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The top five worst fashion trends ever

By Andrea Petrou on February 8th, 2012

Leggings as trousers

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Two words: Camel Toe. Just don't do it to yourselves, or us for that matter.

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Crocs launch site to get feedback on their shoe designs

By lotte on November 20th, 2009

crocs.jpg The Croc is a shoe that divides people, much like the Ugg. Usually, those people arguing for the Croc claim that comfort should take precedence over any other factor in footwear; everyone else points out calmly that Crocs are probably the most hideous things you could ever choose to put on your feet.

Crocs have decided to tap into this cultural divide by launching a website that allows users to give feedback on Crocs designs. According to the site, is a global platform where you are able to share your ideas and input with Crocs and fellow community members around the world. When you share an idea, other members can vote your idea to the top and Crocs can put this idea into action.

In other words, you do the work so the design team doesn’t have to.

In their defense, the Crocs brand now offers a lot more than the plastic clog hybrid that made them famous; unfortunately the ones we liked the most were a rip-off of these Marc Jacobs ballet shoes.

If you have the urge to input your ideas for the Crocs brand, visit the site here.


You won’t believe who made these booties…

By Andrea Thatcher on October 7th, 2008

You by Crocs shoes 003.jpg

A few weeks ago I got an email asking me to review some Crocs. (Darn, now I’ve given it away, eh?) The public relations rep was fully aware of the impression Crocs have made on the fashion community, and even joked about it, assuring me that these were not the plastic clogs seen on 5-year-olds everywhere.

You by Crocs is the brand’s new, “higher end” line of adult footwear with … well, style! There are a ton of trendy boots for fall, almost all made of real leather.

My favorite of the two shoe-booty options are the Twisted Tart booties, $150, seen at left. I wore these walking around First Friday in my city and my feet held up pretty well thanks to extra padding in the ball of the foot and heel.

For people’s reactions and two more styles, keep reading.

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Ok, Crocs, really?

By Andrea Thatcher on August 31st, 2007

Finally, someone’s spoken out! This article by Robin Givhan from the Washington Post, explains my Crocs frustration perfectly. I understand that they’re comfortable, but I just can’t stand the sight of them! They’re fine for little kids–my neices love them–but come on, ladies, do you really need to wear them everywhere? I’ve seen dozens of people out on the streets of Philly and New York, wearing these hideous (can they even be called shoes?) rubber things. The beach or boating, sure, and maybe even to and from the gym, but shopping with friends and out to dinner? That’s a no no. They’re big and frumpy and remind me of clown shoes. And now they’re even making Crocs work shoes! Don’t even think about wearing these to work. If you’re going out or to work and want comfy shoes, please, just wear flats.

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