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The greatest summer sandals on the high street

Blister plasters at the ready! The sun is out (well, it was yesterday) and we’re stocking up on sandals We’re all wincing this week, right? The first properly sunny weekend of the year is like a siren call to get your toes out, and so we dutifully fish last year’s sandals from the bottom of […]...More

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Five 90s trends we would welcome back (and three we really wouldn’t)

Cropped tops and tie-dye are all over the high street – so here are five more 90s trends we’ll be welcoming back with open arms Bumbags For years now, bumbags have been the sole preserve of paranoid tourists in too-short slacks and giant Reeboks, denied as a bonafide fashion item for anyone with an ounce […]...More

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Sleeves of the week! Silver metallic wrap dress, £15 Oh My Love

Metallics in the daytime? Don’t mind if we do! Long-sleeved but skimpy AND on sale, this Oh My Love dress ticks all our boxes  I’ve always been a fan of glam daywear. In a nonchalantly decadent way, you understand, not in a ‘walk of shame’ way – although we all know that can be plenty […]...More

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Trend Alert: Geometric Prints

Prints are everywhere on the high street right now, and geometrics are owning the chic end of the market. Not to be restricted to wallpapers or ties, geometric patterns are making a big appearance in fashion terms too. There’s something very pleasing about these 1960s-inspired patterns, bringing a burst of colour and structure to otherwise [&hell...More

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Fully tressed: why are we so obsessed with long hair?

I seem to be suffering from a sort of hair-based dysmorphia. Just about reaching mid-way down my back, it’s currently the longest it’s been in years – probably my whole life – but it still isn’t long enough. “It’s SO LONG,” friends tell me, with face you use to tell someone they’ve had enough and […]...More

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I like big briefs and I cannot lie: Five great high-waisted bikinis

The temperature’s rising (well, any day now) and so are the waistlines. Here are the best high-waisted bikinis on the high street High-waisted pants will always be a great divider. Like the spreadable yeast extract of the top drawer (I am sorry for saying ‘yeast’ there), you either appreciate the sultry, structured charms of the […...More

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Beauty of our youth: The signature scents

Writer Janina Matthewson remembers her search for a perfect perfume… In my life I have so far had two “signature scents.” Not rich person, custom designed signature scents, of course; that’d be cray, but perfumes I Quite Liked and bought multiple times. Signature Scent the First When a girl first realises there are smell options [&helli...More

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Shiny Gallery: 60s-influenced looks… yep, more Mad Men

It’s a decade full of timeless looks, which means it’s never too far from our high streets – but let’s face it, will Twiggy ever look uncool? From monochrome shifts to paisley and patent pumps, the clean-cut chic 60s look is big news this season, with fashion’s continued love for all things retro. And what’s […]...More

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Sleeves of the week! People Tree ‘Lauren Sweetpea’ dress, £65

Fairtrade, eco-friendly and frankly, fierce – this week’s sleeved dress is giving Laurens a great name You don’t get a lot of Laurens in fashion. Lauren Bacall was pretty much flying the flag for stylish Laurens by herself for several decades, before Lauren Hutton joined the cause in the ’70s and Laurens Goodger and Conran [...More

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The death of the ridicu-shoe: will unwearable heels just trot away now please?

When even Victoria Beckham hangs up her heels, it might be time to come back down to earth… There’s a thing in fashion, and actually in lots of other things such as water features and Mr Whippy cones, known as the ‘trickle down effect’. Most people will tell you this is the process by which […]...More

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Dr Brandt’s CC Cream reviewed – Nothing to CC here – just clear skin

I confess that I would be much, much more comfortable if we all just used foundation. It’s all got so fiddly. There’s special primer for your eyes, now. We have to clean our faces with giant electric toothbrushes. We’re romping down the alphabet, giddly inventing more problems, more solutions, more stuff. Our bags, bathrooms and [...More

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“You have such beautiful eyes!” Meet Chantecaille Bio Lift Concealer

I LOVE spendy skincare like I love drinking wine and watching The Simpsons in bed. Throwing money at stuff for my face is a hobby. A pricey one, but no more so than smoking, gambling or attending the live tours of prime time reality shows. And as a splurging hobbyist, I bring you good news […]...More

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Instant Sex Appeal, Bottled – What To Wear To Make People Want To Get Amorous…

Some days, you just want everyone to want to want you. To see you storm the street with a bounce in your step and your head held high, and not to think “I bet she’s going to an important business meeting!”, but to have a sudden flash of you with your mouth open and eyes […]...More

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Beauty of our youth: Bonne Bell Lip Smackers

The year is 2002, the product is Bonne Bell and the scent is pure, sugary joy. Were Lip Smackers the start of a serious cake habit? Ever since the first cave lady crushed up a beetle and rubbed it on her face before a trip to the nearest water hole, we’ve used cosmetics to try […]...More

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Sleeves of the week! Topshop tie-dye kimono £60

Ahh, the cover-up. A far less exciting term when it’s applied to clothes than to TV murder cases, cover ups are the maiden aunt of summer fashion – cumbersome and not much fun, but if you don’t invite them to the party you know it’ll end in the cold shoulder. When the vast majority of […]...More

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