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Sexy silver and stars make for a sultry night at TIFF

katherine1.jpg Katherine Waterston, the female star of The Babysitters, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this week, was outfitted in a tight black dress with amazing chunky silver jewelry . . . ...More

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Nicole Miller stretch satin slipdress

nicole%20miller%20dress.jpg I have about six little black dresses or “LBDs” as I like to call them. I know you only really need one good one but what can I say, I keep finding good ones! ...More

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New York Fashion Week: Style 360’s Caravan Fashion Show

Since Ca...More

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Carmen Electra goes Full Frontal…Fashion that is

I was wondering what Carmen Electra was doing at Fashion Week. Usually she pops in for a few shows and she's gone leaving nothing but memories of her tiny sculpted body behind. This year Carmen was hosting Full Frontal Fashion on Vooms Ultra HD channel. ...More

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Levis expands their brand–but to cell phones?

levis-phone-ad.gif Levi’s, long revered for their high-quality denim at great prices, is launching their first mobile phone this week in Paris. The designer-phone features a 2 megpixel camera, 1.8 inch screen, Bluetooth and MP3 player ...More


Guiding subjects into style with Tim Gunn

tim_veronica.jpgQuite possibly my new favorite show on TV. Tim Gunn's Guide to Style is on Bravo at 10 PM ET/PT every Thursday night. This isn't a show that barges in, remakes you and leaves you in so-so fashions good for one season only ...More

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Guess where this is from #3

CALVIN%20KLEIN_SS08DLR_NY_CK_370_medium.large.jpg In honor of New York fashion week, this week’s Guess Where This Is From is a runway look. ...More

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Marc Jacobs considers leaving New York Fashion Week

76670537_edited.jpg According to WWD Marc Jacobs is pretty perturbed about the rumors going around about him having drinks at the Mercer hotel Monday night while everyone was waiting for two hours for his show to start. ...More

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Whipstitched in suede with Christian Louboutin

ChristianLouboutinWhipstitched.jpg With fall's grey, but hardly bleak, outlook on the runway, along with a need for a flashy metallic accessory or two, there's no better way to per-suede your inner shoeaholic for another roundup of heel...More

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Toronto International Film Festival: hot talent and cool style

lauren2.jpgIt was a dark and stormy night at the Toronto International Film Festival for the world premiere of The Babysitters. The movie was twisted and sultry - go see it! ...More


Tons of clutches from Kaia Peterka

smallweb_Virtue_Exotic.jpg Art and travel are designer Kaia Peterka's most influental inspirations. Born in Oslo to a Norwegian mother and Czech father, Kaia's admiration for design was influenced greatly by her frequent travels and exposure to art. ...More

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Nicky Hilton makes New York Fashion Week debut with collection Nicholai

76623320.jpg Socialite and less-annoying Hilton sister Nicky made her New York fashion week debut on Sunday September 9th with her newest line Nicholai. Sitting in the front row were her beaming parents, hip-hop impresario Russel Simmons, and the ever-shrinking porn ...More

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Prada Minuteria Nappa Gauffre Wallet

prada%20wallet.jpg I’ve had the same white Prada wallet for four years now and I just can’t seem to part with it. Not that it’s still in great shape (it’s seen better days), but I have yet to find another wallet with all of the compartments that I need....More

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Diane von Furstenberg expands beyond the wrap-dress for spring

76615941.jpg Diane von Furstenberg's spring 2008 line shocked everyone this weekend in the Bryant Park tents when the wrap dress that made her famous in the 1970s barely made an appearance. Perhaps Furstenberg is learning from her history. ...More

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Cozy, comfy, cashmere oversized sweaters

cashmere%20sweaters.JPG What's better than a fashion trend that breeds comfort? I am loving this oversized sweater thing! I picked up two in the past week that I know will stick with me all the way till' spring. First, I grabbed this cashmere kimono sleeve...More

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