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Behold! A holiday in a box!

What would you say if I promised you all the dreamy, fragrant properties of a perfect holiday for less than twenty quid? Unless you’re three or under, or Tamara Ecclestone, and have no real concept of ‘what things cost’, you’ll laugh, remember the time your Mum and Dad paid fifty quid for a Teletext coach […]...More

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Sleeves of the week! Topshop print stud denim shirtdress, £65

It’s floral, it’s denim, it’s studded, it’s a shirtdress, it’s a bit 90s, it’s a bit 70s, it has sleeves. We call this one ‘the box-ticker’. Denim shirtdresses are having a bit of a moment. At least in our hearts, if not in da clubz quite yet. They’re cousin of the giant denim shirt, in [&hellip...More

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Behind the bag: the Osprey tote

Lucy plotted this purchase carefully online. She wasn’t thinking ‘mummy bag’. She wanted something classy, classic, summer in the Hamptons, old school power bitch with a Filofax. But now the cream exterior is smudged with biro and stained with mustard, and the interior is a different, even more distressing horror story. She imagines an offici...More

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Eight pairs of dungarees you won’t look ridiculous in

So you suddenly want to wear dungarees? Us too, don’t worry – here are eight of the best pairs on the high street. Buckle up. It’s snuck up on us, the dungaree thing. A few months ago they were an outside contender, an unlikely style triumph compared to everything else summer 2013 had to offer. […]...More

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We need to talk about adult acne

When almost every other bodily problem is up for public discussion, why does adult acne get left in the dark? Writer Laura Jane Williams brings her breakout battle into the open So the thing is, I’ve always had pretty amazing skin. And that’s a really shitty thing for me to say, because nice girls don’t […]...More

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Sleeves of the week! ASOS botanical shift dress £60

How many kinds of sweet flowers grow… on this lovely ASOS shift dress? Botanical and be-sleeved, it’s our pick of the week. Botanical things are usually good things. Botanical gardens, botanical extracts, that odd botanical cola you occasionally get served in hipster pubs. Surprisingly for a word that sounds so much like “botty...More

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When is and isn’t it acceptable to wear sunglasses?

Nobody likes the knob in dark glasses on the tube – but it’s not always as simple as ‘inside’ and ‘outside’. Here’s a handy checklist to help you know when to put them on and take them off   In a small shop: acceptable In a big shop or department store: unacceptable In the pub: […]...More

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How to be the wedding guest everyone loves (and hates a bit)

Never mind what to wear on your own wedding day – what the hell do you wear on everybody else’s? Luckily, we’ve rounded up more than a few ideas. Weddings! WEDDINGS! ALL THE WEDDINGS! Wait, aren’t you meant to be at one RIGHT NOW? The sun is out and with it, thousands of twenty and […]...More

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Holidays are coming! How to get the most out of pre-vacation beauty

I grew up religious, and as such, enjoy preparation, fasts, feasts and ritual anointment. And nearly all of these practices can be observed, should you wish, during holiday preparation. Holiday prep is the ultimate Lent. Forget Jesus, in the desert, having a crappy old time of it – this is you, having a fabulous time […]...More

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Clothes recycling, swapping, and hand me downs

Writer Janina Mathewson explains the rules of wearing something that has been loved before, and how a girl on a budget can avoid growing weary of the nearly new… Sometimes in our lives we find it hard to stretch to a new pair of jeans. Sometimes we find it hard to stretch to a replacement […]...More

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Eau de Lidl: can a £3.99 perfume actually smell like Chanel?

Rumour has it Lidl do a perfume that smells exactly like Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. Lauren Bravo sniffs out an unlikely bargain. I have plenty of good associations with Lidl. I like their enormous cartons of orange juice and wide range of ambiguously-labelled continental meat products. I even have good smell associations with Lidl, as the [&...More

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Sleeves of the week! ASOS mixed print jacket £55

Cardigans are not the only fruit… Forgo the pastel weddingwear and sleeve up with this little patchwork jacket instead I can’t wear cardigans. Or perhaps cardigans can’t wear me – I’m not sure, but either way the effect is always the wrong side of homely, as though I’ve been knitted and stuffed as a craft [&helli...More

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So you’ve bought a Clarisonic…

It’s Sunday, and you read that India Knight thinks everyone should buy a Clarisonic. It emerges that  she used to have frequent facials, but the Clarisonic was better. In fact, her regular facialist accused her of cheating with another facialist ever since she started using a Clarisonic. You google “buy Clarisonic”. You see they ...More

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Nominate us for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013!

If we’ve made you laugh, smile – or, well, shop – recently, we’d love it if you nominated us for this year’s Cosmopolitan Blog Awards… (It would give us an excuse to put a nice frock on and get our hair did) Nominate here – in the Established Fashion Blog category Thank you! Lauren and […]...More

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Celebrate World No Tobacco Day with an Electronic Cigarette

In Association With Vapourlites With World No Tobacco Day just around the corner and the recent explosion in popularity of the electronic cigarette it seemed like a timely idea to see what all the fuss is about with these new fangled gadgets. Electronic cigarettes are not actually a new invention, they’ve been on sale in […]...More

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