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Trend Alert: Brothel creeper shoes

They used to solely be the footwear of Camden goths and cyber-clubbers, but bizarrely brothel-creepers are the only shoe to be seen in this season if you’re a close follower of hipster fashion. We’ve seen quirky London girls Pixie Geldof and Agyness Deyn wearing them – and now even Katy Perry is getting in on […]...More

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Trend Alert: Blouses

One of the absolute staples that you will definitely need this autumn is one of my favourites: the blouse. Pussybow, sheer, printed or oversized – they’re absolutely key for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Pick the right one and it’ll see you the whole way through to the next year. Marc Jacobs, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Jonathan Saunder...More

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Kate Moss’ wedding to Jamie Hince was inspired by gypsies

We all pored over the photos of Kate Moss’ long-awaited marriage to Kills rocker Jamie Hince last month – and now the supermodel has revealed that her inspiration behind the big day was her favourite TV show, “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”. The Channel 4 programme, which is all anyone could talk about when it was […]...More

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Trend Alert: Vampy ’40s jewellery from GlitzySecrets

I’m a very happy bunny right now, as one of my absolute favourite looks is going to be totally massive this season – and that is full on old Hollywood detective-movie 1940s glamour, complete with jewels and furs. Today I’m concentrating on the jewels – some beautiful antique-look costume jewellery can make even the simplest ...More

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Freida Pinto loves Chanel for “believing” in her

The Slumdog Millionaire beauty Freida Pinto says she is incredibly grateful for the fashion house Chanel’s support early on in her career. The iconic fashion house was the first to lend her couture and pieces from their current collections for her red-carpet appearances, even when she was just a little-known actress beginning her career. Frei...More

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Lara Stone never planned to become a model

The supermodel Lara Stone has confessed that modelling was never her ambition when she was growing up. Lara said that as a child she never thought that modelling could be an “actual job”, planning instead as a little girl to become a stay-at-home mother. We bet if Lara’s younger self could see her now, fronting […]...More

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Emma Stone bags a Revlon contract

The actress Emma Stone, along with Cowboys and Aliens star Olivia Wilde, is set to become the next global ambassador for the iconic cosmetics brand, Revlon. You won’t see our favourite American redhead as the face of Revlon until 2012, but when the campaigns finally hit, her face along with Olivia’s will be all over […]...More

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Top 10 ankle boots for Autumn/Winter

The one thing I’m desperate to get my hands on for the next season is a really great pair of ankle boots; I’ve been wearing the same brown leather chelseas for the past two years and they have quite literally fallen to bits. But thanks to boot-lovers like Alexa Chung, the trend is alive and […]...More

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Spotted: Emma Stone, Zoe Saldana, Kylie Minogue and Anne Hathaway

While we try to forget all the scary stuff that is happening in the UK at the moment, celebrities over the pond have been carrying on as usual. God bless ’em. At the world première of new film “The Help”, the Easy-A actress Emma Stone looked beautiful and serene in a very feminine mauvey-pink 1920s drop-waisted […]...More

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Steal her style: Kylie’s walk on the wild side in Piccadilly Circus

As a dedicated follower of celebrity style, I was surprised yesterday to see Kylie Minogue in London’s Piccadilly Circus looking like a proper bad-girl with in a leopard-print shift dress with a contrasting animal-print bag, completed with a saucy pair of black stilettos. Goodness, it’s like Michael Hutchence all over again, no? Others ...More

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Mel C slams Rihanna for being too sexual

The former Spice Girl, Mel C or “Sporty” as those born in the 90s will fondly remember her, has spoken out against Rihanna, criticising her for overtly sexual music videos and stage performances. Sporty, who has a two-year old daughter called Scarlet, is getting more and more worried about how sexual today’s media is and […...More

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An “emotionally thin” Lady Gaga wears her heart on her sleeve for her art

Our favourite bonkers hitmaker, Lady Gaga, has described herself as “emotionally thin” – for anyone as bemused as we are by that phrase, it just means vulnerable, but Gaga doesn’t like that word as it implies that she just cries all the time. When asked in an interview what she’s come to learn about herself […]...More

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Katie Holmes dresses up more when she comes to Europe

Bless the little thing – Katie Holmes has said that she glams up far more when she’s coming over here to Europe. The 32-year-old actress doesn’t like the idea of feeling out of place in the clothes that you’re wearing, so she makes an extra effort to dress according to which city or country she’s […]...More

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Nicole Scherzinger likes a more “grown up” look

Singer Nicole Scherzinger has revealed that she prefers a “grown up” look when it comes to dressing herself. Nicole, whose style trumped Cheryl Cole’s last year when she was a guest judge on the British X Factor, prefers a rock and roll image above anything else, putting together leather jackets and tough boots with lacy, [&hellip...More

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Autumn/Winter Trend Alert: Polka dots

It’s a big hooray from me as one of my absolute favourite trends is back again for this Autumn/Winter – this season it is all about bold graphic prints, specifically the polka dot, as seen on the catwalks at Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. I love polka dots because they can be either sexy or […]...More

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