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Trade in your spotty skin for a fresh face this summer

By alanamcverry on April 21st, 2010

Clinque-Anti-Blemish-Solutions-3-Step-System-luxury-skin-care-beauty-11.jpg If like me, and miss Lowe apparently, you fear the months of the year when you are told to discard your foundation, and bare your skin (and all it’s misgivings) to the world around you. It seems for those whose awkward acne years trail into their twenties, there is not much in the market for the middle ground. Left with a difficult dialectic between purging skin with alcohol based products designed for resilient teenage skin, or lathering up with mums richest age defying cream. And fearing that the day you actually manage to banish the blemishes, will be the day that the crows feet, who up till now have been waiting patiently on the side line, are tagged in to play. So what’s out there for a sensitive approach to spot free summer skin.

1. Clinique’s anti-blemish system
With any blemish prone skin, though the large red pustules are what you want to combat, the underlying blocked pores are really your problem. I asked a lady at a very expensive counter the solution to this, and she said ‘exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate’, and so I did. Clinque offers a gentle foaming moisturiser, with an exfoliator that is applied like a toner. And no need to fear moisturiser, it won’t give you spots if you use the right one. Clinique offers an anti-blemish moisturiser that is oil free. Solution.

2. Environ
Available through or at harvey nichols treatments counter, this is a range created by plastic surgery doctors, who we would assume would know their stuff. All the range have the clearing power of tea tree oil, and if you combine the subugel vitimin A serum into your routine, you have clinically proven spot beating power at your fingertips. Warning however, vitamin A is a kind of watch it get worse before it gets better kind of deal. So if you’re not particularly patient, stay clear.

3. Philosophy
Use the purity face wash at night, which acts as a make up remover, cleanser and toner in one, with the microdermabrasion cleanser in the morning as a sure fire way to send your spots packing. The hope in a jar for all skin types is a great anti-ageing mosituriser that doesn’t clog up oily skin. So you can be spot free, and wrinkle free. No need to pick and choose.

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