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Get the look: This Is England ’86

By Andrea Petrou on September 15th, 2010

By Emily Borrett.

Everybody’s favourite skinheads have returned to our screen for  This Is England ’86, a four-part drama that follows up from Shane Meadows’ iconic British feature film This Is England. For those of you that haven’t seen it, This Is England is a social commentary on the skinhead culture that was steadily developing in early 1980s, Thatcherite England. The film follows a troubled young boy called Shaun as he finds friends and acceptance within a group of older skinheads, is heavily influenced by older members of the group with extreme political and racist views, and eventually finds himself incredibly disillusioned with the whole thing altogether. Sounds all like a bit of a downer, but with an irresistible ska sound-track and super-sharp working-class style, it’s a bit of a must see.

Channel Four’s This Is England ’86 catches up with Shaun, Woody and the others a couple of years down the line. Shaun’s lost touch with the others and switched his Doc Martens for a school uniform, but his old group of friends’ outfits just get better and better. Braces and turned-up jeans have been swapped for ultra-sharp, 1960s inspired suits in the case of characters Woody and Milky, whilst Woody’s sweetheart Lol’s skin-girl style has taken on a new grown-up look. Instead of number one shaves, braces and rat’s tails, think classic British style – cropped hair, Fred Perry, crisp shirts in ginghams and checks, Doc Martens and 60s-style pea coats are essential to nailing this look.

"This Is England" (2006)

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The gang's original teenage style of mullets, Harrington jackets and miniskirts.

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Big Brother 11 Fashion Face off: Who wins your style vote so far?

By Andrea Petrou on June 10th, 2010

It may be a little bit too early to start talking about the Big Brother housemate’s style but, there’s nothing like a little bit of forward fashion thinking. So we’ve decide to have a little bit of a prediction about what each of the girls will be showcasing based on their entrance outfits and personality so far. And of course we want to get you involved.

Read our predictions, view the gallery and then vote below and tell us who you think will be the most stylish in the house.

Rachael Williams: The Beyonce look-a-like made her entrance into the Big Brother house in a white dress, which didn’t leave much to the imagination. We understand that she’s channelling the singer’s look but really Rachael sometimes it’s nice to keep that booty covered.

Our prediction: The vain wannabe will be flashing more than a smile with her wardrobe. Expect lots of leg and lots of erm, booty.

Corin Forshaw: Just when we thought Jordan had stepped away from the spotlight, a trashy version of the former page three girl makes her Big Brother entrance. Dressed in a market style frock, which she had to keep pulling up to cover her assets the contestant fitted Davina’s Katie Cut-price description.

Our prediction: Let’s put it this way. Men won’t be buying copies of The Sun for the page 3 page. We expect lots of blurred images before the 9pm watershed.

Shabby Katchadourian: We hate to state the obvious, but Shabby by name – Shabby by nature. This mess of conforming to the non conforming type should carefully consider her next fashion move. However, one good thing about this lady is that we won’t have to worry about being put off our dinner with over exposure of flesh.

Our prediction: More “look at me I’m different” clothing.

Ife Kuku: She may not look like Beyonce, but Ife gives Rachael a run for her money with her skimpy clothing.

Our prediction: Be prepared for a “who can show the most” competition between her and her bootilicious rival.

Sunshine Martyn: She may have an usual name but this contestant doesn’t look like she’ll wow in the fashion stakes. Her dress was standard and her attempt at being different was a mini top-hat headpiece, which happens to be stocked in every highstreet store at the moment.

Our prediction: This medical student’s attire may need a huge fashion injection.

Caoimhe: She ditched the frocks and made her entrance in tight Tomb Raider attire with a funky twist, making her one of our favourite fashionable housemates.

Our prediction: More funky fashion fun.

Josie: This country girl next door didn’t offend with her maxi dress. However, nor did she wow.

Our prediction: More jeans, tops and perhaps a few dresses.

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Meet the Big Brother 11 contestants

By Andrea Petrou on June 10th, 2010

Last night the final Big Brother kicked off, and what a start to the programme it was.

Instead of already announcing the contestants, Big Brother decided that this year it would pick them on live telly. From 80 people 13 lucky people were called out one by one to go into the themed house. And we have to say that judging by some of the characters we think this years going to be wackier and bitchier than ever.

Not only is there Rachael White who looks like Beyonce, but Corin who professes to look like Katie Price (or Katie Cut-Price as Davina put it). Then there’s Caoimhe, Ife and currently our favourite Josie, they may not look like any celelbs but we think they may ruffle Rachael’s feathers.

Sunshine Martyn, a student doctor and Shabby Katchadourian a “squatter”complete the round-up for the girls.

However, it doesn’t seem the boys are any tamer this year. There’s Dave Vaughn a monk, although we’re not quite sure what he actually practices, Govan who can’t stop talking and Ben, a posh writer who frankly looked disgusted everytime a contestant entered.

We did get a little excited when we met joiner Nathan Dunn and of course Beckham look-a-like John James who are bound to get some of the girls in the house. And we think ex Army guy Steve Gill will also go far.

However, Mario Mugan, who was chosen at random and has the task of being “a mole” is going to have a hard time.

Tell us who you think will win BB11 by leaving your comments in the box below.

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Lily Allen to star in her own fashion TV show

By Andrea Petrou on April 26th, 2010

Thumbnail image for Lily Corsett.jpg

She may have hung up her mic, but Lily Allen hasn’t disappeared from our radars especially when it comes to the fashion scene.

The singer who is taking a break from her music to open a fashion boutique called Lucy In Disguise, with her sister, has just announced that she will be allowing Channel 4 cameras to record her as she makes her first steps into the fashion world.

And just in case you were worried that this was once again another rumour, we have it in erm, writing.

A C4 spokeman told The Metro: “It is happening.

“The name and how many shows there will be is still undecided. It is due to go out early next year.”

Are you as excited as we are? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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