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Cheryl Cole loves big hair

By Andrea Petrou on May 31st, 2011

Cheryl Cole feels “close to heaven” when she has big hair.

The ousted US ‘X Factor’ judge – who has been sensationally dropped from the pop star search show – caused a stir with her bouffant locks at the first auditions earlier this month but despite criticism for her look, the British beauty insists she was pleased with her appearance on the day.

She said: “I love that style. I felt really glamorous with it.

“The bigger the better I always say – the higher the hair, the closer to heaven. I can do it myself after all these years of practice.”

As well as doing her own hair, Cheryl also grooms her eyebrows herself, admitting she has to do so often because she is naturally dark-haired.

She added to LOOK magazine: “I always do my eyebrows myself, plucking and shaping them. I have to keep on top of them – I can’t really grow them out so that I can get them done professionally because I’m on TV. I’m dark and the hairs really show.”

Beauty, Celebrity Style, News

Cheryl Cole would look good whatever her hairstyle says Vidal Sassoon

By Andrea Petrou on May 19th, 2011

Cheryl Cole would look good whatever her hairstyle, according to Vidal Sassoon.

The legendary hairdresser is a huge fan of the new US ‘X Factor’ judge’s look – who received criticism for her new bouffant hair do on the first day of auditions – and while he thinks her general style is beautiful, he wishes she would experiment a bit more.

Speaking on radio station Magic 105.4, he said: “The hairdresser knew what he was doing coz he made a shape that worked for her but with a face like this you can have any kind of cut and I just think this is too much with this long hanging hair.”

Along with Cheryl, the 83-year-old crimper – who is known for creating some of the most iconic styles of the 60s – revealed he loves Lady Gaga because she is willing try anything and has “no shame”.

He explained: You get individuals that have no shame. Nothing is out of the question. She has no shame at all and it’s wonderful.”

Although he is 83 and has no plans to slow down, Vidal admitted he has thought about how he would like to be remembered.

He said: “”You’ve got to be a [fitness fanatic] at 83, if you’re not half fit your dead but I would like to be remembered as the man who gave other hairdressers the chance to prove themselves.”

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