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Sleeves of the week! tasselled jumpsuit, £30

By Lauren Bravo on June 26th, 2013

Shake those tassles, baby. This week we’ve discovered a jumpsuit to jump at (but not into a tent, thanks)

Tassled Sahara jumpsuit Boohoo.comDespite every fashion journo urge in my body bidding me otherwise, I am not going to tell you to wear this jumpsuit at a festival.

It may be pure, louche, rock and roll, with its theatrical tassels and Oriental-inspired monochrome like the lovechild of Stevie Nicks and a sexy dressing gown, and every media publication in the country might currently be falling over itself to jam ‘festival’ references into every other paragraph, but I’m going to resist – because everyone knows that the most important criteria for festival dressing is ease of public urination, and jumpsuits are the enemy of the toilet trip. You can do all the artful layering and directional trousers you like, but if there’s no direct route of access for a she-wee at the crucial moments, you will end up with a rep as “angry naked squatting lady” or a bad case of cystitis, or both.

But luckily for the rest of us sleeve-fanciers, not everyone is at a festival this week. Or all summer, even, unless Edinburgh counts. So on behalf of all the indie bush squatters, let’s wear this fantastic jumpsuit to a bar, or a restaurant, or indeed anywhere indoors with proper loo facilities, and give those tassels the shimmy they deserve.

Sahara jumpsuit, £30

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Go shorty: eight great pairs of shorts you can buy online

By Lauren Bravo on June 25th, 2013

Short and sweet, short and studded, short and stretchy and loud – we’ve got ’em all, and you don’t even need to leave the house

Shopping is one thing. Shopping in summer is another thing, and shopping for teeny shorts in a 3ft x 3ft sweat box with fluorescent lighting that makes you look like one of the pasty boy scouts from Moonrise Kingdom is quite another altogether.

Which is why we’ve rounded up eight awesome pairs of shorts that you can buy online and try on in the comfort of your bedroom instead. Some classic denim, some beaded boudoir shorts, some print, some embroidered, one pair that looks like something the twins from Fun House might have worn for a big night out on the Skelter Belter.

The trick with shorts isn’t about the length or girth or whatever of your legs, it’s just about getting a pair that fits perfectly – no bunching, no pinching, no needing to stop every 30 seconds to fish them out from between your legs where they’ve ridden up like a theatrical curtain. I mean, we all know that the girl who “walks like Rihanna” in that The Wanted song is simply suffering from a bad case of disappearing crotch denim. So find a pair that hugs you real nice.

Levi's reclaimed vintage denim shorts, £40 ASOS

Picture 1 of 8

You could buy an old pair of Levi's jeans, and cut them into shorts one hot, spontaneous day with a pair of kitchen scissors, then wear them on a whole summer's-worth of adventures until they are appealingly frayed and slashed in just the right places, and everyone looks at you admiringly and thinks, "wow. She's a wild one.". Or you could just buy these ones instead.

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Behind the bag: the Osprey tote

By Daisy Buchanan on June 13th, 2013

Osprey-tote-bagLucy plotted this purchase carefully online. She wasn’t thinking ‘mummy bag’. She wanted something classy, classic, summer in the Hamptons, old school power bitch with a Filofax. But now the cream exterior is smudged with biro and stained with mustard, and the interior is a different, even more distressing horror story. She imagines an official government bag inspector rifling through it in dismay, ignoring the shinier signs of success (iPad, Marc Jacobs wallet, Chanel lipstick – in a colour that’s no longer available, but still) and shrieking with horror at the tampons who escaped their cellophane to roll in the bag dust like dirty hippies. And what of the other monstrosities? Nude Topshop ballet pumps with a busted seam that have started to smell ‘curious’. Camus to look cool, Jilly Cooper for luck and an old, unread Vogue doing the job of a document folder. Seven foil wrappings which once held falafel wraps from Leon.

Lucy sometimes finds life in London so overwhelming that she wishes she could climb inside her giant bag and wait for someone to discover her and look after her, like Paddington. Or she could set up home there – it’s no darker or smellier than her Clapham house share, and it’s much cheaper. Perhaps she’ll throw it into the sea and go to her parents’ in Dorset for a bit. She remembers walking around their hall, arms outstretched, feeling for wifi like a Knightmare contestant, and thinks again. She hitches her giant bag higher on her shoulder and its padlock narrowly misses the face of a passing cyclist. In London, you need all the weapons you can get.

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Sleeves of the week! ASOS mixed print jacket £55

By Lauren Bravo on June 1st, 2013

Cardigans are not the only fruit… Forgo the pastel weddingwear and sleeve up with this little patchwork jacket instead

ASOS tape detail jacket £55

I can’t wear cardigans. Or perhaps cardigans can’t wear me – I’m not sure, but either way the effect is always the wrong side of homely, as though I’ve been knitted and stuffed as a craft project. I wish this wasn’t so, though, because successful cardigan-wearing would be my ticket out of sleeveless Hades, but my arms just look sad in one. They know they’ve been “poured”, Daily Mail-style, into an itchy last resort. They sulk.

As it is, instead I’ve become a ‘little jacket’ person instead. Yes, we’re still in tricky Mother of the Bride territory, but the sharp outline of a little jacket trumps the woolly cosset of a cardie in my book. Especially when it’s as goshdarnit fabulous as this cropped patchwork jacket from ASOS. Ignoring the promise of “padded sleeves for extra shape”, which is making me think of those creepy barbecue aprons with pecs stuck on, it’s a summer saviour and no mistake.

With just the teeniest patchouli whiff of a yesteryear Camden Market about it, this would be your antidote to generic pastel summer occasionwear (or The Curse of Coast). It’ll work in the office, it’ll work in the park, but most crucially it’ll work at weddings. Stick it on over something swishy and simple, add some floral head attire, stand by the buffet table and do a face that says “oh this? I found it in a little souk on my travels and traded it for one of my sketches.”

Don’t say that though, you’ll look like a dick.


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The greatest summer sandals on the high street

By Lauren Bravo on May 28th, 2013

Blister plasters at the ready! The sun is out (well, it was yesterday) and we’re stocking up on sandals

We’re all wincing this week, right? The first properly sunny weekend of the year is like a siren call to get your toes out, and so we dutifully fish last year’s sandals from the bottom of the wardrobe and prepare to limp our way around town until the buggers have stretched themselves comfy again.

But once the wounds have healed it’ll all be worth it, because sandals are really great this year. From totally flat to modest block heels and wedges, from space age perspex and clear plastic straps to fully earth-mother buckled leather styles, there’s a world of casually chic padding about to be had – and flip flops have never looked so mediocre.

So free your toes from the thong and let them wiggle freely in a pair of these strappy delights.

Hedley sandals, £45 ASOS

Picture 1 of 8

The perfect shade of canary yellow, the perfect single strap, the perfect mini heel - if these Hedley sandals from ASOS don't bring the sunshine out, nothing will.

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Sleeves of the week! Silver metallic wrap dress, £15 Oh My Love

By Lauren Bravo on May 24th, 2013

Metallics in the daytime? Don’t mind if we do! Long-sleeved but skimpy AND on sale, this Oh My Love dress ticks all our boxes

Oh My Love silver wrap skater dress £15 I’ve always been a fan of glam daywear. In a nonchalantly decadent way, you understand, not in a ‘walk of shame’ way – although we all know that can be plenty fun too. Ever since implementing ‘Fancy Fridays’, where about five of us wore cocktail dresses and suits to sixth form once a week for no particular reason (other than being 17 and by default, knobs) I’ve loved the thrill of wearing something glitzy in broad daylight. It’s probably because I’m terrible at proper dressing up, when then pressure is on and something inevitably always rips or spills or pinches or just doesn’t quite work. Meanwhile the element of surprise in wearing a sequinned top to brunch will always compensate for the fact you look a bit like Danny La Rue.

The trick is paring down a fancy frock with flats and a casual jacket, or teaming luxe fabric with an old t-shirt (I’m quoting this from fashion magazines of course; all t-shirts make me look like a Mum on a charity fun run). This year’s metallics obsession has been great news for us magpies, with even the dowdiest of shoes, satchels, jumpers and trews being given a Midas makeover.

So, onto our star of the week. This shimmering silver wrap dress from Oh My Love scores on so many different points, it’s like it’s auditioning to be the Robin van Persie of your wardrobe. Long sleeves, yes, but still skimpy enough for bonafide summer wear. That now-ubiquitous skater style, yes, but with a plunging wrap neckline for easier hefty necklace co-ordination. Plus, it’s reduced from £39 to £15 in the sale. PLUS, it looks vaguely like a sci-fi outfit from the 60s, which will be useful for all those space-themed fancy dress parties everyone is always throwing.

Give it the tights-and-biker-boots treatment until your legs are ready to come out from hiding (at our estimation they should get a good two and half hours or so in mid-August), then with sandals and beachy hair. Maybe a Barbarella bubble helmet. It’s your call.


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So you want to look like… Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby

By Lauren Bravo on May 3rd, 2013

Pour yourself a mint julep and swing those pearls – thanks to Baz Luhrmann’s new release, the 1920s are roaring straight back into our wardrobes

Zelda-dress-frock-and-frillAre you a flapper? Do you flap? Not the type you do when you’ve got hot food in your mouth, but the fashion type, currently dancing its way across the silver screen again – on Carey Mulligan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Isla Fisher in The Great Gatsby, F Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece of jazz age ennui.

Decadent, libertine and eternally gorgeous, flapper style is the smart lady’s fancy dress era of choice because it’s more original than the 80s, less polyester-flammable than the 60s and less restrictive than the 50s, all those roomy waistbands allow for far more fun at the buffet table.

In normal life, though, it’s a trickier one to integrate. Unless you work in the kind of office where kooky feather headbands are tolerated round the coffee machine, the look is a more obvious choice for evening, when you can drape yourself in sequins and hit up a speakeasy* (*Wetherspoons). It’s also not an ideal look if you’re prone to spills – pastels and muted neutrals abound, as does Daisy Buchanan’s signature summer white.

Plus there are two other big obstacles to pulling off the 20s trend, and they’re bobbing about on your chest. As Thoroughly Modern Millie showed us with her beads that wouldn’t hang straight, those drop-waisted dresses are friend to the flat-chested gal, but a couple of cup sizes can take you from the beautiful to the damned. Or at least the ‘damn, that dress be hanging off her like a valance sheet’.

But hey – we ain’t about prohibiting here. Just find an embellished deep-V instead, or flap it up with accessories. Mid-heeled T-bars and Mary Janes have a fashion ‘moment’ so often you may as well stock up now, and there’s no desk-to-dancefloor situation (we have those ALL the TIME, right?) that a sequined cape can’t solve.

We’re also rather taken with Gatsby style as bridal inspiration… but one thing at a time, yeah?

Eden bib collar necklace, £19 Accessorize

Picture 1 of 15

I know, I know – you already have twelve ‘statement’ necklaces and you can barely afford the chiropractor. But look how beautiful this one is! Stick it on with a t-shirt and you’ve got downtime Daisy, the look she favoured for schlepping around the morning after all those gin gimlets.

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Style spotlight: Michelle Obama

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 22nd, 2013

We love the new hairstyle of First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, sported at her husband Barack’s inauguration recently. For the Ball, Michelle opted for a dramatic, yet stunning red gown by designer Jason Wu – whose designs she also opted for four years ago. Teamed with shoes by Jimmy Choo, the First Lady looked stunning as she celebrated with her husband. Earlier in the day Michelle wore a tailored navy coat by Thom Browne.

Over the years Michelle has shown the world she has what it takes to be high up there among the fashion savvy, usually opting for knee-length gowns, sometimes in strong colours. Take a look at some of Michelle’s looks from the past years in the gallery below.

Michelle Obama

Picture 1 of 10

First lady Michelle Obama arrives Commander-in-Chief's Inaugural Ball at the 57th Presidential Inauguration in Washington, Monday, Jan. 21, 2013. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)


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Style spotlight: Emma Stone

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 8th, 2013

Actress Emma Stone looked as glamorous as ever at last night’s premiere of Gangster Squad in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old – who is dating fellow actor Andrew Garfield – wore a sizzling red strapless dress by Lanvin, teamed with a statement necklace and killer Louboutin heels.

This is not the first time Emma has impressed on the red carpet. Take a look at the gallery below to see more of Emma’s sartorial choices.

Style Spotlight: Emma Stone

Picture 1 of 14

Image: Press Association

All images: Press Association

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Style spotlight: Anne Hathaway

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on January 2nd, 2013

Poor Anne Hathaway… Life must be very miserable for the 30-year-old actress who has been seen as a “good girl” with “no sex appeal” up until now.

Let’s just forget for a moment that she recently married to the “love of her life”, is tipped for an Oscar for her performance in Les Misérables, and graced with model looks that can carry off both a short crop and long tresses, and the fact that she managed to look fantastic in a fitted catsuit…

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar Anna said: “I’m not cool. When people come up to me in the street, they often want a hug not a photo, and they want that because they like my work.”

“For a long time it was me and her [her manager] against the world. I was seen as this bizarre-world good-girl cartoon that I in no way identified with – very vanilla, very sweet, very accessible and not interesting.

“I had no grit, no sex appeal.”

Truth is that Anne looks very much like a screen siren in her long – often figure-hugging, sometimes romantic and floaty – gowns on the red carpet. Take a look in the gallery below for some of Anne’s sartorial choices over the past years. Life’s not so bad now, is it Anne?

Anne Hathaway Style Spotlight

Picture 1 of 18

Actress Anne Hathaway attends the Hugh Jackman star ceremony at the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP)


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The style evolution of Jennifer Lawrence as she’s voted ‘world’s most desirable woman’

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on December 12th, 2012

Hunger Game star Jennifer Lawrence has been voted the world’s most desirable woman, beating fellow actresses Mila Kunis and Emma Stone to the post.

The 22-year-old has been awarded the title in an international poll by online men’s magazine, winning the majority of the 2.4 million votes.

The blonde beauty, who now sports long dark tresses and won votes due to her ‘down-to-earth attitude’, has showed off a lot of  different looks on the red carpet this year. Take a look at Jennifer Lawrence’s style evolution below.

A star is born

Picture 1 of 7

Jennifer Lawrence arrives at "The Hunger Games" world premiere held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on March 12, 2011 in Los Angeles, Ca (AP Photo / Tammie Arroyo)

All images: Press Association 


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Style spotlight: The Voice UK judge- Jessie J

By Andrea Petrou on April 24th, 2012

We’ve had our style eye on Jessie J for a while now, pinpointing her as the one to watch many moons ago.

And it seems we were right with the singer carving out a fashion niche for herself thanks to her love of Versacesque 80s patterns, skintight catsuits and cute hotpants.

Her new role as a judge on the BBC’s talent show – The Voice UK- has also done wonders for her style profile with many sitting up and taking note of this young singer.

One thing we heart about Jessie is that she’s not afraid to experiment with her look opting for some styles that could be seen as garish.

This includes a wardrobe of leopard print dresses and trousers in bright colours, however, the singer has a way of toning these down to make them items we all want to wear.

We want her as our new wardrobe sharing BFF.

See the gallery below for her style.

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Style spotlight: Sophie Dahl

By Andrea Petrou on March 27th, 2012

Sophie Dahl’s life has been like a fairytale. The granddaughter of author Roald Dahl was spotted at her super curvy stage by a scout after she helped pick up her shopping, and the rest, as they say, is history. Gracing the catwalks in basques and lingerie at the beginning of her career, the supermodel broke the super skinny taboo showing that curvy girls could be just as beautiful.

She also paved the way for plus sized models to be considered in campaigns and on the runway. However, like many a celebrity in the spotlight the pressure to be skinny took its toll and Sophie shrank down to a teeny, but still as beautiful size 10.

Although we haven’t seen too much of the model of late, her style is still one we love. Keeping in with the classic look the model is often spotted in LBDs on a night out.

When she’s with her hubby Jamie Cullum, Sophie will often opt for cute ballet pumps, whilst small kitten heels come out for an evening event.

Sophie is also happy to try different trends with tartans and patterned fabrics being staple pieces in her wardrobe.

See the gallery below for all her style.

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Style Spotlight: The Hunger Games’ Elizabeth Banks

By Elisabeth Edvardsen on March 16th, 2012

The Hunger Games actress Elizabeth Banks is one of those you immediately recognise but can’t really place (or is that just me?).

She’s the cute next door kind of American girl, with beautiful golden locks and a charming smile. A rising star in the world of film, Elizabeth has also made sure people have taken notice of her as she’s graced the red carpets recently. Showing off in on-trend block colours, she’s certainly one to watch.

Check out the gallery below to see some of Elizabeth Banks’ recent red carpet looks, including the lemon yellow sequin Bill Blass dress she wore to the UK premiere of The Hunger Games.

Showing that it's not just Angelina that can do legs!

Picture 1 of 8

All images Press Association


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Style Spotlight: X Factor 2011 winners- Little Mix

By Andrea Petrou on December 12th, 2011

In monochrome with a nod to the 80s

Picture 1 of 9

Anthony Devlin/PA Images

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