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Boom! The loudest prints on the high street

Still waiting for your prints charming? From tribal to tropical and even a touch of tie-dye, we’ve rounded up the loudest, proudest patterns around Long gone are the days when ‘print’ meant a polite little floral or a prim polka dot. This summer we’re pretty much being commanded to bedeck ourselves out like our Nan’s […]...More

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The long-lasting nail polish that’s changing the world

Long-lasting, premium nail polish that helps support women in Haiti? Dielle gets the Shiny thumbs up Oh nail polish, wherefore art thou? Not on my nails anymore, that’s for sure. Probably on the pavement. The carpet. The floor of the bus. Dancing away on the wind, like glittery silver blossom. Nothing, not even the priciest […]...More

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Fashion’s biggest myths: blue and green should never be seen

You’re most likely to hear this rule from your granny – but doesn’t she know it’s going against nature? Lauren Bravo explains why blue and green should definitely be seen So obviously false is this little platitude that we really shouldn’t have to waste screen inches debunking it – but just in case there are […]...More

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Sleeves Of The Bank Holiday – M&S Denim Shirtdress

As we see it, the ultimate, tricksy, brow furrowing, chin stroking, difficult to solve 21st century dilemma is this: What’s a lady supposed to wear for weekend brunch? Obviously there are proper dilemmas about wars and poverty and the disintegrating moral fabric of society, but we don’t have a hope in hell of solving those. […]...More

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So you want to look like… Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby

Pour yourself a mint julep and swing those pearls – thanks to Baz Luhrmann’s new release, the 1920s are roaring straight back into our wardrobes Are you a flapper? Do you flap? Not the type you do when you’ve got hot food in your mouth, but the fashion type, currently dancing its way across the […]...More

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Wardrobe stories: The fairy dress

To fully explain my feelings about fashion, first I must tell you about my mother. For Mum, the seventies weren’t sexy, the eighties weren’t excessive and the nineties were about shielding one end of the family from their own raging, surging oestrogen levels and the other from their own baby sick. She grew up in […]...More

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How can you wear leather? Let us count the ways… Unlikely takes on the hot trend

Writer Rachael Krishna explores some leather options. But not in a rude way… Last October I bought myself a little leather mini skirt from H&M. I was kind of in love with the concept of this skirt: so versatile, so form fitting, I could team it with heels and power dress or with a pair […]...More

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How Benefit’s Posie Tint changed my life

Ever had an epiphany at the make up counter? Writer Amy Jones tells us how Benefit’s Posie Tint lip and cheek stain became the best thing in her life A few weeks ago, I was in Boots and paused in the Posh Make-Up bit. After roughly 2.3 nanoseconds a small, terrifying woman appeared and asked […]...More

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ShinyStyle tries: Ciaté Chalkboard Manicure

The latest trend in nail art has come out of the salon and back to the schoolroom. Wannabe sandwich board artist Lauren Bravo has chalkboard nails nailed. Sort of.  Just when we thought nails might have got as avant garde as nails are ever going to get (leather! Velvet! Hang little tassles off them! Make […]...More

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Retro scents remembered: Vanilla Musk

Writer Caroline O’Donoghue knew the secrets of womanhood were lying at the bottom of a bottle. A bottle that could be acquired with the advice of a helpful friend, and some Boots Advantage points… A musk is a smell with layers. A smell with atmosphere. A fourteen year old boy does not smell of sweat, […]...More

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Beauty of our youth: Boots 17 Twilight Teaser

Writer Becca Day Preston remembers when the coolest girls had frosty faces… I don’t remember exactly when my makeup love affair began. It was a trickle effect, with a couple of eyeshadows pilfered from my mum’s makeup bag here, a freebie lipgloss or glitter gel from Mizz there. Without mascara or eyeliner, I was essentially […]...More

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Sleeves Of The Week! Monsoon Eddie Embellished Dress, £119

Right at my core, there is a complex and unwinnable battle. Deep down, I know that to be chic is to be low key. I’ve seen too many pictures of Jackie Kennedy not to believe that the secret of style lies within the well cut. Supple silks and tasteful tweeds will take you everywhere. If you […]...More

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10 Trench Coats for late Spring – ASOS, Boden, Uniqlo

One swallow does not a summer make or so the saying goes. So before we get all carried vac-packing our coats away into hibernation (-what? just me then!), consider having a lightweight trench to take with you on your day out. Macs are always de rigueur in Spring fashion, and there’s nothing like a bit […]...More

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10 fantastic bags you can actually afford. No, really.

I’m currently suffering from something I like to term ‘Fash bag fatigue’. Barely a day goes buy where I don’t open a magazine or click through a style site to be told, in no uncertain terms, that unless I’m saving up my council tax and muesli money for a tote I can carry a baby […]...More

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Fashion’s biggest myths: you MUST have a crisp, white shirt

Still convinced your wardrobe should be built around a crisp, white shirt – despite it looking more Apprentice than Audrey Hepburn? Lauren Bravo’s on a mission to bust those fashion myths and set you free… I have a theory (actually, it is my mum’s, making it a hand-me-down theory which is actually quite fitting), that […]...More

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