while they huddle over their sewing machines like prisoners of war.

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Michael Kors gets married

By emilyborrett on August 19th, 2011

A huge congratulations to our favourite American designer Michael Kors, who has just tied the knot! Ooh, we love a wedding (even if we weren’t invited or anything).

Kors and his long-term partner Lance LePere had a romantic ceremony on the beach this Tuesday in the fancy Hamptons, the favoured mini-break town for rich Manhattan holidaygoers. Michael said about the wedding: “To marry someone as wonderful and special to me as Lance barefoot on a glorious beach is more than I could have dreamed of.” Aw, it’s making us a bit soppy actually.

The couple have been dating since 1990, but have only finally been able to tie the knot since a recent law allowing same-sex marriage in New York came in. When asked about how the couple fell in love, Michael replied: “We share a certain level of taste, an American point of view, and I think we like to play with Americana. Over the years and the day-to-day process of dreaming together, things just naturally fell into place.” We have to say, that’s a very fashion response.

Congratulations, fellas! This news has made our day.

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Designer spotlight: As Michael Kors celebrates his engagement, we look at his best work

By emilyborrett on August 8th, 2011

Spring/Summer 2009

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One big massive congratulations to the legendary American designer and “Project Runway” judge Michael Kors, who has announced his engagement to his partner of over ten years, Lance LaPere.

The designer has been waiting to marry his partner for years, and finally can now that same-sex marriage is legal in the state of New York. He said about his upcoming wedding, “Lance and I are very excited to finally be able to have the opportunity to marry in our home state after many years together. We have no plans for a major party, but we will be getting married privately.”

In celebration of Michael’s happy news, we’re doing a special gallery on our favourite Michael Kors designs. We absolutely adore his trademark blend of sculptural, tailored fashion with American sportwear, and today we’re going to say our thanks. Viva Kors!

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Claws at the ready: A meeting with Taylor Momsen leaves Tim Gunn less than impressed

By Andrea Petrou on September 15th, 2010

By Emily Borrett.

What is it with Taylor Momsen at the moment? If she’s not having a go at fellow singers or stomping around miserably in her stripper heels and leather jacket, she’s trying the patience of her fellow celebrities. The latest disgruntled celebrity is the kind, twinkly-eyed gay uncle of fashion Tim Gunn, who was appalled by her sulky behaviour when he appeared in a cameo role on the set of Gossip Girl.

Anyone who watches Project Runway as much as I do that Tim Gunn is not an easy man to anger. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen him lose his rag at a designer, ever – the closest he gets to ticking anyone off is peering over his glasses like Anne Robinson and uttering to a hopelessly disorganised designer his favourite catchphrase: “Make it work.” And even then it’s not remotely threatening.

So Momsen must have been really bad for Gunn to label the actress as “pathetic” and “a diva”. The television stylist let off steam afterwards to E! Online, saying, “She was pathetic, she couldn’t remember her lines, and she didn’t even have that many. I thought to myself, ‘Why are we all being held hostage by this brat?'”

When asked what he’d like to say to the stroppy starlet he replied, “I’d say, ‘You know, young lady, there are hundreds of thousands of girls who are just as attractive and even smarter than you. Why are you acting like this show is a huge burden on you?'” Well, you know when Tim Gunn uses the term “young lady”, that you’re in serious trouble. He should send Taylor to her room ’til she’s ready to say sorry.

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Project Runway season six contestants revealed

By Kimberley Foster on July 13th, 2009


It is full-steam ahead with season six for Project Runway. Despite moving to a whole new network, the designer reality TV show is back for another round with Heidi Klum at the helm. Mentor Tim Gunn, and judges Nina Garcia, and Michael Kors are also back, as well as whole host of celebrity guest judges.

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Lifetime promises no changes made to ‘Project Runway’

By Kimberley Foster on May 29th, 2009

Execs at Lifetime have responded to the concerns of many Project Runway fans by making few changes to the reality show from its original home at Bravo. After nine months of legal battles and other setbacks, the first images of season six have hit the web, showing the same set, logo, panel, etc. The only difference seems to be the location, it is shot in L.A. instead of New York.

”I was shocked. It was déjà vu. I was looking forward to different scenery, and everything was the same!” Heidi Klum said, after hoping that a new network would equal a show overhaul. I guess for some fans the familiarity will be comforting, but for others perhaps a little stale?

Project Runway cycle six is due to premiere on Lifetime August 20.

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New York Fashion Week: Malan Breton Fall ’09

By Elaine LaPersonerie on February 14th, 2009

Malan Breton.jpg

Malon Breton unveiled his Fall 09 collection at Eli Klein Fine Art last night in Soho in leu of Fashion Week. Models stood like statues giving guests a close up look and feel at fabric, color and craftsmanship. Breton, a Project Runway alumni showcased a ton of soft silk and shantung fabric- adorned with mesh overlays and loose draping. My favorite piece was a feathered high collar ballero jacket in black. It was a real joy to see in person. You can only adore him more for the time that went into this piece! Other hot items include a bright red shantung high collared jacket paired with glossy leggings and red patent leather heels. Breton is popular in Hollywood and has dressed a ton of celebrities including Minnie Driver, Martha Plimpton and Jody Whatley. You can learn more about Malan Breton by clicking here.spaceballft2.gif


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Bravo dumps Project Runway for copycat show ‘Fashion House’

By Kimberley Foster on October 28th, 2008

Project Runway Heidi.jpgHeidi Klum is facing pressure to find a new network home for Project Runway, after it was dumped by Bravo for a copycat designer reality show, called Fashion House.

TV execs at Bravo have all ready opened auditions for the replacement series, announcing casting call dates in four major cities, which began in New York on Sunday.

Series owner, Harvey Weinstein, sold the series to Lifetime for a reported $150 million last summer. But that deal was blocked by Bravo, which issued a court order to stop the sale.

The case is due back in court next month, however it seems that plans to pause production on a clone show until it is settled have been scrapped.

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Lindsay Lohan, Rebecca Romijn and Eva Longoria to guest judge on Project Runway

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on October 21st, 2008

Project Runway season 6.jpg

Way at the bottom of a long article on the legal disputes surrounding season six of Project Runway, WWD revealed some interesting tidbits about the sixth season, which just wrapped filming in L.A.

We can look forward to guest judges like Rebecca Romijn, Eva Longoria and Lindsay Lohan – some of the show’s biggest celeb names yet. But what of big designer names? Hopefully the left coast relocation hasn’t put the kibosh on more industry-insider guests.

What won’t we see? Too much of Nina Garcia or Michael Kors, according to reports.

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Yay or Nay Wednesday: Did the right person win Project Runway – spoiler alert

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on October 15th, 2008

Project Runway finale.jpg

Somehow, tonight’s Project Runway finale seemed less hotly contested than in seasons past. STOP READING IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHING THE FINALE.

Perhaps because there was no big personality like Christian last season? Or, if you could Kenley as a big personality, it wasn’t quite as pleasant? Personally, we agree that miss petals should have won. But what do you think? Vote in our poll!

Project Runway

Project Runway final runway sneak peek – spoiler alert!

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on October 2nd, 2008

Don’t play the above video if you don’t want to find out who were the final Project Runway finalists or get spoiled on their collections!

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Are you ready for season five of Project Runway tonight?

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on July 16th, 2008

Project Runway season 5.jpg

If you’re saying “what? Project Runway starts tonight?” that’s probably because Bravo has conspicuously foregone it’s traditional media blitz and non-stop marathons used to promote new seasons.

Could it be because of the ongoing legal issues surrounding the show’s move to Lifetime for season 6? Probably.

But there is news to be had – for goss on possible guest judges and challenges, keep reading.

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Nina Nina Nina … Garcia finds a home at Marie Claire

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on May 14th, 2008

Nina Garcia 3 copy.jpg

Well thank goodness, Nina Garcia has made one decision at least. While we’re still unsure if she’ll be returning to Elle as an editor-at-large for the 5th season of Project Runway, she will be joining Marie Claire fashion director in September.

She will attend spring fashion week with the magazine, and should the title be named the sponsor of Project Runway season 6, she’ll surely reprise her judging role.

For more on the ongoing saga, check out our coverage here.

[Image: Getty; Source]

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Update: More Elle, Nina Garcia and Project Runway drama

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on May 13th, 2008

Rihanna Elle.jpg

The drama keeps on coming for Project Runway. We told you last week how Nina Garcia, former Elle fashion director and Project Runway judge, was rumored to be headed to Marie Claire. Coincidentally, or not at all, that publication is lobbying to be the magazine partner for Project Runway’s sixth season which will air on Lifetime network, which is owned by the same parent company as Marie Claire.

Plus, rumors have been buzzing about the possibility of Elle re-hiring Nina Garcia as an editor-at-large for the duration of the season five of Project Runway, the last season Elle is contracted for.

Got all that? Good. Now keep reading for the latest goss.

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