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Dannii Minogue refuses to throw away handbags

By Andrea Petrou on December 7th, 2011

Dannii Minogue refuse to throw out her handbags.

The Australian beauty says she won’t get rid of her designer bags, unless they are damaged, because she will always find a use for them.

She said: “I was on a 10-week waiting list for my beaded bag years ago, and it cost a bomb. I still love it. Unless handbags are damaged, it feels like sacrilege to chuck them. If you loved them once, you’ll surely have occasion to use them again.”

As well as investing in designer handbags Dannii, 40, is a huge fan of good quality luggage as it can last for ages and ages.

She told Britain’s Glamour magazine: “My Louis Vuitton roller bag was a 30th birthday gift, and it still looks brand new. I use it on every single flight I take. I can pack so much stuff in it and it takes the weight off my shoulders.”

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Victoria Beckham “knows a lot about handbags” says designer Katie Hillier

By Andrea Petrou on November 3rd, 2011

Victoria Beckham “knows a lot about handbags”.

Katie Hillier – the designer who has worked alongside the star on her luxury bag collection for the past two years – thinks people in the fashion industry need to “rethink their opinions” of the former Spice Girls singer because she is “super-smart”.

She said: “Victoria is super-smart – people need to rethink their opinions of her. She knows a lot about handbags. In fact, she knows a lot about everything to do with fashion.

“Working with her is not only really good fun; it’s satisfying because the product is so amazing. It’s hard to design a bag that speaks for itself.”

Katie – who also designs for the likes of Marc by Marc Jacobs and Loewe – explained as the 37-year-old singer-turned-designer is so focused on the “quality” of her garments, she enjoys working on a line that “means something”.

She added in an interview with the London Evening Standard newspaper: “With Victoria, it’s all about the quality. I get emails from her saying, ‘The little inside pocket doesn’t have the right stitching.’

“Our focus isn’t on designing a logo but on finding the right leather. I enjoy working on something that I know means something.”


Mischa Barton refuses to spend lots of money on a trendy handbag

By Andrea Petrou on April 12th, 2011

Mischa Barton refuses to spend lots of money on a trendy handbag.

The actress – who has her own line of bags – says she doesn’t see the point in splashing out on a “handbag-of-the moment” and would rather save her cash for a classic item.

She said: “I think handbags are a great area to work in because you can do anything with them. They can really change an outfit. You always look at girls’ bags and you don’t want to spend a fortune on them. You want them to be functional, have pockets and work, but you don’t want it to be a piece of c**p. I don’t want to spend a fortune on crazy of-the-moment handbags. If it’s going to cost me like $600 to get a handbag of-the-moment then I’m probably not even going to bother to do it. I just have my classics that I like.”

Mischa believes the success of her handbag line is due to the fact a lot of the pieces are stylish yet affordable.

She told online blog Zap2it: “I think what really works for them is that we’re really able to keep the price point quite low, but still funky and cool. Some of them are not supposed to last forever. They’re more like fun bags, and then we have the more serious ones. We’ve been working on the proper like, doctor bags, the ones that do last a long time.”

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Designer Pick of the Week: Alexander McQueen biker bag

By Andrea Kiliany Thatcher on July 15th, 2008

Alexander Mcqueen biker bag copy.jpg

In honor of the new US-only Alexander McQueen online shop, we decided to choose another item from the designer to feature for our designer pick of the week.

This Biker Flapper shoulder bag, $1,740, really caught our eye.

A lot of times it’s the less detailed, more “everyday” designer bags we really latch on to because when you’re spending that much money, you really do want to be able to wear the bag almost every day.

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Fendi spy almost half off at

By Andrea Thatcher on January 18th, 2008


Cheap by no stretch of the imagination, but a bargain maybe. This brown leather beaded Fendi Spy bag is marked down from $2,499 to $1,810.

If you’ve been in the market for a spy or had your eye on this one in particular, then that’s probably a good deal! It’s all relative, after all.

We like that this bag has a rock and roll feel without going all out with studs. The beading is a bit more subtle and really highlights the proportions that make a spy bag a spy bag.

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Limited Edition Carlos Falchi Bags now at Bergdorf Goodman

By Andrea Thatcher on October 31st, 2007


If you have yet to catch onto the Carlos Falchi craze, this is the time to fall head over heels for a fresh new set of bags and clutches for your wardrobe. Bergdorf Goodman is featuring an exclusive, limited-edition collection of six Carlos Falchi Handbags that are signed (and numbered) by the designer. Each handbag in the collection is made with rich leather and exotic prints; choose from colored python prints, alligator skins, and luxurious ostrich collage. Bear in mind that only ten of each style re available, so you’ll need to get your order in as soon as possible! Here’s the roundup, just in time for your holiday wishlist:

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Kooba metallic totes flash into fall

By Andrea Thatcher on October 22nd, 2007

elisha%20shoulder.jpgIf you still haven’t picked out your favorite metallic shopper or over-sized tote for the season, there’s no better time to select your favorite companion than right before the holidays. Set aside the glitzy clutches and beaded miniaudieres for a moment, and take a look at the fresh collection from Kooba. Understated, yet chic, these over-sized totes are perfect for dressing up a weekend outfit at the shopping conquest du jour, or simply toting around at the post-work party. Kooba’s fall/winter collection this year brings us an assortment of ruched leather, python-embossed, and convertible bags, but it’s the metallic totes that are leading the way.

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Frame bags offer structure and luxury: the most favored five of the season

By Andrea Thatcher on October 11th, 2007

miu%20miu.jpgBesides the need for an over-sized clutch and exotic skins in the handbag department, frame bags are becoming another hot item for fall and winter ’07. Topping off the season’s sell-out list, designers such as Anya Hindmarch, Zac Posen, Juicy Couture, and Miu Miu are already receiving extra-long waiting lists, with pre-ordering in full swing at the department stores. Continue over to the jump for a roundup of just five of the most coveted frame bags that are sure to pull a disappearing act before the New Year:

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