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Fashion News Roundup

Shiny happy Friday roundup

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on April 18th, 2008

We’re off to some press previews today so we can bring you the best of fall fashion next week! But, in our absence, check out what the rest of the Shiny Media network has been up to this week!

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Catwalk Queen asks you Yay or Nay about Mary Kate Olsen’s Marc Jacobs furry headband.

We’ve been eyeing up these Forever 21 chain pumps every time we’re on their site, and it looks like our sister site Shoewawa has been checking them out too.

Dollymix uncovers this hilarious G-L-U-T-T-O-N-O-U-S video, a parody of Fergie’s Glamorous.

Kate Bosworth sported this Chloe Saskia bag and The Bag Lady tracked it down.

Is Kate Holmes leaving Tom Cruise? StarTrip discusses.

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Shiny happy Friday roundup

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on March 14th, 2008


Now we know you didn’t think that we here at ShinyStyle were the only brilliant Shiny writers on the planet! Here’s what a bunch of our Shiny cohorts have been writing about lately:

Dollymix tells us about Diane VonFurstenberg’s involvement with Vital Voices Global Partnership’s new “Women Can” campaign.

Catwalk Queen asks what you think of Kate Bosworth’s dress at the premiere of “21.”

The Bag Lady rips on Juicy’s Couture’s Daisy daydreamer tote.

Shoewawa found some awesome tuxedo shoes on the cheap at Forever 21.

Trashionista fills us in on the latest Shopaholic casting news.

ShinyShiny unearths a Super Mario corset of all things.

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