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Trend Alert: Beach Bikinis

By Andrea Petrou on June 2nd, 2010

The sun is shining and many of you are probably counting down to that summer beach holiday.

And with the spring/summer season fashion in full flow there’s a huge amount of swimwear out there to suit all kind of shapes.

Many stores such as Miss Selfridge and Oasis also offer separates for ladies with smaller or bigger upper halves and Ultimo is also a great place for those out there that have been blessed with bigger busts. On the other end of the spectrum some highstreet stores also cater for sporty type figures offering padded cups and different tops to really enhance what we’ve been blessed with.

And there’s also great alternatives for those who don’t feel comfortable in flashing their tum or who aren’t too keen on wearing briefs.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you different ranges for different figures and tastes but to kick start the swimwear style we’ve put together a gallery of on-trend bikinis so you can really make an entrance to the pool or the beach.

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Have your say: Should Primark be criticised for selling padded bikinis for 7 year olds?

By Andrea Petrou on April 15th, 2010

A few weeks ago Katie Price came under our Shinystyle spotlight for announcing that she was thinking of creating a range of make-up for children and judging by your votes many of you agreed that it was encouraging children to grow up too quickly.

And it seems she’s not the only one accused of encouraging this. Primark this week has come under fire from MPs and parenting charities after its decision to sell padded bikinis for 7 year olds.

David Cameron joined Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Mumsnet kicked off at the store, which has since removed the £4 range from shelves.

Following complaints Primark issued a statement claiming: The company has stopped the sale of this product line with immediate effect. Primark will donate all the profits made from this product line to a children’s charity, and apologises to customers for any offence caused.’

But it doesn’t look as though the chain will be getting off that easily as yesterday politicians were still furious

Mr Cameron said yesterday: ‘There is a classic example today where Primark are apparently pushing padded bras on seven-year-olds, which I think is completely disgraceful.

‘The sort of country I want is one where it is not just the Government that feels outraged about the early commercialisation and sexualisation of our children, but companies should stop doing it, they should take some responsibility,’ he added.

Do you think Primark behaved immorally by selling these bikinis or do you think it’s just a lot of fuss over nothing. Vote and leave your comments below and let us know.

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Melissa Odabash to donate 25% of Haiti bikini sales to helping victims of the earthquake

By Andrea Petrou on January 27th, 2010

m haiti.jpgThose of us who woke up to find ice on our cars this morning will shudder at the thought of wearing a bikini, but we need to to fast forward your minds to that summer holiday and get buying now.

Why? Because swimwear designer Melissa Odabash will be donating 25 per cent of the profits from each of her Haiti Bikini sales to Unicef to help the victims of the earthquake.

The designer told Vogue: “This year I had already named a bikini Haiti, and it seems only fitting that 25 per cent made on the sale of this bikini should go directly to Unicef to help the people of Haiti rebuild their homes and their lives.”

We can’t think of a better reason to begin building up our holiday wardrobe from now, and we might even concede and say its ok to wear this in a local pool.

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Why bikinis in public swimming pools should be banned

By Andrea Petrou on November 13th, 2009

Barbie.jpgOur guest writer Lauren has done an outstanding job of bringing all our fashion faux pas into the spotlight. She’s cussed the cleavage and caused a mini fashion war with her article on Uggs. But she’s also got me thinking about all the little fashion things that really get my goat and I feel it’s time I spoke out. First on my hit list are those Bikini wearing Barbies in public swimming pools.

Last week I decided it was time to rid myself of the growing love handles (the joys of working from home) and hit the local pool.

Dressed in my no nonsense Speedo swimming cozzie and mentally congratulating myself at getting halfway through my first length I was rudely interrupted by the man in front of me stopping suddenly. So much so that if we’d been in cars there would have been a serious clash of metal and full blown arguments.

So what had made him stop? A heart attack? Or perhaps that pesky swimming stitch you get when you decide to go full throttle on a rather bloated stomach? Or maybe the poor man was having trouble breathing. Either one would have been equally acceptable, but looking up I realised the real reason for the collision, which involved far too much skin contact deemed acceptable for a leisurely weekday swim, was the itsy bitsy bikini wearing Baywatch barbie that had just stepped in from the grimy changing rooms.

Posing and preening in her glorious polka dot (I kid you not) bit of rag complete with little bows, she painted a farcical picture amongst the grey and 60s styling of the pool, but she seemed selfishly oblivious to her surroundings.

Like a mythical siren from Greek literature she had managed to stop every single man, each of whom were doing a very good impression of a gaping swimming pool drain, in their front crawl tracks. Not only were these men close to drowning (it’s never a good idea to open your mouth when you’re immersed in water) but their sudden swimming strike was inconveniencing us serious female fitness fanatics.

If it had not been an offence you can be sure we all would have lynched her. Maybe that’s going a bit too far. Considering where we were, drowning would have been a better option.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fuddy duddy granny who can’t bear bikinis and this isn’t a piece fuelled by jealousy. I’ll happily don one on the beach. Afterall we’ve fought to be able to wear them since they first crashed into French fashion in 1946.

French fashion historian Olivier Saillard got it spot on when he said: “The emancipation of swimwear has always been linked to the emancipation of women.”

Designed by French engineer Louis Réard, the beachwear, was named after Bikini Atoll in the Pacific, the site of the Operation Crossroads nuclear weapon tests in July that year. The reasoning behind the name was that the burst of excitement created by it would be like a nuclear device. However, I don’t think the genius designer could have known how much of an explosion it’s made, especially when it comes to my war against public pool bikini abusers.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if, after their grand entrance these bikini bunnies actually swam, but no, thats far too much to ask. Instead they incessantly pose, taking great delight in the attention they attract and stand giggling with their bikini buddies while blocking our safe shallow end haven.

But is there any pool rule against this. Amongst the signs of “no heaving petting” “no spitting” and “no diving” is there anything that says “no Barbies bearing bikinis blocking serious swimmers”? Like heck there is. That would ruin the male life guards fun.

I asked my local government run leisure centre what their take on this trend was. A spokesman for the organisation told me “We allow any type of swimwear as long as it’s deemed respectable, doesn’t offend and is safe for swimming in.”

And what exactly would the centre class as offensive? G-strings and “those new see-through creations.”

However, just because a leisure centre deems it acceptable it doesn’t make it right. In my eyes there’s a time and place for everything (take note Jordan) and wearing a bikini in a public swimming pool is as wrong as Cheryl Cole’s David Koma dress, or a pair of winter crocs complete with socks . With perfectly acceptable sensible swimwear out there no one needs to bare all at the local pool.

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New Tommy Hilfiger swimwear just in time for spring break

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on March 13th, 2008

Tommy bikini 1.jpg

Headed somewhere sunny? Or just looking forward to the days of warm weather at home?

Tommy Hilfiger’s new swimwear is now available in their online store.

We love the SS Tommy Banded Triangle Top, $48, and Retro Pant with Ties, $40 for Memorial Day, the 4rth of July, or anytime!

But if that’s a little too red, white, and blonde for you then check out more options after the jump.

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Spring break outfit

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on March 10th, 2008

spring break.jpg Click image to enlarge.

If you’re headed somewhere beachy but want to look more fashionable than freshman amongst the spring breakers, here’s our outfit picks. It’s always a good idea to stick with a simple color palette when packing for a short trip to maximize combinations. We went with the whites and greens of J.Crew’s trastevere halter bikini, $110, – our focal point for this look.

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Britney’s outfit at the MTV Video Music Awards

By Andrea Thatcher on September 17th, 2007

Britney Spears has caught a great deal of backlash for her look at the MTV Video Music Awards. Supposedly she got into a fight with Jessica Simpson’s main man Ken Paves before the show so she ended up doing her own hair. A lot of people have been criticizing her outfit and body. However, after having 2 babies, most girls couldn’t look half as good as she looked in that sequined bikini outfit and fishnets. I feel bad for Brit. And apparently I am not alone. This fan got 5 million hits on Youtube for his mascara-strewn plea to “Leave Britney Alone!” This inspired Seth Green’s impassioned plea to leave the Britney fan alone.

[image: Getty]

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