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Sleeves of the week! Bodycon shark dress, £30 Topshop

It’s nice to take style inspiration from the sea in summertime. And why not add a whacking great shark too, for good measure? Now we’ve all fully recovered from the fox/owl/horse/stag jumper orgy that was AW 12, it’s officially safe to go back in the sea of novelty animal prints. And for summer, instead of […]...More

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The curious case of Summer Girl

We all know her. We all want to be her. We all think she’s lovely, and we all secretly want to beat her to death with a shoe. She’s Summer Girl, and she’s here again. Summer Girl is a freak, mutant strain of woman. She’s a Disney cartoon come to life, whichever one it was […]...More

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Statement necklaces: the next generation

They’re bigger, bolder, and your neck is going to be aching even more. Grab some Deep Heat and embrace the next generation of statement necklaces If you’ve got a crick in your neck this summer, you’re not alone. As one of the most prevalent trends of the year, massive, scene-stealing necklaces might be taking their […]...More

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Download the Westfield app to get the most out of your shopping trip

Sponsored post Ever visited a Westfield Shopping centre? Well there are now four in the UK – two in London (the original centre in White City and the fabulous Stratford City centre by the Olympic Park) one in Derby and another in Birmingham. If you are planning a trip, or you are just curious about […]...More

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Dreamy products for an insomniac

I don’t sleep. Most nights, my brain feels like the Selfridges Beauty Hall. Demented, panicking, sticky, indecisive thoughts do battle with imperious facts that reek of Aromatics Elixir. Everyone is screaming and showing off and acting up, hundreds and thousands of tiny mind people all yelling for attention next to MAC, and I lie very […]...More

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Wardrobe Stories: My giant cardie

Writer Rachael Krishna loves clothes that cuddle… I’m terrible with making clothing last or even reusing it. I have a wardrobe full of dresses I bought for bank breaking figures, foolishly believing that I would find another appropriate occasion to slip it back on, while realising that I will probably be lusting after a new […]...More

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Fashion ComPassion reviewed – Yes Mum, Fashion Really Is Worthwhile

Writer Janina Matthewson investigates what truly ethical fashion is all about…SPOILER ALERT: There is no hemp. In a world where the list of big business tax dodgers grows ever longer and we keep realising we’ve forgotten who to boycott, it’s easy to forget that there are people not just willing, but determined, to do business […]...More

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The five weirdest things I’ve found while clearing out my wardrobe

In two weeks’ time I’m moving out of the flat I’ve lived in for three years, and in which I have accumulated about 30 years’ worth of possessions. Here, after some very stiff competition, are the five oddest things I’ve found in my wardrobe.   The clogs, 2010 Do you remember spring 2010? The Icelandic […]...More

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Beauty of our Youth: I wish I’d looked after my eyebrows

Beware the tweezers, kids – youthful mistakes don’t always grow back For the most part I take a pretty Edith Piaf-esque attitude to my youthful beauty endeavours – no, I regret nothing. The hair mascara, the Sun-In, the crimping, the blue glitter lipstick, the first time I stole my dad’s razor and used it on […]...More

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Sleeves of the week! tasselled jumpsuit, £30

Shake those tassles, baby. This week we’ve discovered a jumpsuit to jump at (but not into a tent, thanks) Despite every fashion journo urge in my body bidding me otherwise, I am not going to tell you to wear this jumpsuit at a festival. It may be pure, louche, rock and roll, with its theatrical […]...More

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Go shorty: eight great pairs of shorts you can buy online

Short and sweet, short and studded, short and stretchy and loud – we’ve got ’em all, and you don’t even need to leave the house Shopping is one thing. Shopping in summer is another thing, and shopping for teeny shorts in a 3ft x 3ft sweat box with fluorescent lighting that makes you look like […]...More

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ShinyStyle tries: Priori CoffeeBerry Enzyme Peel and Omnilux Light therapy

Can a skincare slattern change her ways? Lauren Bravo tries her first fancy facial I have had only two facials in my life before, both of them as a teenager and both in the spa at Center Parcs. For a beauty enthusiast this might be surprising (I once applied mascara during a 3am fire drill), […]...More

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Behind The Bag: The Longchamp Derby

Annie might work in fashion, but her most treasured handbag is navy, not neon. Annie learned early that fashion PRs are like successful drug dealers. They pedal the stuff, but they can’t touch it. Realistically, on 24 grand a year, she can’t. When she got her first assistant job (after three years of art history, […]...More

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The eight worst things about going to the hairdresser

For a ritual that’s supposed to count as pampering, having your hair done sure is a stressful business. Lauren Bravo rounds up the worst bits. 1) Trying to establish whether or not your hairdresser is A Talker. “They probably don’t want to chat,” you tell yourself. “They’ve had a long day, perhaps they’d li...More

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What does your selfie say about you?

Let she who is without selfies cast the first moan! But if selfies could speak… what would they say? Classic pout “I’m a traditional gal. I don’t deviate. like mild peri-peri on my Nando’s, and Paul McCartney is my favourite Beatle.” Extreme pout “By playing with the proportions of the conventional photographic pout, I am [&hellip...More

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