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Should you give fingerless gloves a try? Elaine votes yes!

By Elaine LaPersonerie on November 25th, 2008


Ok, it’s freezing in NYC and when one ounce of your pearly winter skin is left uncovered it feels like you might turn into the next abominable snowman. So, I know the thought of fingerless gloves are already giving you chills!

But then there’s your blackberry, your keys, your Ipod, your lip-gloss, your credit card, blah, blah, blah–all impossible to manage with gloves on. So despite a bit of retail overkill and potentially frozen fingers, I’m here to tell you that its okay to give in to the fingerless glove craze.

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Yay or Nay Wednesday: Earmuffs

By Andrea Thatcher on November 28th, 2007


These just in: bordeaux quilted patent leather ear muffs from Burberry. Now there’s no question, if you’re going to wear ear muffs, these are the most fabulous ones to sport – but would you wear ear muffs? If you live somewhere like Georgia and don’t really have a winter, you might not even be able to contemplate such an accessory, but in colder climes it’s often tempting to wrap your entire head in a wool scarf just to get the mail. So, would you wear ear muffs?


One winter necessity – the scarf – goes high fashion

By Andrea Thatcher on October 29th, 2007


The Washington Post is of the mind that the scarves on Balenciaga‘s fall runways are going to change the way we look at and wear the accessories this winter. While the look on the left is perhaps an accurate portrayal of what East Coasters end up looking like in the winter, we’re thinking that without the uber-tailored look, 6-foot frame, and designer styling (and with snot frozen to your face) it’s not going to look so fashionable and suggest trying to emulate the look on the right. For the details on the wrappers we’ve chosen, keep reading.

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