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Fashion’s biggest myths: Never wear navy with black

By Lauren Bravo on April 15th, 2013
Victoria Beckham

Photo by ChinaFoto

Never wear navy with black? Or brown with black? Or colour with black? Don’t be ridiculous, says Lauren Bravo.

I can’t claim to have traced this one back to its historical roots, but if I did I’d bet my Nan that it originated in a warmer clime than this one. Because the main problem with this rule, and there are several, is: tights. When you spend three quarters of the year made partly out of black opaque nylon, you can’t be too choosy about colourways.

Navy and black can look utterly chic, especially with a nice shiny gold button or rosy lips. Brown and black has to work, because half of the animal kingdom have been working it for years. Beavers, grizzly bears, otters, all oblivious to their genetic style failings. Besides, great brown clothes come along so rarely that the last thing you need is someone telling you your shoes don’t go.

If, like me, you were a British female with eyes, ears and a body during the early noughties, you might also still be haunted by Trinny and Susannah. One of their shrillest bits of fash-ism was ‘never wear black with bright colours – it cheapens them’, and to this day if I put a cheery colour near a pair of black jeans I hear them screaming “CHEAP! CHEAP!” like a chorus of demented budgies

But while there is truth in their adage – colour on colour is such a thrill if you can do well – you can’t help feeling it applies more to the stretchy black bootlegs and pink chenille jumpers of 2002 than it does to our wardrobes now. With so many more textures and prints to play with, the danger of black making your brights look like something from a Oxford Street gift shop is pretty minimal.

Pretty much the only black no-go that has any truth, as far as I can see, is black-on-black – because, as generations of women are wont to warn you, it shows the age. Black will inevitably look faded against another black; the freshness of one will show up the bobbles and worn bits on another.

But if you’re happy to own your bobbles and worn bits with pride, I’d say you’re good to go.


Designers donning all black outfits. Stereotype or colour conspiracy?

By alanamcverry on April 21st, 2010

chantal.jpgI live in East London. I see a lot of people who ‘do’ fashion stuff. I come across a lot of people who do, or who plan to, design clothes. And one thing I have noticed, no matter how much they tell us purple is the new black this season, for them black has never been, and will never be replaced by anything. I came across this photo of Chantal Thomass, Parisian designer, on a sunny day in almost May, head to toe, clad in all black. A vacuum of colour and pattern, come on Chantal, is this not just too much of a cliché? In fact many fashionista attended parties I have stumbled on accidentally have been much dominated by the same fascination with absence rather than presence of pigment. If fashion design, like any good design, is about pushing boundaries, creating something new and exciting and avoiding the obvious, then should one not practice what they preach?
Now, I wear a lot of black, in fact if I was allowed to call it a colour, it would be a favourite, but my relation to fashion is much more of a reactionary one. I do not give birth to the haute couture babies that propagate and morph into the wearable high street fashion. It is not my initial actions that fuel self imposed irrational imperatives to be on trend with these seasons shades. So, is it all just a sneaky way of making us buy more clothes? If the new black was always black, seasons could go by and no fashion updates would need to be purchased. Or maybe they simply only like colour as a concept rather than a reality. Either way, I’ve always said, I would never get my hair cut by someone with a mullet. And similarly, I aint buying colour from someone who doesn’t know how to make it look good.

Celebrity Style

Black and white Chanel pearl necklace

By Andrea Thatcher on September 7th, 2007

This black and white Chanel glass beaded necklace mixes the dark mysterious look of Tahitian pearls with the innocent, classic opulence of white pearls. It features the signature interlocking Chanel C’s in black and white enamel. Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba are spotted wearing this chic Chanel look. Costume jewelry never looked so good!

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