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Get the look: Eliza Doolittle

By Andrea Petrou on January 27th, 2011

By Emily Borrett.

It’s a good time to be popstrel Eliza Doolittle at the moment – she’s got great style, her songs are dominating the charts and she’s just been signed onto the much-coveted books of Select Models. Amidst a whole gang of preening, primped stars done up to the nines at every occasion, Eliza’s endearing scruffiness and laid-back cool has won us over.

Instead of wearing a long gown or a frock made out of goose feathers and Swarovski crystals to perform, Eliza prefers to step onstage in an iconic pair of Nike high-tops, a slouchy graphic-printed t-shirt and some teensy shorts to show off her pins. Dressed for going to the beach and climbing trees bare-legged, her laid-back tomboy style is an absolute fresh breath of air to ShinyStyle.

We’ve looked all over the internet and found pieces here and there that we’re sure Miss Doolittle would approve of. Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think.

Performing in the Oxford Art Factory in her uniform of high-tops, short shorts and a cool T-shirt

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One to watch: James Anthony on

By emilyborrett on July 15th, 2010

If you’re looking for a few cool, collectable pieces to carry you from summer through to autumn this year, check out the work of James Anthony on the online crafts community, Etsy.

Miami-based James Anthony specialises in silk-screened t-shirts and dresses for both men and women. As all of their t-shirts are supplied wholesale by American Apparel and Alternative Apparel before being printed on, you know that you’ll be wearing an updated, edgier version of the clothes that the UK already knows and loves. The tanks and tees are perfect for making the most of what’s left of the summer weather and are a festival statement by themselves – we’d recommend you don’t go out wearing just the tank though, put some knickers on at least.

The brand lists its inspirations as “revenge; satin; Capri and Acapulco; men who wear flannel; champagne and caviar; mink; turbans; mink turbans; oil; torturing those of a lower social station; yelling; hissing; blackmail.” Fair enough. The prints are taken from antique and historical imagery such as 18th-century anatomical illustrations, engravings and paintings for the stark, bold prints that end up on the clothes. I came over all spooky coveting the skeleton-printed silk tanks (I’m planning to buy some and team them up with teeny-weeny daisy dukes and big old boots) and fell in love with the geisha-print scarf which is going to be keeping me warm come September, when the weather gets crap again.

If you want to get your mitts on a James Anthony print, you can find his clothes sold on here.


Would you wear American Apparel’s bottomless tights? (NSFW)

By Kimberley Foster on May 25th, 2009


Good Lord! What have the broad-minded folks over at American Apparel come up with now? These bottomless tights (or “assless tights” as some are calling them) are just one of the new styles to look out for from the retailer. They are specially designed without a back allowing you to show off your booty, as I’m sure many women would prefer *ahem*. They are still in production, and not available to buy just yet. However, it just begs one question – after Woody Allen sued them and won, are AA so hard up for cash now they can’t even afford whole hosiery?

Would you wear these tights? Vote in our poll after the jump and see them in all their glory (NSFW, naturally)…

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Woody Allen awarded $5million by American Apparel

By Kimberley Foster on May 19th, 2009

The long-running feud between Woody Allen and American Apparel has finally been settled for a cool $5million.

The director sued the clothing retailer last year, after they used his image in advertising billboards without his authorization. American Apparel’s chief executive, Don Charney, argued that the image, which depicted Allen as a Hasidic Jew from Allen’s 1977 film, Annie Hall, was fair game.

On Monday, the case was put to bed when Allen was awarded $5million for violation of privacy, although he initially filed for $10million.

“It’s of course possible that by going through the trial a jury might have awarded me more money but this is not how I make my living and $5 million is enough to discourage American Apparel or anyone else from trying such a thing again,” Allen said.

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How to rock shiny leggings

By Andrea Thatcher on October 19th, 2007

I love the look of shiny leggings, as seen on Victoria Beckham, Ashley Olsen, and Kate Moss at It’s an easy cheat for leather pants and they look super rock god under a tunic dress or rock t-shirt. The sequin leggings (above, left) by Alice + Olivia are $297 on . But if you want to rock the look, but can’t afford to shell out hundreds, try a pair of Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings (above, right) from American Apparel for only $34.

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Ashley Olsen Dresses for Labor Day

By Elaine LaPersonerie on September 4th, 2007

I’m spending time in the Hamptons–enjoying the last few bits of summer sun. Last night, I went for dinner at Sen Lounge, a swanky sushi restaurant in Sag Harbor and who walks in and sits right next to me? Ashley Olsen. I’m not star crazed at all–after having worked with one, you’ve worked with them all, pretty much. But there has been so much buzz lately about the Olsen twins and how they dress. Where one achieves, the other fails. I must say, despite all the controversy over the twin fashion misses, she looked adorable! Her outfit fit the bill for an end-of-summer night that still felt beachy, but breezy. She was wearing a simple black mini tank dress like this American Apparel one, a pair of black and gold flats as seen now at Urban Outfitters and a long sweater like this one Gap is showing for fall. So, when your caught between summer and fall–think of Ashley Olsen and this 1-2-3 combo!

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